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Top AI-Powered Code Generators for Increased Productivity

AI-powered code completion tools have become increasingly popular among developers, freelancers, and software development teams. They use AI technology to complete the code that you write as you build a tool or a software, making your coding faster and more accurate.

These tools reduce common mistakes like typos with the help of Artificial Intelligence and cut down on repetitive coding by suggesting the next code elements you might type. These solutions consider your context and millions of programming codes in different languages, so they provide accurate predictions.

In addition, they make sure developers spend less time searching reference codes. All of these advances make AI-powered code completion tools invaluable for anyone looking to save time while writing code.

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is the perfect open-source code completion tool to take your coding to the next level. Powered by AI, it gives you recommendations for complete lines and entire functions inside your editor, which puts the knowledge of billions of open-source coding lines right at your fingertips.

What’s more, it allows you to retain control over your coding – giving you options and allowing you to customize code as per your own preferences. Plus, it adapts to you as it gets familiar with how you like editing code!

The solution supports a plethora of languages and frameworks such as Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby and Go. You can install its several extensions depending on what type of code editor you use – namely Visual Studio Code, Neovim and JetBrains. The extension can be accessed on desktop machines or through cloud solutions like GitHub Codespaces.

OpenAI Codex

OpenAI Codex is a powerful AI-powered coding tool. It’s capable of understanding commands given in natural language and can seamlessly interpret this into simple code and execute it for the user. This makes it the perfect choice for developers looking to automatically generate code based on their command.

OpenAI Codex is developed from GPT-3 and its training data includes both natural language and billions of lines of code taken from public GitHub repositories. OpenAI Codex can handle various coding languages, including Python, JavaScript, Swift, Perl, PHP, Ruby, TypeScript and Shell. Additionally, it has 14KB memory and is 3x faster than GPT-3 which has only 4KB memory meaning it is capable of performing any task quicker with more contextual information included. If you’re searching for an efficient AI-powered coding tool then look no further than OpenAI Codex!

ChatGPT from OpenAI is making the headlines since its launch – see some unusual and funny use cases of this LLM by clicking here.


CodeT5 is an impressive ai-powered coding tool from researchers at SalesForce, based on the Google T5 (Text-to-Text Transfer Transformer) framework. It has been trained on over 8.35 million instances of code sourced from publicly accessible GitHub repositories and the CodeSearchNet dataset which includes Ruby, JavaScript, Go, Python, PHP, C and C#.

CodeT5 offers three distinct capabilities to its users. It can generate code based on natural language descriptions using its text-to-code generation function; it can complete full functions with just the target function name using its code autocompletion ability; and it can generate summaries of functions expressed in natural language description using its code summarization capability. All of these features stem from CodeT5’s advanced ai technology and aim to make coding easier and more efficient for developers everywhere.


Replit is one of the best AI-powered coding tools available, and it’s incredibly easy to use. For just $7/month, you can start coding in 50+ languages right away, on any device or platform. It is free, collaborative, and hosted right in your browser so there’s no need for manual setup. Plus, you can import and run millions of different GitHub repos with ease!

With Replit’s interactive docs and real time collaboration tools, programming apps, creating bots, and customizing the IDE with plugins becomes a breeze. You can even invite your friends and colleagues into your code to help make your team more productive. And if that wasn’t enough – you can learn from over 3 million passionate coders, technologists, creatives, learners and all levels of coders throughout the world! 


Codiga is an ai-powered coding tool that is revolutionizing the way developers write code. It gives developers access to a platform where they can share and reuse code snippets, directly from their IDE. The Codiga Coding Assistant even helps you search for reusable code instantly so you don’t have to spend time searching through your files.

Codiga also has Code Analysis which can quickly identify any problems with your coding as well as Automated Code Review which can detect security violations, complex functions and duplicates. With Codiga, developers can rest assured that their code is secure, as it will report CVEs and CWEs, in addition to outdated dependencies if needed. All of this at only $12 per month – straight from your own IDE!


HTTPie AI is a new way to interact with application programming interfaces (APIs). It is a tool that has been built into HTTPie for web and desktop applications, and uses artificial intelligence to increase productivity when testing and interacting with APIs. In its initial release, users can create requests using human language.

HTTPie AI allows users to describe the high-level tasks they want to accomplish in order to generate the corresponding HTTP request. For example, instead of manually entering the request to fetch the details of a specific repository from the GitHub API, a user can simply tell HTTPie to “fetch repo details of httpie/desktop”.

HTTPie AI uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 models to generate requests. As the tool is used, feedback on the generated requests can be provided through thumb-up and thumb-down buttons to help improve the tool’s accuracy. HTTPie AI is currently in preview and is free to use with an HTTPie account.


Replit’s Ghostwriter is a new in-browser coding tool that uses artificial intelligence to help users write better code faster.

Ghostwriter can generate functions and files, provide suggestions for repetitive boilerplate code, and even refactor and transform existing code. It can also offer easy-to-understand explanations for code and help users learn new APIs and programming languages.

Ghostwriter can even help users style websites, invent feature ideas, and more. It is fast, with an average response time of 500ms, and it is expected to be available for Replit’s native mobile app for iOS and Android in the future. Ghostwriter is trusted by developers worldwide and is designed to help users stay in a creative flow while working faster and more accurately.


ExplainDev is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to explain code and answer technical questions in natural language. It is available as a Chrome extension and can be used on websites such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, and documentation sites.

It can also be used within the Visual Studio Code editor. ExplainDev’s explanations are concise and are accompanied by auto-generated follow-up questions and direct answers to user-submitted questions. In addition to explaining code, ExplainDev has a tutorial maker feature that allows users to quickly create customized tutorials using the tool’s explanations and answers.

ExplainDev has received positive feedback from users in a variety of roles, including software engineers, founders, analysts, and students. It is designed to help users understand code more quickly and become more independent in their work.


Ponicode is a top-tier ai-powered coding tool that helps developers deliver perfect solutions quickly, with high code quality and efficiency. This business-grade software works on widely used programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, TypeScript and Java.

By leveraging its intelligent artificial intelligence model to automatically run unit tests at scale, Ponicode can identify and investigate potential errors so progammers can seamlessly create robust solutions. It also offers advanced suggestions to make coding even smoother.

If you’re looking for a powerful but affordable way to ensure your software development is on point, then Ponicode is the solution for you. Its free plan combined with an enterprise-grade solution starting from €15,000 monthly allows businesses of all sizes to utilize the power of cutting edge technology in order to create exceptional software.

There are a lot of AI generators (here are the top AI art generators) but there is a growing army of AI content detectors as well. Here is a list of methods to use and stop detectors from flagging your content as AI generated.


When it comes to coding, AI-powered tools are like a blessing in disguise. Not only do they reduce the tediousness of coding, but they also save us plenty of time and effort.

Although Artificial Intelligence is still in its early stages, it’s undeniable that code completion solutions can be incredibly useful for developers looking to increase their productivity.

The key is to find the right tools that work best for you and use them to your advantage. With the right resources, you can make coding a more enjoyable experience.

Rene Simon Peters