20 Things All Tumblr Users Hate About The World

20 Things All Tumblr Users Hate About The World – Me being a Tumblr user I personally hold a little hate about certain things. Now my hate is spread through fandoms and annoying anons and even people who won’t leave me alone. So this little article was written to explain 20 things that all tumblr users hate, these things are just my opinion and I personally don’t hate all of these things I just know a lot of people on Tumblr who do. So to get started on the right foot I’m going to start by sayings: Cats, pizza, cute dog, funny gif, fashion, (insert black and white image here), hot boy/girl model, pancakes, nice house with awesome view. I think that’s me on the same level as you Tubmlr people. I think we can be friends now that’s out the way? Well let’s get this weird list article out the way. (Warning I may speak about Tumblr users like wild animals)

The Tumblr Rule Book


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1# Changes to Tumblr

If there’s one thing that people on Tubmlr hate more than anything, then it’s changes to Tumblr. I still remember when Tumblr got brought by Yahoo “The Change”, literally people were making death threats and let’s just say it was a bad moment in Tumblrs history and yes, shot’s where fired.

The real thing that people hate that keeps changing on Tumblr is the content that’s allowed, now I’ll be honest there was once a time where you couldn’t go on tumblr without seeing a naked person and that’s how most of us liked it.

But then the “Change” happened and it’s started getting a lot cleaner and there’s been a lot more kids and younger looking blogs pop up. How long until there’s no real Tumblrs left??? D: I need to know!!

So yea, if you want to fit in on Tumblr don’t try to change anyone or anything.


2# School, Collage, Uni

Now if there’s one thing that Tumblr users hates maybe even more than change it would be school and collage/uni. This is because it’s social, if you’re using Tumblr then 9 times out of 10 you don’t like social activities, especially when they involve “popular people”. In my fairness I left school at 14 so I can’t really comment on any of the above. What I’m really trying to say is “I hated school before it was cool too”.


3# First days

You know that thing where you’re trying something new for the first time? What’s it called… First days! Well Tumblr users also hates them. I’m not speaking for everyone (I so am) when I say that first days are always bad.

It’s just all the build up, the hype, the people and the rubbish that followers. I’ve never heard someone say “Wow I went to collage for the first day today and I loved it, I can’t wait to do this for the next 3 years of my life” Maybe it has been said but I just avoid them kinds of people.


4# TV show’s being cancelled

Any show, give me any, doesn’t even matter if I like it, seriously anything. You give me a show that’s been cancelled without an ending and I’m on the side of the TV show. I still spend days wondering how Reaper ended, it keeps me up at night.. And My Name Is Earl that used to be my jam and then it got cancelled (sad face).

I think all Tumblr users can agree that if a favorite or any TV show gets cancelled we will most likely start spreading rumors about the TV network who cancelled it.


5# Bad episodes of TV seasons 

Don’t even get me started on bad episodes. I once saw a conversation go on for about 4 weeks about a Sherlock Holmes episode, it’s safe to say the people who were involved shared some banter.

But seriously if you try to get involved in any of these discussions be ready to feel like a kid that’s been told off by the teacher for talking in class.


6# Young people

People on Tumblr don’t even try to lie about hating kids.

Example: Here’s a picture of my baby niece.

Tumblr User: Are you sure that’s a baby? Like I mean 100% certain?

times that by 10 and then add good humor and that’s what Tumblr is like with younger generations.


7# Cute relationships 

Another thing that makes Tumblr users feel sick is when couples feel the urge to show their deep dying love of their 2 week old relationship in public. I swear in my day when I was 12 I was playing Lego and the only naked women I saw was a Barbie doll or the occasional nip slip on live TV.

So if you want to make it on Tumblr then you need to be ready to stop the whole cute relationship thing, I mean if you break up with someone for 3 months and then get back together, that doesn’t mean that you can say you’ve been going out since you first started dating, it’s like someone breaking up with someone when they were ten and then getting back together at 40 and saying “God we’ve been dating for 30 years.” it just doesn’t add up.

Rant over.  


8# Popular People (Doesn’t include Tumblr famous people) 

If someone is highly popular outside of Tumblr then it’s safe to say that people on Tumblr will think they’re a douche, it’s really that simple. Tumblr will and has always been the land of the unsocial people with a lot of built up anger.


9# Bad Tattoo’s

Now Tumblr doesn’t really hate bad tattoo’s but, if you start waving that tattoo around like it’s something done by someone out of “La Ink” Then they’re most likely going to have a little fight with you, when I say little I mean big and when I mean big, I mean people sending you anon hate about your rubbish tattoo.


10# People who post outside their niche

If you’re a black and white blog then it’s kinda customary to be a black and white blog. The same as if I own a Harry Styles blog then it’s probably a smart idea not to post about how amazing Justin Bieber is.

I have to own up and say I’ve done this a few times, it was usually by accident but, other times I just wanted to see the world burn. 😉 So yeah don’t be posting random stuff on a niche blog.


