Top 5 Geek USB Gadgets

Top 5 Geek USB Gadgets.

Top 5 Geek USB Gadgets. – So is your laptop or desktop a little boring and you want to add something fun and maybe even annoying for other people to it? we’ll we’ve got the top 5 USB gadgets that will make you laugh, annoy people, and look awesome. One isn’t a USB but you need it on or near your pc for giggles as it really did tickle me. Share this as they say sharing is caring ūüėČ – Comment below if you’ve got any good USB gadgets you know and we will update the list if there good. – Disclosure: The links that are used are to a affiliate site where I get commission at no cost to you.

Portal 2 Sentry Turret – Motion Activated Desk Defender with 10 Speaking Functions.

Top 5 Geek USB Gadgets

Our Opinion:

Are you a fan of portal (video game)? Well now you can have some portal 2 fun with this sentry turret that will say¬†10 different phrases and keep your pc safe when you’re away. Sounds fun right? ¬†All you’ve got to do is plug it in and go and you’ll have a fully talking and speaking sentry turret. Awesome geeky gadget right?

Where to buy for best price: Portal 2 Sentry Turret 

Price: $48.95 РFree shipping.


The Official BS Button.

Top 5 Geek USB Gadgets

Our Opinion:

This is something everyone needs at the side of their pc. This will call out a statement or two which will help you battle Bull S**t without you having to use a word. There’s always something about being able to call out any BS that you hear and don’t like the sound of, the will provide lots of fun and should create a lot of laughs.. So call BS on anything right now with your very own BS Button.

Where to buy for best price: The Official BS Button.

Price: $4.64 РFree shipping.

Airplane USB Mini Fan.

Top 5 Geek USB Gadgets

Our Opinion:

Ever get hot while working or networking? Well now you can stop this with the¬†Airplane USB Mini Fan, it will call you down while its little blades spin round in circles if you’re a man/women who likes being cool and likes planes this is the USB gadget for you. If not then it’s still awesome to have a little plane by your pc. –¬†Top 5 Geek USB Gadgets.

Where to buy for best price: Airplane USB Mini Fan.

Price: $3.82.

Drink Chiller and Warmer.

Top 5 Geek USB Gadgets

Our Opinion:

Maybe one of my favourite USB gadgets on the list, this is a USB powered heating and cooling drinks device, how amazing right? It will keep that soda cool on a nice hot day or keep your coffee nice and warm on a cold day. It will keep cold drinks at a temperature of 45-50 degrees and heated drinks to 105-115 Degrees. Amazing right? All you’ve got to do is put your drink on it and let the machine do it’s job, cold drink anyone? ;).

Where to buy for best price: Drink Chiller and Warmer.

Price: $17.95.

Dream Cheeky 908 Thunder Missile Launcher NR Electronic Reference Device.

Top 5 Geek USB Gadgets

Our Opinion:

This made me feel like an evil genius. You Cansit¬†firing little Nerf like bullets at your¬†family for hours. It doesn’t get boring you’ve got a really easy to use control and it’s just controlled by your desktop and all you’ve got to do is use the arrows to aim and then just take fire. It fires them really well and will give you¬†a few hours of fun and along with the BS button you’ll be able to just sit down giving your orders and opening fire on people who disagree. (Mad Man) haha. Very fun and worth it for the banter.¬†–¬†Top 5 Geek USB Gadgets.

Where to buy for best price: Dream Cheeky 908 Thunder Missile Launcher NR Electronic Reference Device.

Price: $30.62.

Top 5 Geek USB Gadgets. – Some really fun gadgets right here and my personal favourite is the¬†Dream cheeky missile launcher! Too much fun. If you go to the link it should be the cheapest online and have free shipping. The prices will change so click to see the cheapest price. – Remember to share and check out our other posts as we upload as much as possible. ¬†–

Top 5 Geek USB Gadgets.

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