19 Free royalty Free Music Sites For YouTube

19 Free Copyright Free music Sites For YouTube – So you’ve got a YouTube channel and want to get some free royalty free music for the background noise or maybe an intro? Well for whatever reason you’ve got it can always be good to have a music library that you can use, and because there was no articles like this when I started YouTube videos it was really difficult, so to take that pressure off you guys/girls I’m going to show you exactly how and where to get loads of free royalty free music. So I’ll run you through what you need to do and where to get all the music from now.

19 Free royalty Free music Sites For YouTube

What you need to understand about free royalty free images

Okay so you’re here to get loads of free royalty free music and I’m going to help you, it’s really simple and the list below is the one I use to source all of my music for things like YouTube videos, Games, Trailers, Background sound, really just about anything.

I’ve added one of two sites where you’ll also be able to buy music for a very little cost and I’ve added loads of free royalty music free sites so I don’t think it will be to hard for you to find a free song for your project.


What you’ll have to do

Now most of these sites have free music and the only thing you’ve got to do to claim it is to have an attribution link on the project to the creator with his name and a link to his/her site.

This is a very small price to pay for free music and if you’re using YouTube then you really can just add it to the description of the video, so as long as you do that you can really use this music for whatever you please, just make sure you check the different licenses on each site as they’re subject to change.

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Free Royalty Free Music List

Okay so lets start this massive free royalty free music site list and see what some of the best sites are to get your YouTube music from. (Click the titles to go to the sites.) 



Possibly one of the best free music sites out there and it’s great because there’s an awesome mix of free and paid music, it’s very easy to use and it will take you no longer than 10 minutes before you’re downloading your royalty free music.

This is where most YouTubers and other video creators get their music, it’s just an all round great site and you’d be silly to not use it.



Freeplaymusic is on this list because it’s a real YouTube music site and it’s got over 15,000 songs that are free.

Now the service doesn’t work as quick as it should as they’re updating it but, right now it’s free to download music and all you’ve got to go and do is see what attributes you’ve got to add to your project.

This really is a great way to get your music and I highly recommend using it, this is one of the main sites that I’ve used in the past.


This is something completely different and has amazing power if you’re a YouTuber. If you want sound effects and music tracks free then soundjay is where you need to be.

Soundjay has a long list of awesome sound effects that will make your videos sound awesome and they also have some great free royalty free music tracks for your project.

It’s a great site because it’s really easy to use and it won’t take one minutes before you’re downloading loads of tracks.

Great for all types of channels and their background sound is second to none, so make sure you check them out.



Another high tier site that will make your music library grow in an instant. This free royalty free music site is ideal for people who want high quality and a quick downloads.

Free Stock Music has tons of music for free and some amazing genres that will make picking a bit of music really easy. It’s free and you can use it in just about anyway.

Head over there and give their page a share and also download yourself some free music. I’ve used them a few times and you’ll be surprised with just how great they are.



This is another site with a top library of free royalty free music. There’s some great stuff and it’s worth taking a look at just for the sake of it.

It’s really easy to use and if you go and check out their library then you’ll most likely be amazed with what they’ve got to offer.

The YouTube part of the site works best for vloggers and it’s really worth checking out if you’ve got a minute.



This was one of the first music sites that I used and it’s still one of the best royalty free music sites.

The reason I love it so much is because it just works really well and like most of the music libraries so far it’s packed full with loads of different types of music.

This makes it one of my top 20 sites and you should always go and check them out when you need a good bit of music for a YouTube video quckly.



I haven’t used this site to many times but I’ve been recommended it tons, it’s just a great music library and I believe it’s all free music. You will have to go and check it out and see what you make of it, it’s seems very easy to use.

Make sure you check the license as I’m not sure if you leave a link or if there’s some other way to give thanks. This site has a load of samples and great instrumentals so make sure you do go and check it out and see if you see anything that would be of use to you.



Is there any YouTube games out there? Well these sounds are ideal for you. The machinimasound has loads of free tracks that should fill your urges for awesome music in your videos.

