Best Mobile Phone Companies.

Best Mobile Phone Companies. – Want to buy a new phone? Well I will teach you who the best company to buy your phone from are. Buying a phone is important as they cost a lot of money and if you buy the wrong one it can be give you problem after problem, you need to get the best value you can without giving up quality. – Comment who your favourite phone creator is. – Sharing is caring so please share.

Best Mobile Phone Companies.


Apple is personally my favourite phone company, with the iPhone you get so many amazing abilities and the main one being it works, it’s a big deal to have a phone that works and keeps working.

The apple I always find powers through anything and mine works even though I’ve dropped it 100 times. The reason why this is in the best is because of the massive application store, it’s bigger and better than any other and in honesty there’s nearly an app for everything so that will allow you to have hours of fun constantly.

The iPhone will always be my favorite touch screen phone and ever since it came out I’ve been in love with it, it’s worth getting and you really won’t regret buying one.

Best Mobile Phone Companies.


Blackberry’s are very up and down right now, they’re still one of the best phone companies around but are yet to really do anything amazing, once BBM died down the phones started to lose value, they still have some amazing models but right now they’re not as on top as other phone companies. I do believe they will release something amazing soon, hopefully will redeem them and get their sales numbers up.

Best Mobile Phone Companies.


Sony every now and then release a great phone into the Xperia range and recently I’ve seen a lot of these phones that made me go wow, they have a lot of power and the screens are extremely high-resolution, great for watching videos on or playing apps. In honesty you can’t go too wrong with a phone from Sony, they do need to get a little more range and a few new models out.  – Comment on the Best Mobile Phone Companies it makes me happy.

Best Mobile Phone Companies.


Samsung is up there with apple and I their quality is awesome, the phones they release always have great features that work well. If I was buying a phone now and wanted something different to the iphone I’d probably get a Samsung, they just do what I need and there so much cheaper than other models.

Don’t get me wrong the new Nokia’s are amazing and beat the Samsung’s but the Samsung is a lot cheaper at about half the price and does just as much as a normal smart phone.

course you can you can pay 500 dollars for a Samsung but in majority you can pick up a nice one for about 200 dollars.They’re perfect for people on a budget and great for fans of the android operating system.

Best Mobile Phone Companies.


Nokia Lumia is one of the cleanest looking smart phones I’ve seen in a while, with its windows 8 abilities and it’s power I’ve got to admit it’s a nice phone, they’re strong and with a good case they’ll last you a good amount of time just like the old Nokia’s ;).

They can be put through a lot of wear and tear and do a good job, they cost a little but they’re just the same price as new smart phones, I would recommend them and that’s why they’re on this list.

Whats your favorite phone company out of the Best Mobile Phone Companies?

Best Mobile Phone Companies.


They disappeared for me after the RAZR V3 which was a flip phone that I think every 14-year-old had at one point and then they released a great phone which I’ve seen a few times called the Moto G.

This was a very well designed phone and put them back on my radar again, they don’t release as regularly as some companies do but recently they’ve been taking more time and getting more advanced smart phones that do something more than the competition.

Their screen’s are high quality and the OS works amazingly, they don’t cost a silly amount and for the way they work it’s worth investing in one. These last few phones have been hits so if you’re reading this and want something quick and nippy then a Motorola might be what you’re looking for.

Best Mobile Phone Companies.


LG is another company anyone can trust they’ve just teamed up with Google for the LG Google Nexus which is a great phone and they made some great advancements in technology over the last few years, they have released a few phones that have been unused and in honesty it’s only recently I started to pay attention and pick up some of the phones they made.

As it stands I would get one of these phones and if you’re a fan and like the design and the usability then it’s well worth the investment.

If you’re looking for a normal phone then it might be a little costly to get one of these, I’m saying that on a contract they cost near to nothing (like most phones) and the monthly pay back is very low, if you buy one without a contract you’re looking at $400 +. but all in all they’re very sharp and vibrant phones and worth taking a look at.

if you fancy something like this in your phone collection then I would go for it and give one a go for yourself, you can always go to a phone shop and give it a test spin.


Ending note.

While writing this I went through loads of phones and asked a few people what they thought. It seems that it all comes down to preference, there’s something about each of these phone companies which is different and if you’re into one you might hate the other, personally these phone companies are my favorite and after looking at loads of companies these are the ones that I’d recommend.

This is the Best Mobile Phone Companies. – Do you recognize any? You should do, apple is one of my favorites and I think you either love them or hate them as most people do with a lot of devices. As phones go, if you get from any of these companies you’ll be getting something  reliable and it will work a lot better for you which can sometimes make it worth the extra cash. – Comments are below so please tell us your favorite phone model. – Sharing makes me happy! Please share and support me.

Best Mobile Phone Companies.

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