15 Killer Ways To Earn Money Blogging

15 Killer Ways To Earn Money Blogging – I’ve always loved the idea of making money via blogging, that’s why a few years ago I started a journey to see if it was possible to earn a passive income through a blog. It turns out it’s easier than I thought and there’s actually loads of ways you can earn money blogging right now. So, in the name of awesomeness and 101geek money-making I’m going to show you 16 killer ways to earn loads of money blogging. If you want to learn how to build even more traffic to your blog, so that these methods work even better be sure to check out 20 ways to drive tons of traffic to your website.

15 Killer Ways To Earn Money Blogging

#1. Banner Ads

At the start of my journey I used Ad networks in order to provide ads on my blogs. I started with adsnese for the first few years and then I went on to try other types of Ads/banners. This is a little insight into what I think worked the best.


  • Adsense – Beginners

Google Adsense is where I recommend all you bloggers start. It’s by far the easiest way to get paid blogging. All you need to do is head over to Adsense, link a Gmail account, connect your website, and then just insert the ad code on your blog.

The reason why I only recommend adsense for beginners is because it can sometimes fall short for the advanced bloggers. It’s a great start because it’s almost instant, you can set it up now and within 48 hours be earning cash. But once you start getting a 800 + unique views per day that’s when it’s time to upgrade to one of the options below.


  • Affiliate Banners – Advanced

Affiliate banners are a lot more effective than Adsense. If you’ve got 800 + relevant unique visitors coming in everyday then affiliate banners are always the way to go. There’s many affiliate programs that offer  $40 + per sale, find affiliate programs that are in your niche with high commission. That way if 2 people a week buy that service through that banner you’ve earnt $80.

So if you have 2 – 3 ads all promoting different services then you’ll be able to earn some good cash without doing anything.

Tip: Focus on a service like Aweber that gives recurring commission, that means you get money every month till that person stops paying their membership.

Reason: You might wonder why you shouldn’t do this at the beginning? It’s worthless. I’ve tried using affiliate banners on sites that have 400 + views per day and the banners just don’t convert. You’re much better off using Adsense for the first few months then eventually upgrading to affiliate banners.


  • Why I Have Adsense Ads? 

I change my ads every week to test new options, recently I wanted to see what I could earn on this blog using adsense just so I could see if it was possible to earn a full passive income through adsense. So, the answer is, I do it because it’s easy and for testing reasons.


  • BuySellAds – Advanced

If you want something in between ad networks and affiliate banners then BuySellAds is what you need. How does BuySellAds work? It’s simple, you need to have a certain amount of views coming into your blog every month or your blog has to look amazing.  Once you get that amount of visitors per month it’s then time to sign up as a publisher and create your media kit. This is where you pick how much each ads are going to cost.

You can either charge people per month or per 1,000 impressions. I personally recommend you do both. You can also sell newsletter space, Tweets and Twitter background ads.

It’s definitely going to earn you more money than adsense and in some cases it’ll even earn you more cash than affiliate banners plus you don’t have the hassle of changing the ad all the time.


#2. Sell Your Own Ads 

If none of the above appeal to you and you really want something you’ve got control over that’ll maximise your earning possibility, OIOPublisher is going to be your best bet. This really does cut out the middleman and makes it so you can earn pure profits through each ad you sell. All you need to do is buy OIOPublisher, install it to your WordPress or other blogging site. Then within about 5 minutes and with watching one tutorial you’ll learn how to set up a page for people to buy ads directly through you at any cost.

So, you just set up the page called “Advertising” when people click it, it’ll allow them to type in their paypal and pick that ad they want, it’ll then automatically transfer the money to your paypal and make the persons ad go live.

This is what I like to call a real winners plugin. I love using it and it does earn more money than all of the methods above, plus there’s no commission to be paid.

#3. Affiliate Marketing

Now you’ve hopefully picked an ad format that works best for you. Now it’s time to learn where the real money is made. Affiliate marketing is easily one of the best ways to earn money blogging.

There’s two methods of affiliate promotion: Affiliate marketing and then affiliate articles (They’re classed as the same thing, but for this guide I’ll focus on them both in different ways). Let me start by explaining affiliate marketing.

If you’re a good writer and can handle sales copy then you can always create a nice landing page on your blog linking to a high paying affiliate, then use LogoNerds to create a high converting ad (use great sales copy). After you’ve done them two things, it’s now time to either create a video (highly recommended) or get promoting.

You promote the page and product by using your own ad space and sites like BuySellAds, Adwords and Facebook. You’ll be driving traffic to that product and if you’re a good writer and spend a little cash advertising on them platforms, you’ll usually be able to start earning $300 + per day.

All you’ve got to do is keep finding new products and testing new landing pages, it’s really that simple and can earn hundreds of dollars per day.

