Best Place To get WordPress Themes For Business

Best Place To get WordPress Themes For Business – If you want to get a wordpress theme and you want it for a new Company/Business then these are some of the best places online that you’ll be able to get WordPress themes for your business. I use all of the sites below and you’ll be amazed at how much more your business will convert once it’s got a proper theme that really works. These themes are second to none and they’ll really make your business look more professional. So let’s crack on and see the best wordpress themes for business sites.

Best Place To get WordPress Themes For Business

DIY Themes

Do you like to take control? Well if you do then DIY themes are always going to be the right theme service for you.


What do DIY themes do differently?

Well if you go and check them out you’ll notice that they’re ideal for WordPress themes for business sites, they’re completely customisable and I don’t just mean a little, I mean you can change and redo almost anything without using any code.

So if you enjoy modifying and tweaking your website so it gets the best amout of views then you can’t go wrong by going to DIY themes. You also get amazing help and very easy to use system, I’m pretty sure even if you know nothing about wordpress you could still work your head around DIY Themes.


What selection do they have?

Well right now they’ve got about 4 themes but, if you put all them themes into the editor you’d easily be able to turn them 4 themes into millions of different styles and designs. So it’s only 4 themes but the possibilities really are endless.

You can head over to the showcase and see what cool things they’re offering, you’ll be surprised how many businesses use their framework to make their company site.


Why they’re on the list

They’re on the list because they really stand out, all the theme sites here are special and they’re here because they live up to the service and do a better job than other people/sites.

So the real reason DIY themes is here is because it’s something different that will help you build a great starting platform almost immediately.


You can get 3 package deals, two of them are only for  a year and one is a lifetime payment. After you download your theme it doesn’t matter if the year runs out, that only  means that you can’t redownload it.

The price is $86 for the beginner, $165 for the basic plus and $197 is for the professional. This is really cheap considering some people pay $1000 + for a great looking website.

Best Place To get WordPress Themes For Business


My Theme Shop

MyThemeShop is another one of my favorite places to get wordpress themes for business and it’s just because there’s so many sites to choose from and most of them are around 30 to 40 dollars which isn’t bad at all.


What are the themes on my theme shop for?

Well there’s some which are just for bloggers and people who have news sites, then there’s the really great eCommerce sites and then the awesome business sites which is what where after. They’ve got one business theme called CleanApp and it’s by far one of the best WordPress themes for business that I’ve ever seen. It’s clean, easy to tweak and will just make your business look advanced and better than the competition.


So should I give mythemeshop a try? 

Well you can go and check My Theme Shop out and see what they’ve got to offer and then if it’s any good you can decide from that point on. I think they have the perfect price and design to make them really worth trying and I think once you try them you’ll be amazed at what you can do with them.


Why they’re on the list

I put this theme service on the list because they’re clean and really professional, you’ll be able to create an amazing site that will be hard to forget in a the space of a few minutes. It’s really that simple. The price is also really hard to beat and that’s what makes it one of the go to theme sites for people who want WordPress themes for business sites.


The pricing is really good and most the themes are around $35 including there is some free themes which you can go and check out and see. I think this is a good price and hopefully it will be in the right price range for you guys.

Theme forest


Theme forest

Theme Forest may be the best place to get a WordPress theme for a business website. They have thousands of themes all at amazing prices and it’s quick. I use them to buy themes that suit me and I also use them for amazing wordpress plugins, they’re easy and simple and if you use them you’ll find out how easy it is to enjoy the power and ease of finding themes.

You just have to go to wordpress themes and then just search for the most popular or the highest rated and then you can have a good look at the thousands of wordpress sites that usually all of them have something awesome about them.

You can’t go wrong using theme forest as far as I’m conserend and you’ll be surprise at what kind of amazing deals you can get on there.

Why they’re on the list

Well because the pricing is fantastic, you can’t do better in terms of how many themes they’ve got, it’s really easy to use, it doesn’t take long before you’re buying themes and plugins and I just found both easy and great to have a play around with.

If you’re looking for one of the biggest market places to get tons of themes and everything in between then this really is the place to go.


The pricing is amazing it ranges from about $5 all the way to $65 + I usually payy about $30 to $60 for an amazing theme that’s practically ready to go once I’ve added my logo and changed the pages. Definitely a 10 out of 10 for theme forest.

Studio Press


Studio Press

Are you ready for the quickest wordpress theme for business websites? Well if you are then Studio Press will always be the go to theme service. They’ve got a fantastic library of themes and the best thing about them is that they load at such a quick rate. If you have a site hosted with host gator and you add one of these themes you’ll be blow away with how quickly it loads everything.


Do they look nice?

They’re by far some of the nicest themes you can buy online, it’s not just speed you get, you also gain a really nice design and a very easy to use user interface which will make your site easy to navigate.

They also do some of the best WordPress themes for business sites that I’ve seen in terms of design and how ready they are for a big business. A lot of the themes of Studio Press are just optimized to work better than any others and you’ll really be wowed by how much you can achieve with a good theme once you’ve had a little play around with some of there themes.


Why they’re on the list

If you go and check them out then you’ll see why they’re the one of the best and that means a lot, there’s hundreds of theme sites out there and this one plus the others above really do stand out in the best way possible.

If you’re looking for speed then this or DIY will be perfect.  If you want something that’s ready now then I’ll always recommend Studio Themes to you.



Although the pricing a is a little higher and it usually works out at $99 for some of the best themes, if you want to have access to every theme then you can get that by spending $300 that means that you save $1000 dollars on costs which is a massive save and it means you can have a play round with them right away and really see which one suits you, you can also set up loads of sites or even better help some of your friends out.


Which is the best wordpress theme for business?

Well out of all of them you really can’t go too wrong, they’re all really powerful and have great features, personally I would use any of these sites to get my themes. I usually go for Studio Press or theme forest but all of the others have different things that sometimes make me purchase a theme from them.

I usually get a theme and then have a mess around with the code and tweak it to work for my needs anyway. The good news about these sites is they won’t need any code at all to do amazing things for you. So really to answer your question if you want a WordPress theme for business service/site then you can use any of the above, they all serve a purpose and have a great way of giving you everything you need.

Best Place To get WordPress Themes For Business

Best Place To get WordPress Themes For Business

Best Place To get WordPress Themes For Business – I’m a big fan of a lot of these theme shops and I don’t think you can really do better than most of them in all honesty. They’re cheap and sometimes free and they really do give you a great jump on your competitors. It’s all worth it and it really will change the game for you in the long run. – Remember to hit the share button if you enjoyed this post and if you want more articles like this then comment below. – 101 Geek.

Best Place To get WordPress Themes For Business

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