20 Foolproof Ways To Earn Money Online

20 Foolproof Ways To Earn Money Online – Are you sick of working a 9 – 5 job with someone constantly looking over your shoulder? Would you like to do a job where you have control of what you do and how much you earn? This simple guide will change the way you earn money, forever… By following this article you’ll learn how to make money in the comfort of your own home in a matter of hours. Let’s get this show on the road and start with #1.

20 Foolproof Ways To Earn Money Online

#1. Fiverr Gigs

I’ll start this guide with Fiverr, not because it’s the best way to make money online, just because it’s one of the easiest and simplest ways on the list. If you’re in the online money-making business then you’ll have probably heard about Fiverr.com, it’s a website where you can sell a service for $5 (actually $4 once Fiverr takes their share.). This service can be anything from: Graphic design, article writing, marketing, advertising, and so much more.

For example, if you’re good at writing quick articles then you can use fiverr to sell your service, you’ll usually see people doing around 500 words for $5. If you can do 1000 words an hour you’d be on $10 an hour. Which is standard wage.

A lot of people who’ve tried Fiverr fail and it’s because they give up to early and expect the sales to come to them. What you really need to do is go out looking for the people who need your service. I made this is action plan below to help you start selling your Fiverr gig.

  • 1. Create gigs (around 10)
  • 2. Put high quality videos and pictures on each one.
  • 3. Use forums to promote your gig
  • 4. Pay for Facebook ads to promote your gig
  • 5. Deliver your gig within 24 hours
  • 6. Have examples of your gig
  • 7. Get friends, family and people you meet online to buy and review your gig.

If you do all that and work seriously hard then you’ll be able to create a money making gig within the next few weeks.

I’ve got loads of information on Fiverr, so feel free to use the comments below to ask any questions that you may have.


#2. Fiverr Reselling

If $5 isn’t enough for you, but you still want to use Fiverr to earn a living then reselling is what you’re after.

Fiverr reselling it’s the easiest way to earn $1000 per week that I know. All you do is pick a gig on Fiverr something like logo design, then you find 5 people who deliver that gig with 1000 + reviews and you order it from all of them.

Then you just have to wait and see which two out of the five do the best job. After you’ve found your two gig creators you need to buy around 5 gigs from each of them. Then make a quick logo design website. This will take around 30 minutes using this guide.

This is where you’ll resell the Fiverr gigs. All you do is charge $15 per logo, add a portfolio page with the 12 gigs that you ordered. Do a deal where the first 10 people who buy your logo service get a free logo or ad design and then just advertise the hell out of it on Facebook ads and adwords.

This works a dream and once you get going you’ll be earning $10 per sale and doing nothing part from fill out a Fiverr form. This is a licence to print money and logo design is just the start, there are hundreds of gigs that can be resold on Fiverr, just go and look for yourself.


#3. Guide To Earning Money With Tumblr

I’ve talked about this method on more than one occasion, but as it works for all my users I’ll bring it up again. All you need for this method is the Tumblr reblog bot or the Tumblr queue bot.

First you need to create 10 to 30 Tumblr accounts, you can buy them on Fiverr if you want to save time. Then you need to watch this video that will teach you how to get Tumblr followers.

Now, start building up the followers on all of your Tumblr accounts and as soon as you get a few hundred followers on each you can start promoting links. Go over to Mylikes and ShareASale to get links that you can promote for money or commission.

I also did guide that explains exactly how to earn money with Tumblr, so be sure to watch it.

#4. Twitter Is A Money Making Machine

Twitter is another money-making machine when put in the right hands. I’ve found ways to make $10,000 + with Twitter, but that’s a secret method that I’ll probably release in a book soon ;).

But for you people who can’t wait and just want to earn money with Twitter I’ll give you a really great method that always earns money.

