How To Create A Cheap YouTube Studio

How To Create A Cheap YouTube Studio – Are you getting into the world of recording videos? I’ve been helping people make videos on YouTube for the past 2 years and I’ve also made over 200 videos myself on YouTube. Recently I invested a little money into a cheap, yet amazing YouTube studio and I wanted to share my setup with you.

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YouTube Studio

So, the first and most important thing (second to you) is the camera. When creating your own Youtube studio, you do need a semi decent camera.

Now I’m not saying you need to spend $2000 on one or that you won’t/will defonitly get YouTube famous without/with one, but I am saying that if you’ve not got a good quality camera you’re going to have a much harder time creating good quality videos and getting people to watch them.

Iphone: Right now I personally shoot my videos on an iPhone, the quality is great, but sometimes it lacks, especially while doing videos where my face is close to the device.

But iPhones are really good because you can take them everywhere with you so you’re always able to snap some great footage without warning.

YouTube Studio

SLR: I’ve got a SLR camera coming within the next month, this is going to completely change the way I record videos, this camera will make the videos I film much better quality, more enjoyable to watch and a lot easier to create.

If you’ve got lots of money and want a great camera go for this one: Canon EOS 700D

If you need something that’s amazing, but not so expensive try this one: Canon EOS Rebel T5

YouTube Studio

Webcam: If you’re videoing gaming videos and want a little video box of you on the side, try using a webcam. I use this webcam and it’s amazing for gaming videos.

The main reason why a webcam is better than a normal camera for recording you while playing video games is because it’s a lot easier to setup and edit with.

You also get little files and the quality comes across better when shrunk down.

YouTube Studio


Some people do go crazy and end up spending $500 on a tripod, this is weird and pointless and is only worthwhile for people looking to shoot an actual movie. For most people with normal cameras anywhere from $15 to $100 is a very good/normal price for a tripod.

Cheap: I use this one right now with my iPhone and it’s perfect.

Expensive: This is the one I’m upgrading to when I get my SLR camera.

YouTube Studio


I didn’t realize how important microphones were till I started creating and editing the videos myself. I quickly saw that a huge part of a quality YouTube video was sound and without that element the videos just look bad :O. I’ve recently invested in some microphones and the quality speaks for itself.

Blue Snowball (Amazing): This microphone is amazing, really one of the best microphones to buy when you’re on a budget and need something great. The sound is clear, it has three settings Normal voice, Podcast and Vocals. It’s just extremely clean and easy to use.

Rode: If you’re getting a SLR camera then you’ll really want to invest in a Rode microphone, they just connect to your camera and make the sound quality 1000% better.

YouTube Studio


You don’t have to go crazy with lighting, some people just get a few lights from around their house to light things up. I personally use light boxes and have seen a change in the way my videos look, but in all honest it’s not something that complete beginners will need, it’s just a great thing to have while building a YouTube studio.

Cheap Light Boxes: I’ve just got two of these, they took around 3 days to get to me, are amazing value and still work after 4 months (Part from the fact I dropped 2 of the light bulbs).



The audio recording software I’ve had the most success with has been audacity. It’s completely free and is far better than a lot of paid software’s.

It’s a click and go program and is something you’ll defonitly need for your YouTube studio.


Camtasia/Sony Vegas

You’ve got two choices when it comes to video editing. You can go for Camtasia like me: It’s a great video editing software that in my opinion is easier to use than Sony Vegas, but costs a little more money.

Or you can go for Sony Vegas: A great video editing software, takes a little longer to get the hang of, but once you start learning you’ll have no problem doing amazing things with it.

Both of these editing software’s work exceptionally well, so it all comes down to preference and price. I recommend getting a free trail of both, then comparing.

YouTube Studio

Recording Tips

After you’ve got all the above you’re going to be able to record amazing videos in your new YouTube studio, but there’s still some tips I want to share with you.


Don’t Move Your Setup: The main thing that’ll stops me filming on any given day is when my YouTube studio has been moved or changed.

As a tip from someone who tries to make two fully edited videos per day, I really recommend not moving your YouTube studio. Have one day where you test all the lighting, camera position and angle, and you mark the light boxes positions.

After that do your best to only move the camera. This doesn’t go for everyone, but if you’ve got a camera that only allows you to see from the back, it can be a real nightmare getting everything re connected again, every time you record.


Start Today And Allow Quality To Grow: Loads of people wait till they’ve got a YouTube studio to start filming, that’s pointless… There’s no point in waiting, just start recording now and then by the time your YouTube studio is setup you’ll have a better idea what you’re doing, you’ll hopefully have a style and will have a bigger following than before.


Posters Look Amazing: If you don’t know what should be in your background try getting some posters online. It really helps make the background look more fun and keeps people interested in the video.

How To Create A Cheap YouTube Studio – This YouTube studio will help you record high quality videos time and time again. It’s really worth the cash and if you’ve got the money and want to create better quality videos, this equipment is where you’ll want to invest your money. If you need any help or want any advice just leave a comment below. Have a lovely day.

How To Create A Cheap YouTube Studio 

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