Can A Person Really Make Money Online

Can A Person Really Make Money Online – People ask me this question a lot and I always try to answer with honesty, it’s quite easy to make money online, using the right methods. However it’s not easy, working online will take double the time of a real job and really won’t be as easy as “John Chow” Makes it. I’m a big fan of John but I do think his life style of writing 1 blog post a day and earning nearly 50 thousand some days just from affiliates is a little crazy. He know what he’s doing to the max, other people how don’t know what their doing you need this advice, so sit down, chill out, and get ready to learn if you can really make money online.

Can A Person Really Make Money Online

Can A Person Really Make Money Online? 

Okay we will start by answering the question and then tell you the ways. Yes! Yes you can make money online, ignoring all them fake gurus that tell you rubbish and give money-making a bad name.

If you’ve been trying hard and haven’t found a way that’s normal. Most people never earn money online because they don’t put the time into it, it’s not easy and there are loads of ways you can get caught out and have to pay money out.


How long does it take to earn money online?

This really comes down to a few things.

  • How hard you’re willing to work.

If you work really hard then the chances are the hard work will pay off, not always, but you’ll stand a bigger chance of it working if you put in the time and effort.

  • How passionate about it are you.

You need to love it, this form of work can get really shit sometimes, to avoid quitting you really need to love what you do and not just be in it for the money.

  • How much money you’ve got.

If you’ve got some test money lying around you’ll be able to get a head start on people. It’s not hard to test stuff and earn money if you’ve got a big income.

  • Your job statues. 

If you’re in a job it might be hard to find the time you need to do this job and earn money from it.


What you need to make money online

  • Hosting

Host Gator is probably the best for newbies and they have really great deals on all the time.

  • Theme

Themeforest You need a nice theme to really make the most of your money making ability. If you want the best then use the link above, you can also get a free theme by googling free wordpress theme.

  •  Domain Name

GoDaddy is the best place I know to get a domain, if you want to save a lot of money and get get some good ideas go and check if they have your domain.


Options to earn money online

The options to earning money online are massive and a lot of them we’ve gone over many times. It won’t hurt to do it one more time and try to help you make a good site.



The most common, in fact you’re reading one right now. Blogs are up there with the best ways to earn money, they also are oversaturated and take a lot of work to get earning money.

If you follow the rules blogging can be a nightmare in some case but in honesty if you work hard, post regularly, speak to people, and write good content people want to read, you’ll be fine and start earning cash in no time.


You can change your domain into a Ecommerce shop and start selling products through affiliates, this makes it very easy and quick to earn money. I really do recommend this for the people who know what they’re doing. – Sell Fire is a great plugin to use to make a quick shop on WordPress and earn money quickly.

You can also do a shop and sell your own goods and just advertise it using Adsense, that’s a great way to get product sales. – Can A Person Really Make Money Online.


Product/Service creation

Are you an SEO God? Or have an amazing bit of software? Well if you’ve got a service you can sell or a product you’re in luck when it comes to the internet.

Never has it been so easy to earn big money though websites and selling things. If you advertise well you’ll see a missive grow in your sales and will quickly start getting conversion.

Make sure you charge low and do a monthly rate instead of a quarterly rate.


Every blogger usually uses affiliates, so do shops and other sites. It’s a really clean way of earning money, it does take skill but if you’ve got the time it shouldn’t take you to long before you can start earning big.

It’s best to build a site around a niche and sell to people in a niche. Again we’ve got loads of tutorials on how to do this.


We’ve never really made big money with Ebooks but there’s no reason you can’t. If you’ve got a good niche and can make a great book you can sell it on amazon and around, in honesty it’s best to do a 49 dollar book and put it on Clickbank and get some people selling it.

This has made people 10 to 20 thousand a week, it’s not easy but if done well can lead to amazing things.

You can also use amazon and change a few bucks and see how much you earn from it.


News sites always earn high rates from ad networks as they usually release a lot of posts and go viral a lot.

There’s a lot you’ve got to think about when doing news and you do have to be careful about pictures and other content that you might use.

Sometimes celebs and high-profile people go after news sites who say wrong things.  – Can A Person Really Make Money Online.


Where to go after 

Now you need to set one of these up. I would recommend starting with a blog, keep at it for a few months and see where it goes.

Sometimes things change really quick and over times it can take years, nobody really knows. The only thing I do know is if you never start you’ll never finish. So go on try your hand at blogging.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Can A Person Really Make Money Online – Hopefully after reading this you’ve seen that it is possible, it does take a lot but if you put in the hours and love it, you can do anything you set your mind too. In my life I’ve learnt that you get out what you put in, so don’t give up just as it gets hard, keep going and make it as good as you can. It will help you in more ways than one.

Can A Person Really Make Money Online.

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