12 Killer Ways To Sell Your Gig On Fiverr

12 Killer Ways To Sell Your Gig On Fiverr – I’ve recently started doing a 30 day challenge where I’m seeing how much money I can earn in the space of 30 days. I start with nothing and Fiverr is one of the sites I’m going to use to make the money. I’ve come up with a great marketing plan and after hours of research I wanted to create this article to show you how to sell your gig on Fiverr. There’s no guide that I’ve found that talks about all these methods. You’re in for a treat. If you put your mind to it and follow these tips you will sell a hell of a lot more copies of your gig almost instantly.

Quick Video Breakdown:

1# Use Pinterest 

Pinterest is one of my hidden gems, it works exceptionally well with Fiverr and if you follow my guide on building Pinterest followers you’ll see how easy it is to get noticed on pinterest and start building a following.

After you’ve done that for a few weeks all you’ve got to do is create a gig that will work with Pinterest. Something like graphic design or help people to start a business, even YouTube video intros. Then go and Google “how to make a pinterest picture” and you’ll get some ideas of what images do best on Pinterest. Pin your gig a few times per day and you’ll now have a natural way to get views to your Gig.


2# Hot Girl Image

Might sound a little crazy but this does work. If you go onto some of the best Fiverr sellers and look at their profile pictures and gig pictures, you’ll see that a lot of them are men pretending to be women. This is because men like the idea of buying services from women. It’s cray, cray, but done correctly and you’ll get your Gig noticed. I recommend using a girl in both your profile and your gig picture, make the gigs picture a little more detail than just a girl. Maybe some added text explaining your gig.Another tip: Don’t pretend to be a girl, It’s not about being a girl it’s just about getting people’s attention with the female picture. 12 Killer Ways To Sell Your Gig On Fiverr

3# Create a Dummy Fiverr Account and Buy 2 Gigs.

This naughty tip will help you a ridiculous amount. No one wants to be the first person to buy your gig, so unless you’ve got family or friends who’ll buy and review it for you  you’ll find it hard to ever make your first sale. So, by purchasing 2 gigs and giving yourself a positive feedback is well worth the time. This will cost you $2 and is totally worth it. Something that’s really naughty, but works amazingly well is to start a “Fiverr review circle/group”. This is a group of people who’ll all buy and rate each others gigs. A group is usually built of around 5 to 10 people and you usually buy 10 to 30 of each others gigs. You’ll only lose 10 to 30 dollars, but you’ll honestly gain that back on the first day of good sales. Go on BlackHatWorld and WarriorForum to find people who’re already doing this or talking about doing it.


4# Offer Money Back Guarantee

Some people will take you up on this offer, but a lot of people just want it for peace of mind. By adding a money back guarantee you’ll get a higher conversion and find it a lot easier to close the sale.

12 Killer Ways To Sell Your Gig On Fiverr

5# Complete the Gig in One Day

You’ll never want to take more than one day to complete your Gig. When you first release your gig you’ll need to get it done as quick as possible. You’ve got to ask this question to yourself “Why would somebody buy your gig when they can buy a gig which has sold 2000 + and still has five stars rating?” It’s simple you just have to take control and be ready to offer more value to the client. You need to get the job done quicker and better than your competition. Give more to the client and be kind, different and hard-working. Honestly just offer a better, easier and quicker service and people won’t have a choice.


6# Create a Video

I don’t care if you’re ugly, have a bad voice, don’t have anything to wear, have a crap camera, or any of them lame excuses that you may use. You need to have a video on every gig you create. I’ll be honest, people most likely don’t care about you having a video, it’s nice for them to see your face and head your voice because it adds trust, but it’s not a must. Fiverr in the other hand does care about your video. Gigs with videos rank higher than gigs without videos. So even if you don’t have a camera you can just buy a Fiverr gig or edit your own video that sells your Gig.


7# Get 200 – 300 + Fake Views 

I don’t see how it’s possible to rank your Fiverr gig without 3#, 5#, 6# and now 7#. This is one of the biggest ranking factors that Fiverr takes into account. If a gig gets 200 + views and sells 2 copies (the ones you brought), Fiverr will notice it and move you up the search engines. It’s like Fiverr gig SEO. I always recommend that people get at least 200 fake views to their gig the day they start promoting it. This will give you the jump you need to start selling loads of gigs. If you need to know where to buy fake views, I recommend just searching Fiverr. You’ll find loads of fake view gigs, just don’t go overboard. You don’t want more than 350 or you’ll be at risk of getting your gig reviewed for strange activity.

12 Killer Ways To Sell Your Gig On Fiverr

8# Use My Tumblr Follow Guide

If you’re extremely keen and want to get as much traffic to your gig as possible then I recommend using my Tumblr guide to getting loads of followers. You can then use them Tumblr followers to promote your gig. This will increase your traffic and hopefully convert into a few more sales.

9# Stealing Tags

Look, there’s no point in trying to work out what tags work best, it will take to long and right now you just need to get your sales up. I recommend using 4 stolen tags. Example: Go and find someone who sells a similar gig with 1000+ sales, get a tag and then repeat this with 3 more gigs. You’ll end up with 4 tags from 4 different gigs. For your last tag just go for something easy, something that there’s not much competition for.


10# Have a Top Portfolio of Your Work

No matter what you offer you need to have a top portfolio. Get some samples of your work, pictures or videos and show people what you can do. If you’re a writer let them sample your writing and if you’re a logo designer then add 20 + logos concepts, etc. This will help you gain trust and sell more, especially at the beginning of your Fiverr career.

12 Killer Ways To Sell Your Gig On Fiverr


11# Give the Client More Than You Offer

People are always going to ask for more, always. One of the secrets to success on Fiverr is letting people ask for more and then giving it to them. If someone knows you’re doing a $15 job for $5 then they’ll come back to you every time without fail. Even though it may take 10, 20 even 30 minutes longer to create the Gig, it’ll be worth it. Trust me, once the 5 star rating start coming in and the orders start piling up the extra work won’t feel so bad and if anything will be rewarding.


12# Find Something You Can Create Within 5 Minutes

The last bit of advice that I’ll give you is the difference between earning $1000 per week and working your ass off and earning $2000 per week and doing 2 days work. It’s as simple as selling something that you can create within 5 minutes. For instance, intros. If you can use After Effects then you can create intros that take 2 minutes to edit once the project is completed. This means you could sell 250 of these gigs and just work 8 hours and 30 minutes. That will give you more time to promote the gig which will usually double, triple, even quadruple sales/conversions. You don’t just have to use Intros you can do this with logos, other types of video services, eBooks, advice, etc. Just take a look at Fiverr and get some ideas for yourself. 12 Killer Ways To Sell Your Gig On Fiverr

I hope you enjoyed this full guide on getting more sales using Fiverr. I look forward to writing about Fiverr more. If you enjoyed this article then be sue to share it. Comment below if you’ve got any questions or need any help.

12 Killer Ways To Sell Your Gig On Fiverr

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