  • Step 1. Create Twitter accounts, I recommend at least 10.
  • Step 2. Pick niches. Ie: Fitness, Funny, Hot Girls, Making Money.
  • Step 3. Follow 180 people every day on all accounts,  unfollow 80 people every day on all accounts.
  • Step 4. Get 2,000 – 10,000 fake followers. This will allow you to follow more people.
  • Step 5. Promote ClickBank, Mylikes and ShareASale offers like crazy.
  • Step 6. Keep original content and be sure to interact with other Twitter users.

This method can easily earn an extra 50 to 200 bucks every week. It just depends how hard you work and how many accounts you do it with.


#5. Selling Hosting

If you sign up to an affiliate program like HostGator then you get the ability to sell their hosting packages for $50 to $125 per package. This is amazing commission because it doesn’t matter what the person buys. Meaning they could spend $3.95 and you still get $50 to $125 per sale.

All you need to do is create a HostGator review on YouTube or on a blog and start driving traffic to your link. There’s loads of ways to sell hosting and in my zero to rich in 30 day challenge I’ll show you how easy selling hosting can be.


#6. Logo Design

If you’re good at graphic design then it’s time for you to earn loads of cash. Believe it or not one of the few things that I have to still buy is graphic designs. Things like logos, ads, cover art, pinterest images and YouTube thumbnails I have to buy on a daily basis. I’m okay at image editing, but I still always have to go to a professional to do the more important things. This is the same for me and loads of other webmasters, which means it’s easy for you to earn cash out of mine and other peoples lack of knowledge with image editing.

I created a full article that explains exactly how to earn money with logo design, so be sure to check it out. Below I’m going to write some quick ideas for earning cash right now with graphic design.

  • Do a Fiverr logo/ad gig.
  • Set up your own logo service website.
  • Join Freelancer and charge people for logo/ad design.
  • Contact people who may need a logo designed. Go looking online for blogs, YouTubers, websites, etc. That have bad logos that you could do better. Then just send them an email with a price quote.

There just some of the very easy ways to start earning money with logo/ad design.

#7. Article Writing

Writing articles is another superb way of earning a living online. In fact I know article writers who earn more money than professional affiliate marketers. First off I’ll start by saying you don’t even need to be good at writing to be an article writer. You’ve just got to like writing.

If you’re bad at writing then you’ve got to go for quantity over quality. If you’re great at article writing then you need to go for quality over quantity. I’ll split this money-making method into 2 categories, the good and the bad.


Good writers

You need to use places like Freelancer to sell your service at a good price.

You then need to find a niche that you’re passionate about and become the best writer inside that niche. This may seem hard, but in honest it will take you 2 months of constant work to secure a massive amount of money in the future.

To become the best you need to work hard and have a plan of action.

  • Start writing for as many blogs as possible.
  • Submit to articles directories.
  • Use Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to grow your following.
  • Set up your own blog using Blogger or WordPress and start writing content.
  • Get on forums and write like never before.
  • Do sales writing for whatever niche you’re in.
  • Create eBooks for people. $$$$ per eBook in this market.

That’s just some simple ways to make yourself known. Once you’re known then you can start selling your services for $5 – $10 per 100 words.  People want the best and people are happy to pay a lot of money for the best. Especially when you’re creating sales copy for their product/service.


Bad Writers

If you’re a bad writer, but happy to write for the sack of money then you’re in for a nice treat.

Now you’re not going to earn anywhere near as much money as the good article writers, but you’ll still earn loads of cash and be able to make a seriously comfortable living with this advice.

  • Create a Fiverr gig with your writing service. Then promote it like no tomorrow. I know I’ve talked about this a few times, it’s just honestly the best way to make money from bad writing.
  • Sign up to write for a service like 99centarticles.
  • Create a cheap writing service at around 50 to 90 cent per 100 words. Promote it using Facebook, adwords, Social media, YouTube and anything else you can think of.
  • Use Freelancer, but charge a really cheap rate per 500 words.
  • Follow this guide on making money with article writing.

There are loads of ways to earn money, you’ve just got to focus on Fiverr, Freelancer and your own service for the best results.

#8. Affiliate Marketing

Most people who’re reading this article will already be aware of affiliate marketing and the money that can be earned. But for people who don’t know what affiliate marketing is I’ll explain.

