Combin Review 2023 – Experience, Features and Alternatives


Combin is an Instagram bot that has been on the market for a few years now. But how good is the software really and can it stand up to the competition? We tested Combin and compared it to the best Instagram Bots on the market. Here’s the objective result of our extensive testing.


Combin currently offers two main functions you can choose from or you can use them in combination with each other. First, with Growth option you have the possibility to obtain comprehensive data / analytics for your own account and to automate certain engagement activities. With Scheduling you can plan Story + Feed Posts.


Growth is simple to explain as that is exactly the aim of this function. Through comprehensive data analysis you can find valuable accounts among your followers but also track down and delete ghost accounts. But you also get general data about your own performance that you can measure. Data collection is one of the most important aspects in online marketing. Below is a picture with an overview of all “Growth” functions.

First you get comprehensive analysis data which are summarized in daily, weekly and monthly reports. So you can see at a glance how good the growth and performance really is. For example, how many likes, followers or comments you have won or lost. This way you can also analyze new marketing campaigns.

With Advanced Search you have the possibility to find new users, analyze hashtags and see posts in certain locations. By using different settings and combinations, you can search and filter in a much more targeted way than with Instagram, for example.

Another practical tool is the user analysis which makes it easy to find out if and which ghost followers you have. These have a negative effect on the quality score of the account and should be deleted. Using Combin, these can be quickly identified and sorted out or blocked at the click of a mouse. You can also find users who don’t follow back and block them.

Combin Growth Functions


With the Repetitive Actions function you can create and execute different engagements like likes and comments in the bulk. It is therefore a light variant of the automation function already known from other bots. Nevertheless this function is quite practical although not quite as in other tools.

From a price point of view the Growth package is very cheap (just like Scheduler) and with only 12€ / month you can really achieve a lot for such a small amount.

You have the full functionality of an Instagram account. If you want more (especially interesting for agencies) you should take the business package. Same functionality but more accounts are available.



With Scheduling you can plan, as you can already imagine, certain posts in the feed but also post stories as well.

For all those who do professional Instagram Marketing this is incredibly practical. Because there are demonstrably times at which you get the highest engagement and it is most worthwhile to post at that time. If you post several times a week or even daily (or several times a day) you can easily overlook the timing. Therefore it is worthwhile to plan the posts (especially feeds) in advance after you post at a certain frequency.

In terms of price this function costs only 8.40€ / month and is therefore relatively cheap. There is hardly any Instagram software that offers this service so cheap. As an agency the business package is worth around 25€. You can use up to 5 accounts at the same time.



In our experience, Combin is a practical and above all inexpensive tool for Instagram Marketing. It is a great alternative to the other software currently on the market because the functionality is slightly different. With Combin the focus is more on statistics, data analysis and reporting. These functions are comparatively more advanced than with other tools and we liked that very much.

As an online marketing agency, however, it is not the comprehensive Allin1 tool we are looking for so we are currently using Ingramer. This is the overall winner in Instagram Marketing.


The current best Instagram Bot on the market is definitely Ingramer and therefore the best alternative to Combin. From a price point of view Ingramer is a bit more expensive but you get a lot more functionality. Ingramer offers more functions than Combin and you can not only automate but also randomize certain engagements. Ingramer also offers comprehensive analytics as well as the possibility to plan posts.

In addition, you can also send direct messages and do other Instagram tasks like hashtag generation and research etc.



The bottom line is that Combin is a solid instagram marketing tool at an affordable price that specializes in data collection and analysis. This is an essential part of online marketing and a useful feature. In addition, there is also the possibility of post scheduling. The investment is therefore worthwhile.

But if you are looking for comprehensive automation solution, you will probably be better off with Ingramer.