15 Killer Ways To Earn Money Blogging

#4.  Affiliate Articles

What’s the difference with marketing and articles? Technically affiliate articles do come under affiliate marketing, but they’re extremely different and that’s why I’ve separated them for this list.


 What is an affiliate article?

It’s an article aimed at an affiliate product or sevice. For example: A good affiliate article would be a whole article explaining a service you’ve just brought that your affiliated with. A bad affiliate article would be a random article with a few links to affiliate products in it (basically this article).


What type of articles work best with affiliates? 

There’s a few types of articles that I always use to target affiliates.

  • Reviews: Create a full review about an affiliated product. (works extremely well)
  • Tutorials: Create a tutorial on how to use a certain product.
  • How To’s: Show people how to do something awesome with an affiliate product.
  • Lists: Create a top 10 list (for example my top 10 games like Call of Duty.)
  • Overviews: Show Off a new service or product you’re affiliated with and make a full article/video about it.

An example: This is me showing off an awesome product I’m affiliated with called Aweber. This is a product that I highly believe in and use every single day. So I created an article called:How To Start Email Marketing For $1 And Build An Amazing Email ListThat’s what an affiliated article looks like and that’s a way to generate a lot of income.

#5. Sell Reviews, Promotions and Shoutouts

You can sell more than just ad space on your blog. More than ever people are buying articles, shoutouts, promotions and even reviews. I recommend making a little pdf media kit, so that people can see exactly what you offer.

Personally I recommend offering: Reviews for $50 a piece (depending on traffic) the review will be 2500 words and feature pictures. – Shoutouts $30 a piece (just a 700 + word article about a product or a website) – Promotions – Anywhere from $50 to $300 depending on what you offer. I recommend offering: 1x review – 4x shoutouts – 20x Social media messages. – 1x two month banner advertising. I always offer a lower price to those who but more than 3 months at a time.

You’ve just got to use your imagination and try to give the person who’s buying your services a good deal. I’m always trying to make my advertising better so that I get people recurring every single month. This makes it easier to automate and predict.

15 Killer Ways To Earn Money Blogging

#6.  Use Social Media To Earn Cash

You can now earn money through your social media platforms, it’s easier than ever before and you don’t have to have millions of followers to be able to do it. You just use a service called MyLikes.

MyLikes gives you links that you can promote on your social media sites. The links they want your to advertise are high converting and get lots of clicks. For example: Top 10 Tattoo Fails – What were they thinking? (Link here)

You just promote that on your Twitter of Facebook and you’ll be earning money for every person who looks at it. I did a video that’ll explain how to earn money with MyLikes a little better. Give it a watch: 

You can also promote affiliate links using social media, it’s a really good way of getting a few more sales every week and won’t take long out of your day to automate between Twitter and Facebook.


#7. Start Writing On Freelancer

If you enjoy blogging and have a love for what you’re writing you can always head over to Freelancer and start writing for money. You can earn around $6 to $300 per article depending on how great your writing abilities are.

Yesterday I saw someone offer $330 for a 2500 word article on sales and selling. So, if you’re good you can easily earn big amounts of cash.


How Do You Earn Loads Of Cash?

Step one: Head over to Freelancer and create an account.

Step two: Add a nice picture, a good description and make your account complete.

Step three: Head over to “Exams” and take: Academic Writing Level 1 and 2 – Blogging Level 1 and 2 – English Level 1 and 2.  That will cost you money, but trust me if you get good scores you’ll earn triple what normal writers earn.

Step four: You then “Browse projects” find something you like the look of and bid on it. Do this as many times as possible and you’ll start getting jobs.

Step five: Complete the jobs, make sure the customer is happy and hopefully get a nice review and resell them your article service again.

The great thing about Freelancer is the fact that if someone likes your skills they can actually hire you part time or full time to do articles for them. It’s a great way of earning cash and you can promote your service through your blog.


#8. Create Articles For Fiverr

If you just enjoy blog writing and can write seriously quick, you can create a Fiverr gig and have people hire you to write for them for $4 per 500 words. The secret to this method is bulk writing, you can sell 100 gigs per day at $4, that’s $400 bucks per day. So maybe get a few friends to help you out and both do it together.

It’s not the best way of earning money but if you follow this guide you’ll be able to sell tons of gigs.

#9. Sell A Service

You can use your blog to sell a service. Can you design ads or logos? Maybe you can create intros? You might even know you industry better than anyone else and be able to offer an advice service.Whatever it is just have a sit down with a pen and paper and work out what your audience will be interested in buying from you.

Try to create a service that looks awesome but is easy to provide. You can even resell Fiverr gigs. For Example: If you have a blog that talks about web design, you could create a logo design service that charges $15 per logo, you then just find someone on Fiverr that creates nice logos within 2 days for $5. You’ll be making $9.50 every logo you sell. It’s an effective way of earning cash and literally takes no effort.