11# People who don’t follow back

I went on Tumblr today and I saw about 15 different people all complaining about this. It seems like if you say you follow back then you really need to follow back, every single person. If you don’t then you’ll be talked about and people will start hating on you.

I’d like to see how many people have talked about me and said I’m a wronged on Tumblr, at least 100 I reckon.


12# Hipsters (sometimes)

Being a hipster is really hit and miss as some people love them and some legitimately hate them. It’s like a BTEC vs A levels, I’ve got neither so I can’t talk but I do know that people with BTEC’s love them and people with a levels hate them, it’s kinda like that with hipsters.

If you know one then you’ll probably like them and if you don’t then you’ll probably think they’re a little old to be driving skateboards.


13# Different fandoms

If you got all of the one directioners and then all of the believers together on Tumblr, it would go down. Yes shots would be fired. The fandom is so strong for loads of different things on Tumblr that you really can’t get involved.

It’s kinda like being involved in a gang that once you join you can’t leave because if you do then others will cut communication and call you a deserter.

I sometimes set up fandom blogs and then about half way into the second month I start posting the competitions pictures saying how much I love them. For some reason people really wanted me to die after I did this, the anons were relentless. Don’t think they understood the banter.


14# People who slag off tumblr

I wouldn’t even joke about this in public, I’ve seen 1000 + word rants about people who don’t understand Tumblr and how they think it’s just a picture site, which I think we can all agree, it is just a picture site. 😉 Jk, jk

I wonder if anyone’s had a real fight because someone dissed tumblr who never used it, if you’ve ever had a fight or know someone who did then please leave it in the comments, it intrigues me to find out who’s been having real fights because of Tumblr.


15# People who connect their Tumblr to Facebook

I fully agree that this is the dumbest thing that someone can do if they own a Tumblr, I mean it’s cray, cray. If I saw someone do this I think I’d break, there just two things that don’t mix and there’s a really good reason for that and you’ll only know once you actually start using Tumblr.

So never connect your account, even if it feels like the right thing to do, you will be outcasted and labeled as an “outsider”.


16# People who have real life friends on Tumblr

I’ve seen this a couple of times and it still seems really weird to me that people have their real life friends on Tumblr. Is it just me who thinks that’s weird? Like what would your Tumblr be if it was all just your friends. I’m imagining a pink blog with loads of ponies and shiny stuff? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

If you feel like Tumblr is the place for real life friends then you’re wrong, it’s like inviting people you know to go inside your mind while watching something naughty.


17# Advertisements

If you advertise a lot on Tumblr or just about anywhere then that really grinds people’s gears. Tubmlr used to have a system where you could pin posts to the top of people’s newsfeeds. That lasted about a year of hate before they finally took it down and found another way to advertise.

So yea if you’re advertising loads of things then Tumblr users will look but they’ll be looking with anger… GRRRR.


18# People who put milk then cereal 

Let’s be real, if you put milk before cereal then you’re just confusing, I’m not sure who it benefits and I think that all Tumblr users will agree that if you put milk in before cereal then you’re a mad man/woman and I would not let you be in the same room as me while I sleep.


19# People who put water then juice (Crazy) 

I’ve done this :S Wait what? Yes, I’m guilt of doing this and it’s really just because I’m lazy, anyway it really seems to wind people up when people put water then juice, it’s like a broken system and I sometimes want to see the world burn ;).


20# Massive amounts of people

It’s safe to say that any social situation that has loads of people all in one place really gets Tumblr users going, it’s like they feel the pressure and want to just get out of there as quick as possible.

I’m the kind of person who pulls that like squished embarrassed face when I turn away from the person I just said something stupid too and I believe that most of the population of Tumblr are the exactly the same as me.

I do have a little bit of a god complex though… 😉 The long hair, ego, role model. Who knows.. I could be god?  😉



Here’s two extra’s that I wanted to chuck in for you amazing people.


21# Going outside

I’m with Tumblr users on this one, I’m not a fan of the outside unless it’s on my terms and my terms are like half of what a normal persons terms are. I think most Tumblr users hate outside and it’s not really the outside but more the people and animals that are outside. It’s safe to say that I can ignore people on Facebook but ignoring them in real life seems more challenging.


22# People who eat loudly

Hate isn’t the right world for this, they hate it times 50. If you eat, drink or breathe loudly then you’ll most likely annoy someone on Tumblr. The most annoying thing is people on Tumblr have really good hearing and can hear the slightest food sound, just make sure you’re careful and try to eat alone. 😉


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20 Things All Tumblr Users Hate About The World

20 Things All Tumblr Users Hate About The World – This was just a joke that I hope you found funny. It’s a little different from what I usually do but I thought I needed a little change and I did have a lot of fun writing this. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you want to ask or add anything use the comments. – Please share – 101 Geek

20 Things All Tumblr Users Hate About The World

20 Things All Tumblr Users Hate About The World

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