10 Best White Hat Ways To Rank A Site

10 Best White Hat Ways To Rank A Site. – People always ask me what the top 10 ways are to rank a white hat site, things that won’t catch up to them in the future. This is completely normal and as times change it’s becoming the best way to rank a site and stay ranked. It’s not easy and it does involve a lot of hard work, but it’s all for a great reason. I have loads more articles on ranking your site so make sure you check out my other SEO posts. So what are the best white hat methods, let’s find out. – Remember to follow me on twitter and like out Facebook page.


Yes, it’s true, content really is king. Most high-profile bloggers, sites, and shops are that way because they have something people want or have post’s that you’ve got to read.

Often people join the band wagon and jump on with what everyone else is doing, this is bad for a few reasons.

1. It stops your site having any real value, it makes people only visit your site to look at one page and then leave. You’ve got to think about the big picture and what will make people stay on your site.

2. It stops your blog/site having any real power. Example: You post 100 posts about top 10’s, funny pictures, 300 – word articles, copied content. When you stop posting you’ll instantly lose traffic and end up with a content site with no views but loads of content.

If you made 10 high-profile posts instead of the hundred then even after you stop posting people will be linking to them, checking them out, and revisiting your site, not to mention bookmarking it, this will increase you rank and keep people coming back.


Using your community or someone else community is always a must try when it comes to building a white hat site.

When I started this site I just used to join forums in the same niche as me, go and be really helpful to as many people as possible and usually people will repay you by visiting or linking to your blog/site.

It’s a great way to meet friends and to gain profile and your own community. It’s white hat and you’ll be getting good clean links that will be natural.


When I come into a niche I always try to solve as many problems as I can. All you need to do is pick 5 to 10 problems in your area and fix them, if you do this right then you’ll automatic gain views and start getting more and more interest in your site.

Example: Say I work in tattoo’s, I’d make an article on “How to look after your tattoo”, “What to do after you get your first tattoo”, “How to tell if you really want a tattoo” Them articles will help me gain a fan base of people who’re new to tattoos and looking for an information site to tell them everything they need to know.

You can do this with loads of niches and it’s not hard to spend 20 hours writing one amazing article with a video, and links, and advice that’s the best of its kind.


People spend so long trying to make links look natural that it would have been easier to just get natural links. So many people spend so long trying to spin articles and basically spam the internet, It did used to work amazingly but, it doesn’t work now, after Google’s updates with panda and penguin you’ll find it very hard to get any value from this for more than a month or three.

So just go and get links the real way, work hard, make good content, link to other blogs in your niche, send people traffic, chat to people, and most importantly, make friends.

(Link-building does still work it’s just something I wouldn’t recommend for a money site.)


I have a rule when it comes to guest posts, only do a guest post if you’d do it without the link back to your site. So many people do guest posts on sites that they’ve never seen, used, or have any intention of using.

I personally would do a guest post but only if it was on a site that I read and love. If not then it’s a waste and won’t really get me anywhere.

So you can do guest posts but make sure it’s to a site that you’d write for without the link back.


It doesn’t hurt paying attention to your meta data, I usually spend a few minutes thinking of something that looks catch and mentions my keyword in the best way.

It’s pointless ranking on Google and not having attractive meta data, people really will click a lot more often when you take more time with it.

So make sure you add it to your most accessible pages and spend a little time thinking about it and making it click-able. If you’re on WordPress then a great plugin is Yoast SEO.


A better theme that’s easy to read and has breadcrumbs is always a good help. My rule of thumb is if it’s plain and not to fancy it’s usually going to rank a little better, when you look at some of the best sites in the world most of them are easy to use and really simple.

So when picking a theme or designing your site make sure you don’t go for a theme with too much going on. This isn’t a must but I always think it helps a little bit.

Best themes for ranking and some good sites to check out. 

  • Best theme that will make loads of sites. (87 dollars)
  • Theme shop that sells thousands of WordPress themes (as low as 10 dollars)
  • Theme service (membership or pay per site.)


Make sure you post daily or at least 2/3 items a week, this will help Google rank your site and will make the crawlers check your site more frequently.

I always try to post more and as long as its good content then you’ll definitely be onto a big winner and it will really help you out. Just spend 2/3 days week writing for your site/s and making good content, you really will see a massive rank change if you start posting more frequently.

This works with all sites and as long as the content isn’t spam it will rank your site and hopefully get you some more long tail keywords and in the long run some short keywords.


You’ve got to use forums, social media, bookmarks and publicity (online and offline.) So make sure you sign up to all the social network sites and ask your fans/followers/views to share on their profiles.

You need to get bookmarked often and you’ll want to get more followers and likes, so make sure you post good value content on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. I sometimes find this a little hard, but some of you are naturals and will pick it up in no time.


It won’t hurt to link to other people in your niche, if you do a post that’s explaining something always link to someone in that field, it will help you rank on that post and you may also get a link back, not always but sometimes you will.

If you link to blogs that are just starting and a little small then there’s a high chance they will link back or talk about you in a nice fashion.

10 Best White Hat Ways To Rank A Site – Content is always king, no matter what anyone say’s good content will take you far further than any link building scheme or blogging network. So make sure you focus on them ten things and you’ll be grand and hopefully see your site rank in no time.