Blogging Tips You Need To Know To Earn Money

Blogging is a lost art and it’s really quickly becoming just about the money. That isn’t a bad thing as if you don’t worry about the money you’ll most likely end up earning more. I’m going to give you some times on how to earn money with your blog and how to get things like views, content, logos, and all that good stuff. This is the best list of tips that I’ve done and hopefully these tips will help you find what you’re looking for. – Remember to hit the share buttons and try my SEO Help books and blog books.

Blogging Tips You Need To Know To Earn Money

#1. Writers/Writing

Do you write your own content? Well if you do then you’ll have a bit of an easier time but if you want to get someone to write articles for you then try out 99centarticles as they will help you a lot and do great articles for cheap money.

The real reason I added writing to these tips is to explain that you need at least 20 articles ready before you release a site. It’s not a must but it will make the site work a lot better in the first and most important months.

I find people get bored before the site has got to the level it needs to be to earn cash, if you do enough articles to last a month or two then you won’t give up as easy and if you do you’ll be able to see growth even if you stop. – This is a must for Blogging Tips You Need To Know To Earn Money.



#2. Schedule

I always think that you should be ahead of yourself so make sure you schedule articles as much as possible. It will mean you earn money on stand by and it’s something that all the big bloggers do, it’s great and will stop you getting in trouble with fans for not posting enough.

Blogging Tips You Need To Know To Earn Money

#3. Video

I’m a great believer in using videos to send stuff viral, people don’t like reading and even this post would work better in video format. It converts better and a video connects with both the eyes and the ears as text gets just the eyes.

So make sure you make a few videos so people know you and what you’re about. This will help you be more successful. – Blogging Tips You Need To Know To Earn Money.

#4. On Site SEO/SEO

Onsite SEO is a must and it will help you get a search engine friendly site, it’s not hard to do and you can pay someone or just look at out tips on seo, this will make thing better.

This will help you get ranked quicker and with good keyword research you’ll go really far.

SEO, off site involves building links, it’s not a good practice and you should avoid dodgy services as they can just get you links from bad neighbourhoods which will de rank your site and give you less traffic.

The best way to get backlinks is to do guest posts, submit to bookmark sites, join forums and use signature, help people out. If you do all of them things you’ll be fine.

Blogging Tips You Need To Know To Earn Money

#5. Ad Placement

The placement of your ads is key to getting conversions. Doing something different is always going to be better than following the trends. This is because people get used to the same ad format and then it becomes less effective. Trying 3/4 places on your blog and seeing which one earns the most over a week is the best way to do this, it’s called split testing (look it up if you don’t want to try it yourself).

So have a play round and see what suits your site the best.



#6. Ad Network

Okay at the beginning a lot of blogs will choose adsense, bidvertiser, CPM Leaders, Ext, these are all good and can help you bring some money in, in my opinion there not as good as selling your own stuff.

You can earn 5 x more by having a link to your own product or something that you get a commission for. Even if your blog is just starting make sure you go for a product in your niche and have it take the ad space.

Blogging Tips You Need To Know To Earn Money

#7. Profile

You need to build a profile, sign up to places with the same name, talk a lot, be kind and make sure that you give advice. Don’t ever be mean to your fans and try your best to make them happy.



#8. Tasks

It’s a good idea to create a task sheet which will show you all the work you need to do. This will make sure you get everything done and help your blog run smoothly. This isn’t a must but trust me it will help, just be realistic and make sure that you don’t put loads of stuff you won’t do, the fun to the list is ticking stuff off. This is one of the  must have Blogging Tips You Need To Know To Earn Money.

Blogging Tips You Need To Know To Earn Money

#9. Social/Share Button

Share buttons are the way forward and will help you get a lot more views. You can not have a site without share buttons it’s just not going to work. You need share buttons and things that will gain conversion.

I would also recommend social buttons that they can like, follow and subscribe to you with. This will help you get a better following and move up.



#10. Marketing

Okay marketing is a lot more important than advertising. Advertising is more getting views to your site and marketing is making your site appeal to people and then tailoring it, so I would say that getting T-shirts made is a great way to market your site.

Focusing on marketing is a must and she should really make sure you put a lot of time into getting people to your stuff, use videos, forums, social bookmarks, anyway you need just get people there.

Blogging Tips You Need To Know To Earn Money

#11. Help People

You need friends in this lonely world of blogging and the only way to get friends is to help them, it’s not the only way but it really is the easiest. So look for comments and answer 50 help comments a day and try to be as helpful as possible. It will really get you places as people who you help will help you after.


Blogging Tips You Need To Know To Earn Money

#12. Go Big or Go Home

Do your blog as big and as cool as you can, I think if you’re going to do one site do 10 and make them all great, the bigger you go the more you earn. Always go big with articles and videos, advertising and marketing. It will speed up the process of getting to where you want to be.



#13. Controversy

I wouldn’t recommend this but it does have a way of getting people out there. Having a blog post slagging someone in your niche off or a really messed up post will get you followers and hits, people love telling people off and that’s why some stupid Facebook people go viral for supporting something crazy or pulling duck faces.

It’s just how it goes and it will keep getting worse as we go on.

Blogging Tips You Need To Know To Earn Money

Blogging Tips You Need To Know To Earn Money

Blogging Tips You Need To Know To Earn Money – These tips really will help you grow a successful blog and it should go a long way in the future, you always need to practice good writing and seo just so you get better and your site will keep improving and getting better with you. Write down some of these tips as it will really help you and if you mix some other advice you’ll get the perfect mix. – Sharing is caring and comment if you need any advice.

Blogging Tips You Need To Know To Earn Money

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