Companies like GoDaddy, HostGator, ThemeForest and many others, will pay you a % for selling their service or product. For instance, if you found a product you wanted to sell, let’s say themes on themeforest.

You’d make an article like this: “Top 10 Best WordPress Themes”  You’d then advertise it or use SEO methods to rank it on Google. This will drive traffic to your article, where all people need to do is click one of the links. After they click one of your links anything they buy from that company for the next 1 to 3+ months you earn a % of.  You can usually earn around 15% – 30% per product you sell, which means $$$$ once you get good at selling.

There are loads of methods used in affiliate marketing and this article isn’t big enough for me to explain them, so instead you’ll just have to check out zero to rich in 30 day challenge to learn how to affiliate market step by step by me.


#9. Creating Your Own Info Product

If you really want to earn big money then creating your own info product is the only way to go. It’s simple really, all you need to do is have information about something people need to know.

This is a full example of what you info product should look like.

Title: How To Make Your First $1000 Online. – The 6 Day Money Making Challenge.

Content inside: 6 high quality videos – 10 high quality articles – 1 eBook. – Lifetime support and updates. – Money back guarantee. – Access to new money-making guides that really work.

Price: $47.95

After you create a product like that you just need to create a landing page. Use themeforest to get a great landing page. Then you’ve just got to sign up to ClickBank and promote the hell out of your info product.

People earn millions every year from this method. It all depends on how good quality the info product is and how willing you are to promote it to people. There are loads more advice that I could give you on creating an info product, so please feel free to ask in the comments for a Skype session or a step by step article.

20 Foolproof Ways To Earn Money Online


#10. Selling An EBook

Do you have any skills creating eBooks? If you feel like you could create a good tutorial or guide then eBooks are a very good way of earning a living.

eBooks can earn a lot of money when you know what you’re doing. Most people let their eBook fail because they rely on content inside the eBook and not the content outside. The content outside the eBook is the reason why you won’t get any sales.


What is the content outside the eBook? 

Things like, Reviews, Comments, Forums threads, YouTube Videos, any content that is about your book, good or bad.

Now most people are so scared of negative feedback that they never risk promoting their book to people outside their friends, family and Facebook. People inside that network are never going to make you rich or give you the feedback you need to improve yourself.

If you release a book and promote it on Facebook, BuySellAds, Amazon, Adwords, YouTube, Forums, Blog Posts, Free Copies For Reviewers and Social Media then you know in your heart that you did all you could to make the book succeed. Now what comes next is the good bit, if you get a 1 star out of 5 then most people will think that’s bad, that’s not bad at all, it just means you need to change something with your writing style. So take in the hate and feedback and come back with a new eBook that’s bigger and better than before.

So, what happens if you don’t get any hate? That just means you’re not promoting your book well enough. You want to be promoting your eBook so much that people get sick of seeing your book,  to the point they buy it just to write a bad review. That’s real success. You can’t have money without haters!!

So create an eBook, promote it and earn money.


#11. YouTube

I’m liking the YouTube lifestyle more and more every single day. If you’ve seen big YouTubers then you’ll know that they’re rolling in cash. You’re talking millions of dollars per year sometimes even per month. For just five videos per week. Most people try and fail at YouTube just because they don’t give it long enough to succeed or they just copy other YouTubers and expect success.

The only way you’re going to earn money in this day in age using YouTube without being extremely lucky is to treat it like a business. What I mean by that is you’ve got to do high quality videos, be bigger and better than anyone else, master your niche, contact YouTubers in the same industry as you to collaborate, be active on forums and in comments, spend time researching every method for getting YouTube fame and most importantly be prepared to work 2 times harder for half of what the other YouTubers have.


People who don’t care about YouTube fame and just want money

If you just want money from YouTube then you can just do pump and dump accounts. This is pretty straight forward and it just involves making YouTube niche accounts and uploading viral content. You can earn around $1000 + per week with the guide, but honestly the skies the limit when it comes to YouTube.

