9 Effective Ways To Earn Money With YouTube

9 Effective Ways To Earn Money With YouTube – I’ve always been interested in making money with YouTube, ever since I was around 13. YouTube is now bigger than ever and with people earning 10 million + every year just through their adsense accounts. It’s definitely something that you need to be looking into. Recently I started my zero to rich in 30 days challenge (Not Released Yet) and one of the ways I’m going to earn money is with YouTube. I’ve earned money with YouTube in the past and I’ve also studied a lot of tutorials about making money with YouTubers. So I’m more than able to teach you the best and most effective ways to earn money using YouTube.

1#  Adsense, the first way to earn money with YouTube

If you’ve got a YouTube account then the first thing you need to do is enable adsense. This will allow you to earn money from the ads placed on and around your video. You can earn anywhere from $1.50 – $7.50 per 1000 views, depending on what kind of audience you target. For instance if you’ve got a gaming channel then you’ll find it easier to get cash, because games are always looking to advertise on YouTube.

Some YouTubers earn all their income from just using adsense, so it’s definitely something you’ll need, especially at the beginning. I’m going to be doing a test to see how much I earn in 30 days with YouTube. Adsense is going to be apart of it, so be sure to check out my 30 day challange. (Not Released Yet)

2# Coupon Codes = $$$$$

This is a little naughty tip that’ll hopefully help you achieve tons of cash. Have you ever heard of affiliate programmes? Well if you haven’t it’s basically when a company will give you money for promoting a product. Example: Hostgator will pay you $50 to $125 per sign up. All you’ve got to do is get people to click your link before ordering or apply your coupon code.

Now with HostGator you get given a coupon which gives people the first month for $0.01, so if you do a video review and then tell your YouTube viewers to use your coupon for $0.01 hosting then all you need to do is get 21 sign ups to earn $2625. Not bad right?

Now HostGator is very niche specific, but if you look online there are loads of companies that do the same thing. Use ClickBank, ShareASale and Commission Junction for the best results.

3# Affiliate Links

Coupon codes are good, but the right affiliate link can be better. Find products that have big deals and promote them on your YouTube channel. For instance, say you’re a gaming channel, you could buy a nice gaming headset and then just leave a link in the description for people who want to get it for the best price.

Mix this with coupon codes for the best results. I find you get a better conversion when you own the product you’re selling/reviewing, otherwise your YouTube views may get annoyed.

4# T-shirt Sales Can Earn Hundreds Of Thousands

If you’ve got 50 thousand + subscribers on YouTube then you need to start printing T-shirts. There’s a company called Teespring, they’re awesome! All you do is go and create a T-shirt that’s related to your niche with a nice design. Then show your audience, if people buy more than 10 then the t-shirt will be made and shipped. You spend $0.00 and you make a big % off each t-shirt you sell. There’s normal people earning 6 grand a month using this method on Facebook, so I’m sure with YouTube you’ll be able to achieve amazing things.

This method is under used and extremely powerful in the right hands.

5# Creating Your Own Product 

You might be thinking “How can I create a product? Isn’t that something only rich people do?”. I thought the same thing, until I took a second and realized that the internet is full people who aren’t rich but get rich by creating a  product and selling it to millions.

All you’ve got to do is create a ClickBank account. Think of a product Idea, for instance if you’re a gamer you could sell a guide where you teach people how to become a pro YouTube gamer. Then you release it for $57, put it on clickbank and pay people $50 each copy they sell. You then advertise it on your YouTube, this will really get things moving.

Why’s Clickbank important when you’re giving away $50 per sale? Because while you’re selling on YouTubers other people will promote your product to a large set of people helping you maintain high sales.

6# S*x Sells And So Do EBooks

Next on the list is eBooks, eBooks are underrated and can earn a lot of money in the right hands. I’m an eBook writer and I truly enjoy writing eBooks. I’ve not got amazing writing abilities, in fact I’ve got the opposite, I’m 20 and still struggle with spelling. But that’s no excuse not to write an eBook.

Personally I write eBooks that help people earn money or learn a new skill. I write them types of books because story isn’t too important and as long as people learn what’s advertised they’re happy. So even if you’re not amazing at writing fear not, just write a book that you’re passionate about or something that explains and teaches a tool that your YouTube subscribers need to know.

7# Becoming A Partner Of A Private Network

Once you get a few thousand subscribers you’ll be able to go and join a private ad network. Now, some ad networks only except people with 50,000 to 100,000 + subscribers. But if you look around you’ll usually find once that allow YouTubers with a few thousand subscribers.

You might wonder what the difference between an ad network providing your YouTube ads and Adsense? It all comes down to money and targeting. Adsense ads aren’t really targeted to the content in your video. If you get a partner then they’ll only supply you with ads that are relevant to your industry. That means higher click-through rate and better income.

Private networks also pay higher rates per view and take care of all the copyright and content earning problems.

8# Reviewing Items For Money

People are more than happy to pay you to review a product or service. If you use forums to promote the fact that you’ll review people’s products for money then you’ll instantly start getting some offers. Now YouTube product reviews are usually worth $150 to $1000 per review, if you’ve got a big following then you’ll not want to offer the service cheaply.

Also never lie and say a product is great when it’s clearly not, you’ll anger, lose and upset your YouTube viewers and that’s never worth any amount of money.

9# Paid Shoutouts

I pay money for people to shout me out. Now I only pay $5, but there are people who’ll pay $500 – $600 per shoutout, you’ve just got to find them. I suggest making a YouTube video promoting your service or taking to forums to self promote as much as possible.

Shoutouts are simple and you either feature people at the start of your video or create a video just for them. I recommend giving people a shoutout before the video starts just because you’ll get higher conversions from them.