10 Email Marketing Tips That Will Change Your Email List Forever

10 Email Marketing Tips That Will Change Your Email List Forever – It’s pretty clear to most people that email marketing is the way to go, it’s a great way of getting a database of people who you can contact on a day-to-day basis and it can make your profits rise massively. These are ten things that I do to make sure I send mails on time, get more opt-ins, create a bigger list and get more money. There’s more stuff you can do than just this, but really this will help you a good amount. – If you enjoy then please hit the share buttons.


If you’ve used our site a few times then you’ll have noticed that the opt-in form on the side of the page sometimes gets add to posts.

You need to have one of these on every site/blog you do, using something like Aweber is a must and It will let you get email address with the opt-in templates that you can use to build an opt-in form or you can create your own by using images and adding your own custom fields.

This will help people sign up and will give you a bigger better mailing list, everyone who’s big on email marketing tries this and there’s no reason why you should miss out on it. You can now make a mail list and start email marketing for 1 dollar.


I use a software called Ninja Popups, it makes awesome pop ups that gave me a 50% + conversion on my normal opt in form, this will help you attract your users and get them to sign up by putting the sign up form right in their face and not behind content.


It comes with a few templates that you’ll be able to use and for an extra $5 you’ll be able to get loads more. It’s great for split testing (having two opt-in forms running at once to see which one converts better.) And it’s very easy to use, no code and you don’t even have to have an image for it.

It’s worth getting and will usually add another 30% to 50% onto your email conversion rate. – Email Marketing Tips.


Something that I try to do as much as possible is give away eBooks. I give away books like: How to make a 6-figure salary playing games on YouTube

I will gives this kind of book away if you sign up to my mail, it’s great because I get a sign up and the person gets a free book that would usually cost them 10 dollars, the books I give away usually make people money as well so it’s a real win, win for both parties.

If you’ve got a good ebook and you think people will want to see it then add it to your landing pages and make sure you make it as click friendly as possible. Use ninja pop up to have it pop up and ask them to join.

Get you ebook writen for 75 dollars, you really can’t go wrong with that. – This is an email marketing tip that you really can’t forget.


Same with the eBooks this also works with just about anything. Giving software away or something that helps people is always a great way to get sign-ups, books are my favourite but if you use a software or have something that’s even better then you can give it away for free, you’ll probably earn more money in the long run anyway.


Make sure you create a series of follow-up messages (follow-up messages are like auto messages that will send as soon as a person joins a mail list.

I will usually make a mail list and have about 17 messages that will follow-up over the space of two months this means that it will auto run for about 2 months.

This just makes it so you can really test which mails convert and can build a good relationship with your subscribers without having to put in crazy amounts of time each day, this will help you massively in the long rung.


Make sure you add something more to a mail list, I’ll give secret tips and tricks on my mail list. This will make more people join especially if you’re in a good niche, I’ll offer more money advice and instant how to’s on earning extra cash, you’d be surprised about how much this helps me get people to sign up and there are loads of ways to achieve it.

I also give my email list hidden posts too, so they’ll even get special videos and deal off software that other people don’t get. Give people these deals and you’ll get a lot more subscribers because your email list has more value than your blog.


This is obvious but you should never spam your email list, I love all the people on mine and you’ve got to treat them like friends. Never sell your mail info and never spam someone with loads of rubbish, people hate guru spam and all that stuff and it will make people drop off and put you in their spam file.


It’s not hard to advertise a landing page I use things like Facebook, twitter, my likes, adwords, 7 search, and just anything that will get me traffic to the landing page. I try to test as many different ad types as I can to stop the conversions from dropping.

You can get some really good email readers by advertising and if you use Facebook ads then I’d  recommend setting up 3 different ad campaigns all with a low-budget and see which one converts the best and then just use that one continuously.


I personally use click bank to pick good products to send to my mail list. I usually only send programs/products that I’ve tried and tested and I never send things that doesn’t suit my niche.

A big mistake I see all the time is people trying to advertise to their mail list with stuff that just doesn’t convert. A person who wants to make money online won’t usually need to buy car, so advertising a car to them would be pointless, Instead I would advertise an affiliate program or a website creator, something which will earn them money in the short/long run.


I have joined just about every single mail list in my niche that I see worth in. I love to see how they send their mails out and I usually get some good ideas.

I like to see what emails I get sent and see which ones I click myself, I usually pick up some great ideas and then incorporate them into my own mail list, this helps speed up the process of making a mail list and will help you keep the ball moving and stop you being forgot about.