10 Ways Making Money Playing Video Games

10 Ways Making Money Playing Video Games – I’ve always loved playing video games, ever since I was about 3 and had my first Nintendo. It wasn’t till I was around 13 that I realized it might be possible to earn a living out of playing video games and when I found out I just went for it. The past 8 years I’ve found 17 solid ways to make money playing video games. So if you’re ready to make some cash, doing something you love, then you’ve found the right place. Lets get this started!!!!

10 Ways Making Money Playing Video Games

#1. YouTube

The first thing that I’ve got to start with is YouTube. YouTube is easily one of the best way to make money playing video games that I know. It’s not easy, but with the right set up it can be extremely profitable.

You just need to follow the tips below, to make your YouTube channel worth watching:


#1. Create Great Content.

The king step in creating a great YouTube channel is always going to be content. I’ve listed the videos that I think are easiest to get views on and create below.


  • Glitch Videos

Glitch videos can sometimes take a while to create, but they always get tons of views. Whether you’re doing a glitch montage video or a video for every glitch you find it can and will always be extremely successful. I’ve had channels with zero views get 60 to 100 thousand views from one glitch video. So, I’m positive that if you did a few glitch videos you’ll earn loads of money/views.


  • How To’s

People are never going to search: (insert YouTube name here) Lets Play Minecraft. So, until you build a base of people who enjoy watching you play video games, you need to focus on content people will search themselves. Ie: How To’s.

Start creating videos that show people how to get achievements and complete certain levels in games. You can even show people different skill tutorials to improve their gaming ability. That way you’ll constantly be getting views. This is always the best place to start when it comes to YouTube, if you work out this and glitch videos I’m sure you’ll build a nice base of followers in no time.


  • Funny

Everybody loves to laugh, if you’re a funny person then YouTube is going to be a lot easier to crack for you. Try getting hyper with a few of your mates and start trying to make funny content that people will laugh at.

Now never try to create funny moments, that just never works, just play a video game like GTA for a few hours and then cut the video into tiny clips and make something people will seriously laugh at.


  • Montages

Another great type of video to create is montages. Montages take the longest to create, but have the most viral power. So, if you’re good at creating them you’ve got a lot more chance of going viral and getting fans over night than you would if you did other types of gaming videos.


#2. Upload Every Day.

Now you’ve got an idea of what content you should be creating, it’s time to start create and uploading it. You need to start uploading content every single day until you’ve made it on YouTube. You want to get to the point where you create content without any preparation and it’s amazing. The only way you’ll gain this ability is if you start creating tons of content everyday and constantly study on how to make that content better.


#3. Optimise Your Videos Using My Tutorials.

I’ve created loads of tutorials that will teach you how to optimise your content for more views.

Just go and look at them two  tutorials and use that advice to create something amazing.


#4. Be Active On Multiple Forums.

Forums are a great place to meet people and get friends. Something that I’ve done in the past is become an active forum member. this has generated views and many people to collaborate with.

I always recommend being on at least 3 big forums, that way you’ll meet YouTubers, get loads of views and create a few different bases to promote your new videos.


#5. Do Something Different.

Always look to do something different that will get people’s attention, that’s how all the best YouTube channels start. You need to aim to do at least one crazy video every week that’s completely different and really fun to watch.


#6. Enable Adsense.

Start earning money by enabling adsense on your YouTube account.

#2. Blogging

I have a new service where I can create you a fully optomized, awesome blog. Just check out my blog creation website and get in touch.

The next awesome way to make money playing video games is to talk about them. If you’re happy to write then this is a genius way to get paid doing something you love.

You can either do reviews, overviews, information about up and coming games, tutorials, top 10’s, just about anything that’s related to video games. These blogs always do extremely well. You do usually have to update them every day, create a YouTube channel on the side and create at least a months worth of content before you release the website.  By following them three tips, you’ll limit the chances of you giving up and within a few months you’ll have something worth talking about.

I’ve created loads of blogs in the past few years and I’ve got some killer tips for you. Be sure to check out these articles below.


20 Killer Ways To Get Tons Of Traffic To Your Blog.

These three articles will teach you exactly how to build a blog that will generate millions of views. This will get things started off nicely. You can earn money by using Adsense, affiliate marketing, YouTube and paid advertising.

