Best Social Media Management Software [in 2023]

I get lots of people asking me what software I use to manage my social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. I’ve got a few software’s that are guaranteed to make a big impact on your social media marketing campaign.

No matter what your online business model is, whether it’s dropshipping, Amazon FBA, SaaS, or affiliate marketing, social media management software is essential to get your brand out there.

Here’s the list of the best social media software I use everyday.


Have you ever wanted one software that completely manages Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and Instagram? Well, Jarvee can handle all your unfollow, following, liking, favoriting, joining groups, messaging and posting content with a few easy clicks of a button.

I’ve been using this software in my Social media marketing campaign for the past few months and I’ve seen the biggest jump in followers and interactions on all my social accounts.

This continues to get better every month. It’s easier to use than any other social media management software and it’s one of the cheapest on the list.


  • To get followers and likes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google +.
  • Queue all your social media accounts with contents, this includes clickable pictures.
  • Automatically sends people massages
  • Unfollows people who don’t follow back
  • Reblogs
  • Likes/Favorites other peoples content
  • And so much more.

If you’re looking to completely change the way you run your social media management then this software is a must for you.

Best Social Media Management Software


Something I use to queue my Twitter and Facebook at the same time. It’s a very useful social media managment software that makes it really easy to see conversion and queue content so all your social media accounts run flalessly.

I’ve spent hours looking for an easy way to queue Twitter and finally after a few months of searching I came across hootsuit and so far it’s been a complete life saver.

It allows me to queue all my social media profiles with the same content at a click of a button, it can shorten links and allows you to queue Twitter for weeks in a matter of minutes.

It’s really cheap and if you’re look for a way to completely change your social media management for Twitter and Facebook you really can’t go wrong with using HootSuit. 

It brought my Twitter interactions up 300 % with me getting nearly 50 – 100 notifications on the Twitter profiles it’s linked to per day.



If you read this blog and have seen my guide on getting Tumblr famous you’ll know that I use a software called Tumbling Jazz. This software is by far the best way to build a Tumblr network and it’s one of the all time easiest ways to make money online and build a massive user base that you can send to any content that you see fit.


  • Creates Tumblr accounts
  • Queue content, Pictures, Articles and Videos and can add meta, tags, descriptions and links to all of them.
  • Reblogs content
  • Follows people everyday.
  • Unfollows the people who don’t follow back
  • Likes content
  • Messages people

And that’s just the functions I use, it can do all that and more at a click of a button each day. You just set it up, put your account into Tumblr, set up the tasks and then each day go in and click run. That’s all it takes to build a 100,000 +  followers Tumblr blog network.

This is the best social media management software for Tumblr and if you’re looking to get a bit of software that you’ll truly earn money with, this is the software for you.


Best Social Media Management Software


The last site on the list is actually one of the first bot companies I worked with, this is actually where I got my orignal Tumblr bot from and they’re always releasing cool, unique bots that are really useful in the money making world.

There great for social media management and if you’re looking to have some fun for small money you just can’t go wrong.

Most of their bots are like $5 – $10 and they work for various different social networks.

I currently don’t use a bot from them, but I always keep an eye out for their interesting creations. Go and check them out and tell me what you think of some of their bots they have for sale :).

Best Social Media Management Software – You can’t go wrong with any of this software, it’s easy to use, does the job and boosts social media engagements dramatically. I get 100 x more interactions everyday, since I started using this social media management software. If you’ve got any questions you can use the comments below. Have an awesome day.