#10. Sell An EBook

I’ve created loads of eBooks in the past and I even created a guide that’ll teach you how to create and promote your first eBook on Kindle. All you need to do is create a tutorial that teaches someone some useful information, then upload it to Kindle, it doesn’t have to be 50,000 words, it can be 8,000 words just as long as it does what it says on the book cover.  

You then create an ad using LogoNerds, create 5 articles talking about your eBook, you send your eBook out to loads of review sites and other bloggers and then you promote on Facebook and Adwords. I usually charge around $3 – $5 per eBook and with the method above on a blog that gets around 600 + uniques per day, I can earn $900 profit from a 15,000 word eBook that’s taken me around 3 days to write. So that’s around $300 per day. Not to mention that’s only after the first month, eBooks can happily earn money for years after release just as long as the information holds up.

Also if I promoted and sold the eBooks through my different blogs instead of Amazon I’d earn around 30% more. 🙂  Something I’ll definitely be interested in looking at in the future.


 #11. Donations Are Awesome

Donations are so 2006, but with sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo that allow people to donate to a person’s idea/dream it’s becoming more popular again.


What I recommend you do: 

Create a donate button that shows how much money has been donated. Then create goals, for example: $100 donation – I’ll create an article that shows you 5 secrets about my blog. $300 donations – I’ll open a new category. $500 – I’ll start doing YouTube videos 3 times per week. $1000 – I’ll show you 10 secret methods to earning $200 per week online. Etc.

Just create targets and incentives. Make your incentives a lot better than my example and try to interact with your fans as much as possible. Maybe make it so if the person donates $5+ they get something, just like Kickstarter.

You might laugh at this method but three of the biggest services/sites online do it:

  • Reddit
  • Wikipedia
  • FireFox

These three services rely on donations to keep going. Some of them also have goals that they’ve got to reach to stay open, you need to do the same. Copy Reddits donation bar, as it’s such a genius way of earning money.

15 Killer Ways To Earn Money Blogging

#12. Create A YouTube Channel

YouTube is a superb way of earning cash and it can help promote your blog to a bigger audience. Start doing YouTube videos a few times per week and do an article about each video you do. That way you’ll drive traffic to and from your YouTube video.

You can enable adsense and earn money from each view you get on YouTube. This means you’re going to be earning money from the ads on your blog, ads in your video, the links in your video/article, and the traffic/fans you get from the YouTube.

You can also do YouTube Tutorials, Reviews and Guides about affiliate products. Just like I talked about in “Affiliate Articles” you could do the same but With affiliate videos, just pick a few products and do dedicated videos about them.

15 Killer Ways To Earn Money Blogging


#13. Build A Mail List

Using Aweber to build a newsletter is the perfect way to start earning cash. People pay big money to promote to a mail list, not only that but with the right affiliate offers you can earn $$$$ per weekly newsletter.

One of the best tips I could give anyone about making money and building a reliable blog is to create an email list day one and give an eBook away for free as an incentive to opt in to the email list.

I personally use Aweber to manage my email list and that’s just because they’ve got amazing support and the service takes minutes to set up. If you need any help with this step just use the comments below and I’ll sort you out.

15 Killer Ways To Earn Money Blogging


#14. Sell Your Own Products 

What’s stopping you from create an info product like the ones sold on ClickBank? Nothing! If you’ve got useful information you could create an info product with a few eBooks, videos and tutorials about information that will help people better themselves.

You can do this inside any niche, I personally sell info products from all of these niches: diet, food recipes, money making, motivation, software, advertising, marketing, gaming. And that’s just me, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a product that’s in the same niche as your blog. Once you do, just start creating it, make it amazing and put some effort into making the content worth while.

Then just sell for a price of $9.95 to $59.95, them two prices cover the best for me. Then just put it on your blog, add it to clickbank, promote it and start earning big cash per sale.



#15. Promote T-Shirts On Your Blog

Have you ever heard of SpreadShirt? It’s a site that allows you to sell t-shirts to your audience without you having to make, handle or ship them. All you do is create a t-shirt design, pick a price, decide how much you want to get paid per t-shirt and then just promote the shirt to your audience.

I’ll be doing a full tutorial on this within the next few weeks so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

15 Killer Ways To Earn Money Blogging

15 Killer Ways To Earn Money Blogging

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and you now know exactly how to make maximum profit through your blog. Use these methods and with the right promotion of your content you’ll be able to start earning a passive income through your blog/s. If you need any more help feel free to leave a comment below. – Sharing is amazing, so please share. – 101 Geek.

15 Killer Ways To Earn Money Blogging

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