Affiliate marketing is always the best, if you sign up to something like Amazons affiliate program, you’re then able to sell almost any video game on Amazon, without ever holding it for about 4 to 10 percent commission. That will help you earn cash on reviews, top 10’s and tutorials. Just link the game/accessory you’re talking about in the article/video you’ve created.

10 Ways Making Money Playing Video Games


#3. Competing

Are you a seriously good gamer? Do you enjoy games like Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield and Fifa? If yes then you need to start competing. You can go to a site called Mlg game battles and start getting paid to compete in competitions with other games. It costs around $5 to $10 to enter, but you’ve got a chance to win around $200 + for each game you play. All you need to do is win 2 of them competitions per week and you’ve earn a nice 400 + bucks.

I do recommend that you get the best gaming gear, things like headphones, Kontrol Freaks, Screen and internet connection. Them things are all necessary and will help improve your skill when competing in-game tournaments.

10 Ways Making Money Playing Video Games

#4. Beta Testing

If you’re seriously into gaming and want to do it for your whole life without having to do any of the methods above then beta testing is going to be a strong possibility.As long as you don’t mind playing a game for the next 6 months without stopping you’ll be fine. I’ve actually been around game development and testing, I’ve learnt a few methods that you can use to become a game tester.


Without Any Knowledge Of Programming.

Step #1. Go to steam.com and buy 5 indie games off English/American developers, try to get developers based inside your country.

Step #2. Download the games and start finding bugs. Just play the games and every time you see a bug write it down.

Step #3. Contact the creators of the games and show them your bug list, be kind and just seem like you’re helping out.

Step #4. Do this for about one to two months on about 5 to 10 games, constantly update the bug list and try to make friends with the developer. After you do it for a few months and help out you’ll start becoming part of the team, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll hire you.


Happy To Learn Code.

If you understand how to code then you’re going to have a much better shot at getting paid to test games. If you want to learn how to program then follow this 21 day guide to learning c++, it’s one of my favourite guides around.


Method #1. Copy the method above, but instead of just sending them the bugs you’ve found, find fixes and show them how to fix them bugs. Do this for a few months and build up a game testing portfolio.

Method #2. Create a little blog and talk about game glitches, mods and other stuff related to beta testing. This is where you send people who want to hire you.

Method #3. Email 100 + game developers with your CV and offer to do work for them for free. Start the work and try your best to amaze them, if they you like you then they’ll definitely hire you.

Method #4. Start a YouTube channel and promote yourself as a game tester, if you build a following you’ll start getting asked to test games.

Method #5. Use Freelancer.com to allow people to employ you to test their games.

Tip: Go and download Unity or UDK. These are gaming engines and by playing around with them you’ll learn how to create an awesome video game, this will help you debug other video games and may even spark the little game developer inside you.

#5. Freelancer

If you just need cash and don’t mind writing articles then you can just use Freelancer or Fiverr to get paid to write about video games. You’ll get paid around $8 to $20 per 500 to 100 word article.

All you need to do is go and take their tests on English and article writing, create a service and then start offering it to people on Freelancer. You can easily earn $100 + per day, especially if you’re a quick writer. This isn’t going to be for everyone, but for the people who want to play games and still earn money from the comfort of their own home it’s perfect.

If you need any more help earning money with article writing then go and check out this guide to earning $20,000 + from article writing.

10 Ways Making Money Playing Video Games


#6. Item Farming

If you’re a PC gamer you’ll have most likely heard of the term item farming. It’s basically where you either set up bots or just learn a quick way to farm items that people need in high-profile games. Most MMORPG games have a way to earn money from farming. I used sites like eBay and forums to sell the items I farmed and sometimes you can even use the marketplace that the game comes with.

People have been item farming for cash for a long time, it’s still profitable and if you’re focusing on high-profile games then you’ll have a much easier time getting money. It’s not an easy job and I do recommend you learn how to set up a bot that can get the job done for you.


#7. Social media 

Social media is an extremely powerful tool and in the right hands it’s lethal what can be achieved with it.

10 Ways Making Money Playing Video Games


Facebook pages are a great place to start for people looking to make money from playing video games. All you need to do is set up a Facebook page, get your cover and profile picture using this service.