  • Step 1. Create a YouTube account and pick a niche. I’ll use funny Vines compilations.
  • Step 2. Edit loads of funny vine videos together and create a compilation.
  • Step 3. Upload to YouTube and create one eye-catching thumbnail for the video.
  • Step 4. Enable monetization on your video and publish it.
  • Step 5. Most Important Step – Advertise your video using YouTube ads, Stop once you get to around 10,000 to 15,000 views. After that you’ll see your video grow naturally.

After that you’ll just sit back and watch the money come in. You can use this with any niche: Fights, funny videos, cats, dogs, anything that can be made into a compilation. You can earn even more money by setting up a Facebook page that links to the YouTube channel and promotes videos/pictures.

With one YouTube accounts you’ll be able to earn around $500 per week, if you upload and promote a few videos per day. The more channels you have the better money you’ll earn. So if you set up 5 channels then you’ll find it easy to bring in $2000 + per week. The hard work really will pay off with this method.

20 Foolproof Ways To Earn Money Online

#12. Creating A Service

Another way that I’ve made cash in the past is by creating a service. I usually never make anything that’s too hard to fulfill and I try my best to automate the service as much as possible.

Most people are too scared to risk creating their own service and for that reason it’s easier to succeed. Here’s some ideas of some services that you should create.

  • Seo (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Social account creation (create Facebooks, Twitter and Tumblr accounts.)
  • Logo Design
  • Twitter and Facebook fake followers/likes
  • Fake YouTube views
  • Intro Creation
  • Long Tail Keyword Finder
  • Domain Name Broker
  • Social media account manager (just manage people’s social media accounts.)

All of them services can be provided with either a bot, fiverr resell or some basic link building. Once you’ve picked a service that you can provide quickly and with little work all you’ve got to do is advertise it and start selling, it’s very similar to the other methods that I’ve talked about already. You’ve just got to focus on Facebook ads, Adwords, YouTube ads, Guest posts, BuySellAds, Etc.


#13. Blogging

Creating your own blog just got easy with this blog creation service Let me and my team take your ideas and turn them into a kick-ass blog for you to expand and build on with and incredible blogging blueprint and monthly help from us.

  • Step 1. Find a great product to affiliate with. Let’s use hosting as an example.
  • Step 2. Create a blog that talks about your affiliate product. For the hosting niche, I’d create articles like “How To Create A Website”. “How To Make A Blog”. “Hosting Reviews”. “Best Hosting Companies”. Remember to also add content that’s not just about your affiliate product. For instance: “How To Rank Your Site On Google”. “5 Webmaster Mistakes”. “How To Create A Private Blog Network”. You’re keeping the same content theme, but you’re just making it less about your affiliate promotion.
  • Step 3. Create 30 – 50 articles for your blog. Aim to make them 650 to 1750 words, try to care more about quality and less about your word count. You always want to write articles for people and not Google.
  • Step 4. Queue your articles to release 1 every day for the next 30 to 50 days.
  • Step 5. Practice basic on-site SEO on each article and your blog. Then start promoting yourself on Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and other social media and bookmarking sites.
  • Step 6. Make sure you’ve maximised your earnings on your site by adding affiliate banners to your widgets and taking every affiliate opportunity that you see.

Now just keep the content rolling, do this for 4 months with good quality articles and affiliates and you’ll be rolling in the money before you know it. It usually takes around 3 months for you to start getting solid traffic, so just remember not to give up before you give it everything you’ve got.


You might be saying “Why would I do blogging when I can earn money a lot quicker with other methods on this list?” 

Blogging is amazing because it doesn’t just go away. When you create Tumblr accounts there’s always a risk of an update that takes away some of your highest earning Tumblr accounts. As if you’ve got your own blog it’s a lot more solid and it’s a better building foundation for your money-making future. Therefore it’s worth the extra work and time it takes. If anything you could do blogging while doing the other methods on this list and earn double bubble.


#14. Creating Bulk Niche blogs

If you’re able to create bulk content or have the money to pay someone to create content on the bulk scale, niche blogs will be ideal for earning loads of long-term cash.


