5 Ways To Get Enough Money To Buy An Xbox One/PS4

5 Ways To Get Enough Money To Buy An Xbox One/PS4 – I know there are loads of people who would love to get their hands on the latest consoles but don’t know how. I will tell you 5 fall proof plans to help you get enough money to buy the latest gen consoles, this is the best advice online forget a few bucks together and getting your hands on the ultimate gaming machines. – Comment below if you want some more money-making help.

5 Ways To Get Enough Money To Buy An Xbox One/PS4

Before we start.

These are just way’s I know of making money! I know some will take a long time but in honesty, it’s better to have something that earns you money for a long time but doesn’t earn it quick, than to have something that earns money for two days but then can never be done again.

So make sure you remember that and if you want more money-making ideas then check the rest of this blog. So let’s get cracking on and earn you guys/girls some money.




Blogging is where it all started for me, it’s a great way to earn money, get your voice heard and where you can really express your opinions and somewhere you can also earn cash. Check out this blog creation site where myself and my team will make you a custom blog that’s fully optimised, mobile friendly, safe, easy to use and has the potential to earn you money.

Once the blog is created you then you have to write topics that get views. A few years ago when I was 15 I used to find the best creations in games like Minecraft. I would also learn loads of upcoming games and write about it.

This gets views and if you’re in a good niche you can easily earn 10 to 20 dollars a day.

So that would take you about 4 to 5 weeks to get enough money. I will be honest and say you’ve got to post regularly and don’t stop, also learn social media and how to get traffic. You’ll need around 2/3 thousand page views a day (top quality) To get anywhere near that.




If you’re not much of a blogger and don’t like the sound of blogging, fiverr is a great way to start earning some cash.

It’s very easy to use and just about anyone could use it. Go and see, if you can write articles you can get $4 Per 500 words and if you go and try graphics design you can get the same.

That means if you did 5 thousand words a day writing it would take you just 10 days to buy a PS4/Xbox one.

These things do take some time to build up. If you’re new and you make a bang and use our fiverr guides you’ll do amazing and earn money in no time.  – 5 Ways To Get Enough Money To Buy An Xbox One/PS4.

You can also learn how to make $3000 per month from graphic design and $2400 per month from article writing.


Selling some stuff

The quickest way to get money is usually selling stuff, if you’ve got a xbox 360 and games put it on amazon or ebay and sell it, you can also use friends and Facebook.

This usually is the quickest way and when I was younger I sold all my PSP games so I’d have enough to go and buy my Xbox 360. It was a very happy and crazy day, good memories.

So have a flick through what you’ve got and just think your trash could be someone else’s gold.



If you’re a funny person and have a camera or can video their console/PC you can make videos and get paid for it. I created a free eBook that teaches people how to earn a 6-figure salary by playing video games on YouTube that’s $120,000 per year.

If you’ve used YouTube You’ll understand that before, in the middle and at the end of a video there’s usually an ad video and side ad.

This pays you. If you get a few thousand views per video you’ll probably earn a few dollars, this can speed up by copying viral content. Doing stuff that’s just going viral and making videos about things going viral. It really will help you get views and in the long run, give you a steady income which you could easily buy a PS4/Xbox One with.

This will usually take 7 weeks of work before you start earning an income.



Can you fix iPhone’s? Screens? Consoles? Games? Anything? Well if you can then you’ll find it really easy to earn some cash, if you’re in a town and you start fixing phones for 15 to 20 dollars you’ll find it really easy to start earning money, use eBay or other sites to get the repair kits and work out the profit, people always break stuff and if you’re there and get a 60% profit each repair you’ll soon get enough for a console.

This can happen in a week if you’re lucky.

You can also go and offer a job or service to someone, asking is someone wants their lawn sorted out of car washed is a great way to start earning money.



If you need a lot of money quick this may be the best way to achieve it, there’s a site called freelance and they allow you to get paid to do little/big jobs for people. You can be an article writer and earn 10 dollars an hour or you can give people advice in the field they’re in. Either way, it will earn you some money and hopefully get you that Xbox or ps4.

5 Ways To Get Enough Money To Buy An Xbox One/PS4

5 Ways To Get Enough Money To Buy An Xbox One/PS4 – This is how I would do it and hopefully how you will too. You can do these if you’re young or old and they’re just good ways, if you put your mind to it and really want a next-gen console amazing things can happen and you can sometimes get what you want. We have loads of money-making guides online so make sure you check them all out, I love to help people and these articles are all my own and from me. – Comment below if you need advice or help. – Sharing is caring so please share.

5 Ways To Get Enough Money To Buy An Xbox One/PS4

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