Start getting highly relevant gaming news, gaming memes, funny statuses and videos, then just start advertising your Facebook page using Facebook ads, do that for a few weeks and keep posting high quality content, after a while of doing this you’ll start building a following, after you’ve got some likes, then you’ll notice that more likes just keep on coming the more content you provide.

To earn money you can either promote your blog, ClickBank links, YouTube channel or use a site called MyLikes. With mylikes you can just post links and you’ll start earning money. Here’s a video that will teach you how to earn money with MyLikes:

You can use this guide to learn how to create a viral Facebook page. The most important thing is to advertise and publish great content every day.

10 Ways Making Money Playing Video Games


You can do the same with Twitter, it’s a little harder to earn money, but it’s free to build a following. Just go and check out my latest YouTube video about getting millions of followers on Twitter. It’s a really useful guide and it will teach you everything you need to know in order to get thousands of followers on Twitter within the next few weeks:

After you’ve watched that video you can use Mylikes and ClickBank to earn money. Just talk about games and promote gaming content. You can even connect your Twitter to your Facebook so they both run the same content and both stay up to date.

10 Ways Making Money Playing Video Games


#8. Game Design 

Game design is something for the people who’re really serious about earning money playing/creating video games. I personally started my journey developing video games. I only published one game and that was a zombie shooter. Quite a lot of fun creating and it wasn’t as hard as you might think to design. You’ve just got to use YouTube tutorials and get a game engine.

I’ve personally worked with UDK and Unity and after using them both for a few years I recommend UDK for people looking to design an FPS game and Unity for people looking to design Phone apps, RPG games, Car games and basic shooters.

They’re both free and I recommend you go and download one of them and start looking at some basic development tutorials on YouTube. I’ll show you some other ways to earn money with game design other than designing your own game.


Programmer – Mods 

If you know how to program or want to learn to program you can get paid tons of dollar every single day. I started my programming journey with mods for games like Minecraft, Half Life, GTA, etc. It’s a good way to get your name out there and I found while I was programming mods I played games much more than ever before. I also met loads of people in the gaming industry.

In this day in age it’s so simple to edit code in games like Minecraft you should just give it a try. Go on YouTube and look at tutorials for creating a mod in Minecraft. After you’ve done that just try creating one and see how it goes. You’ll get your name out there while learning how to program games and create mods.


Modeler – Team Fortress 

There are loads of jobs you can do while creating a game ie: animator, graphic designer, voice actor, script writer, and many more, but for now I’m only focusing on programming and modeling.

If you know how to model and rig using 3ds Max then you can easily earn a nice amount of money playing/creating video games. All you’ve got to do is go on games like Team Fortress create items and sell them for real money. Here’s a guide on how you can do exactly that.

You can also earn money selling models on sites like Turbosquid, you can get hundreds of dollars for models with animations and good rigging.


#9. Selling High Level Characters 

If you’ve got a bot that can item farm you’ll usually be able to level up a game character with it too and believe it or not,people will pay good money for game characters that have a high level, especially in games like World or Warcraft.

I’ve known people who sell game characters at max level with items for around $50 to $200 (depending on the game). They usually level up around 30 characters per month and sell them using forums, eBay and game marketplaces. If you’re creating 30 characters per month all with max levels then you’re easily earning $1500 to $5000 per month. Which isn’t to bad for an automated task. You do have to learn how to use Private proxies and use the bot software safely.

10 Ways Making Money Playing Video Games


#10. Amazon & eBay

Buying and selling has always been a massive market with video games and even though it’s started to die down a little, it’s still profitable. All You need to do is make the most of it while it lasts. Go on eBay and buy bulk Xbox/Playstation games, then go down to you local game shop that buys games and just sell them for a profit.

You’ll usually be able to buy 10 to 20 good condition games in one packed using eBay for around $50. That means you only have to get 4 to 8 dollars per video game to be able to double your profit. If you don’t get the right price then just re-list them back on eBay/Amazon, but instead of selling them together just sell them one at a time.

10 Ways Making Money Playing Video Games

10 Ways Making Money Playing Video Games

10 Ways Making Money Playing Video Games – That was my ten ways to make money with video games and I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be doing loads more articles like this so be sure to check them out. I’ve got Facebook and Twitter so go and give me a follow. – Sharing is caring. – Comment below for more information. – 101 Geek.

10 Ways Making Money Playing Video Games

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