What you’ll need. 

Let me explain what you’re going to be doing and then why you need all them things listed above.


You’re going to be building 21 microblogs. These are blogs that work in small niches and earn little amounts of money on their own, but when put together earn unreal amounts of cash. They have huge power in the SEO world and they can be used to generate loads of income from affiliate sales and ad networks.

First, you’ll need to get 1 friend or family member who you can pay to put hosting in his/her name. Give them enough money to buy 3 hosting memberships for at least a year. I use Hostgator and BlueHost for my microblogs, due to value and quick setup.

Then buy 3x hosting accounts in your own name. This way, not all your niche sites will not be linked together by your name. Then start buying domains, you can start with 10 domain names and see how it goes and then eventually upgrade to at least 21 domain names. Remember you’re in this for the long hall, big long-term, predictable money is always the #1 goal.

Next you now need to pick what niche your sites are going to be in. Find affiliate products with low competition and high sales value for each blog. Find 21 micro niches and start building one microblog per niche.

Then go to 99centarticles or freelancer and get loads of articles created for each microblog. I recommend around 20 – 50 articles per micro blog. This is extremely expensive, so I recommend doing it yourself.

Then just edit all the articles, add affiliate links and schedule at least 3 articles per week.

Run basic SEO using this tiered link building guide on each micro blog. This will take a lot of time and be hard to maintain, but it’ll give you ridiculous power on each of your blogs and increase earning massively.

Now just sit back and wait around 2 months. If you’ve worked hard and build 20 + of these microblogs in good niches then you’re going to be making $$$$$ massive amounts of money within 3 months. If you don’t believe me try it with just 4 micro blogs and see how much you earn after the third month.


#15. Learning How To Advertise

People will pay big money to those who can advertise websites, blogs, services and companies using Facebook, Adwords, Twitter and other Ad networks.

You can earn literally thousands of dollars per week if you master advertising for a certain niche on a certain platform. Let me give you an example:

Fitness is one of the biggest and most profitable industries online. It’s also one of the hardest industries to break through and there are people who put millions into advertising to stay at the top, that goes for YouTubers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, membership sites and companies. Everyone wants to be at the top of the fitness industry. So, if you dedicate yourself to becoming amazing at using Facebook ads for example to promote fitness or a similar niche then you will start to earn incredible amounts of money for your abilities.

Now, this money doesn’t come from creating a product, website, blog or anything for that matter. It’s from selling your services to others in the industry using forums, websites and blogs. People will happily pay 6-figures for the best, so take the next year and become the BEST at something and not just okay at everything.

20 Foolproof Ways To Earn Money Online


#16. Free EBook GiveAway

This used to be one of my secrets methods because it was so simple but extremely effective. It’s not as amazing as it used to be, nor will it earn as much money. Still, in the right hands, it will be a money making machine.

All you need to do is create a free eBook that’s full of great information and tons of good affiliate links. Make it so people can share it, sell it, use it for giveaways and as their own product.

The only rule that there needs to be is to not edit the ebook or change any of the links.

Then you head over to BlackHatWorld, Warrior Forum and Digital Point Forum and you give it away for free without any opt-in. If it’s a good eBook people will promote it everywhere, using it for email opt-ins and as a sellable product.

After that, you just sit back, relax and let other people promote, advertise and market your affiliate links.


#17. Private Blog Networks

If you really want to succeed then I recommend creating your own private blog network. When done correctly, it’s incredible how much money you can earn, long and short-term.


What’s a private blog network?

If you’re involved in SEO then you’ll know the importance of link building, 2.0’s and creating high-powered links that can’t be traced to you or your site/blog.

PBN’s (private blog networks) are a way to build the highest quality backlinks, in the safest possible way. If you learn how to build high-quality blog networks then you’ll be able to earn hundreds of dollars every single day from either your own websites or by selling links on your blog network to other sites.

If you’re clever you can set up a Private blog network within 3 weeks and for around $500. This method isn’t for people who don’t like computers and hard work. It is however for people who want to make money short and long term.