You can also buy tracks on their sites so there’s something for everyone. So if you don’t fancy leaving a link in your description then just buy a song and you’ll be good to go, this really will help you make a cleaner, better looking/sounding video.

Just go and have a search, I haven’t used this site as much as some of the others but I do still recommend it and if I ever do gaming videos or videos which need high quality action music then this will be the place I go.



You really are missing out on cool sound effects and the only way to really make your video sound awesome is to use really high quality sound.

This effects site has loads of free fx sounds and I mean they have just about everything. From doors opening to cars driving and even some creepy horror sound effects.

This is one of my favorite sound effect sites and they have a great list of free royalty free music too. So really what more could you want?



The music collection grows as I show you another one of my favorite music sites. This one is so simple to use and if I’m honest I’ve used this more times than I can remember and it’s helped me out with loads of projects.

You can pay for tracks or you can just add the attribution and use their free music. There’s a lot of free music and it’s all great, just as long as you know what you’re looking for and what you want to find.



This is a great site that really helps beginner movie makers make a great movie. Now I’ve not really used this site to many times myself but I’ve heard great things about it.

I know they’ve got a great amount of free content and really it doesn’t get much better than the fact that it’s free royalty free music along with loads of other free stuff that you can use. (Winning – In a Charlie Sheen voice)

You can use it for whatever you please and all you need to do is go and create an account on moby gratis.



This is one of the coolest music sites I’ve seen, it’s for the use in indie games and they’ve got loads of paid/free music that you can use anywhere in your game.

This is an absolute time saver if you’re in-game development it really will save you so much cash in the long run.

The song prices are really cheap and there’s also some free tracks so you can really get great value from using this site.

Now I know this isn’t for YouTube but in honesty it’s pretty awesome right?



Another amazing free royalty free music site that you should check out. They’ve not got as many tracks as some of the other sites but in a whole it’s really worth checking out.

There are loads of great quality songs and there might be the perfect song for you in there.

They’ve also got some new music coming and some sound FX so be on the look out for a site update.



This isn’t the biggest list of free music but it’s great for you YouTubers who’re looking for something a little different.

I’ve used the site and downloaded music but I’ve never used it inside a project. You can go and check it out and see if you think it’s good for your project, you never know you might listen to a song that will suit your video perfectly.



If you want a lot of free music at a really high level then the free music archive is for you. They have tons of great tracks and a cool site that’s very fun to use. They’ve got loads of genre.

I recommend going and taking a look now, you’ll know instantly if it’s good enough for your video and I personally think it’s the perfect music for anyone channel.



This isn’t a site built up of loads of tracks but instead it’s just a singer, it’s worth checking out. There’s a few free tracks here and there and you can download all the tracks on the site for $40 which I mean you can’t go wrong with.

It’s simple to see that this is great value and it’s definitely worth taking a look at.



Another sound effects site that has loads and I mean loads of different sound effects. It’s amazing to see what you can do with sound effects and if you’re a vlogger then to make your video more interesting I recommend adding some more.



Another site that I’ve heard amazing things about but I’ve not used. I believe it’s a really good/ strong site and definitely worth looking at. When I get some extra time I’ll take a look at it and tell you guys/girls what I think.



There are loads of free sound effects and again I’m yet to use it so make sure you go and check it out and see what you think about it.

There are loads you can get from it and it’s brilliant if you’re in movie editing and want something quickly.



If you need any help then just ask in the comments and if you want to add a site to the list then just comment about it below. Your comments are loved and if I can be of any help just ask.


This article is my personal list so if you found a song you like then please hit some of the share buttons and share it with your friends or social media profiles. It will really help make this article worth while.

Have a lovely day, Oli.

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19 Free Copyright Free music Sites For YouTube – I use this article to find my music sites so I do really recommend you take a look at them too and see which ones you like and which ones work for you. I use them all differently as they all do different things for me in some way, it really does make my life a lot quicker using these sites though. – Remember to hit the share buttons if you found this useful and if you need any help or want to add your own just comment below. – 101 Geek

19 Free Copyright Free music Sites For YouTube

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