What you need to do:

  • Buy a domain name with PR, Trust Flow and High quality backlinks. You do this using expired domain name brokers.
  • Buy new hosting for each domain. companies like BlueHost and HostGator.
  • Create the blogs using this guide.
  • Upload content and install plugins
  • Control each site likes it’s a real, authority blog.
  • Do this with 5 to 10 different blogs.

I recommend reading this guide for all the information you need about building a private blog network.

The key is to build a blog network for a high paying niche, so you remain at the top and constantly dominate Google.

20 Foolproof Ways To Earn Money Online

#18. Site Flipping

Do you have a knack for buying and selling? If you do then site flipping may be for you.

Site flipping involves buying cheap websites off places like Flippa. Once you’ve got a cheap website you then make it bigger and better than before. You then take it back to the market and sell for a lot more money.

This method has made a few millionaires and continues to earn a lot of money even in this economy. However, I highly recommend you take a look at sites like Black Hat World and Digital Point just so you can see how others are making money with site flipping and also to stay aware of the cons in the site flipping trade.

With site flipping you need to treat it the same as buying a property. Site flipping is just like buying a house that needs work. The more work it needs, the cheaper it will be.

What are the main things you think about when buying a beat up house? Location and future value! It’s the same when it comes to site flipping, you want a site in a great niche that shows promise. But you also want it to need a little work so you can get a lot of money off the price. Treat it like buying property and you’ll earn money in no time.

One recommendation: Don’t get into site flipping unless you’ve got a few hundred bucks stored away. The best sites usually go for around $750 to $2000, any less and you’ll end up with a new, baby site, that’ll be hard to make any money with.

20 Foolproof Ways To Earn Money Online


#19. Domain Names

.com domain names are becoming popular and more in demand than ever before. With the up-rising of Private Blog Networks it’s definitely worth becoming a domain name broker. Right now the only way you’ll make big money with domain names is to sell expired domains with page rank, trust flow, authority and good quality backlinks. These domains are usually bought for around $50 to $500 and sometimes even more.


How to buy domain names

There’s competition in the domain name industry, but as long as you’re quick and dedicate you’ll dominate it in no time.

Another way to earn money from domain is by buying trending domains before they become popular. This is when you keep an eye on viral media and news and buy domain names based on trends. Someone recently brought ebola.com and got tons of free press and I believe sold it for a nice amount of money.

People do this all the time with games and TV shows, they buy up-and-coming domains and then either sell them to a company or make quick blogs that get loads of traffic for short periods of time. An example would be with the PlayStation 5, we all know it’s going to come out one day, so right now would be a good time to buy the: PlayStation5Blog.com.  Do that but on a closer scale with things like video games and new tv shows and you’ll be earning money in no time.


#20. Reviewing Products

Have you got a review voice or the ability to write a review? If you do then it’s about time that you start reviewing products.

Product reviews are easily one of the best ways to earn cash from affiliate links. Whether you’re writing or videoing a review you can make serious amounts of cash. Especially with certain products that don’t already have reviews.

One of the ways I used to earn money was by finding affiliate products with high commission and good conversion, without reviews. I’d then purchase the software, hardware or membership and write/video a full review. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to rank on Google for a review. There are so many fake reviews out there that people love to see real, in-depth reviews of products that they’re about to buy. So, even if you see a few reviews on a product that you’ve got, be sure to check their quality, because if they’re fake then you’ll outrank them in no time.

The only downside to doing reviews is that sometimes you spend money on a product and it’s a load of crap and a waste of your time. But you win some and you lose some. Overall with the right research you’ll be able to avoid this from happening.

20 Foolproof Ways To Earn Money Online

20 Foolproof Ways To Earn Money Online

 All over and done with. I’m pretty certain that you’ll have found a way to earn money online after reading this guide. If you need any help at all then please feel free to use the comments or message me on the 101Geek facebook page. I’m always around and I love to help. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely day. 🙂

20 Foolproof Ways To Earn Money Online

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