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How To Earn Money On YouTube With Compilation Videos

People see the big YouTubers like pewdiepie and Shane Dawson and their money making abilities and do their best to go after the same success. But they’re going about it all the wrong way. I’m going to show you a simple, yet effective method that’ll earn you anywhere from $100 to $10,000 per week depending on the scale you do it. This method doesn’t involve building subscribers or getting YouTube famous, instead it’s all about viral videos. I’m going to teach you how to mass manufacture viral videos that can get 1 million + views each.


First I’ll explain the money making method and then I’ll teach you exactly how you can do it.

You’re going to be creating compilation videos:

  • Vine compilation
  • Fight compilation
  • Near miss compilation
  • funny compilation
  • Scary compilation

These videos get on average 500,00 views. So imagine how much money you’d earn when you have 10 YouTube accounts (One for each niche) all pumping out one video a week. That’s 10 videos per week, 520 per year and as you can imagine if you’re getting paid one/two dollars per 1000 hits (excluding ad clicks), you’d be earning $400 to $1000 per video. Now more realistically I’d say you’ll be earning $40 to $100 per video, but that video will continue earning money though-out the year, so the sky’s the limit on how much you earn.

So, now I’m going to explain how to pull this method off.


It is a risky strategy since YouTube tends to demonetize badly made compilation videos on the basis of violations of copyrighted material. The safest and morally the best way would be to ask for a permission from the original creator – you would be surprised that people will allow you to use their material with proper credits given to them in your videos. Especially if you get in touch with smaller channels that are also looking to grow their channel – every pair of eyes they get without having to work hard on it, is very welcome.

Even though some argue that there is no value in these types of channels, I would disagree.

Compilation videos can actually take a lot of time to produce and put together. You have to search for those best moments, chose at which minute, second to cut it, mount it. This can take hours to do.

The original creators are credited in the description. Every time a streamer claims something, the video is removed. These compilation videos can actually help promote lots of small or new streamers. Not to say that these videos are just action for like 10 straight minutes, without pauses or silence.

Now that you know what to be careful of with compliation videos channel, let’s now see how you get started with YouTube in the first place.

These are the first five steps you’ll need to take to start earning cash.

  • Step 1. Create the YouTube accounts. Use Fiverr to get the graphics for the background and profile pictures.
  • Step 2. Find the videos. You can use YouTube, but I’ll go into more detail below.
  • Step 3. Edit the videos using Sony Vegas. (More details below).
  • Step 4.  Create the thumbnails using a thumbnail creator. 
  • Step 5. Upload to YouTube and do the SEO tweaks with the help of Tubebuddy to guarantee you rank on YouTube search.

There’s a few more steps that I’ll explain below, but on the whole that’s all you’ve got to do.


This is the most time consuming job you’ll have. I look at vine or TikTok and when I see a funny video I use a vine downloader to get it. I then do the same with YouTube, but use a YouTube downloader

You wonder about TikTok videos and can you monetize TikTok compilation videos on YouTube?

Yes, as long as the videos are safe for work and actual owners (TikTokers) don’t report you for stealing their content. That is why it might be a good idea for you to ask their permission to use their material on your YT channel.

The more time you spend creating videos, the better you’ll become at finding the diamonds in the rough. It took me around three weeks to create a solid content finding routine, so don’t rush, just take your time and find content worth compiling.

You can also mix and match other compilation videos, just download 5 to 10 compilations videos off YouTube and then just mix up all the videos, deleting some and leaving the best.


Okay I use Camtasia, but it’s a little expensive for some people. So as a substitute you can use Sony Vegas instead.

Tips for editing:

  • Don’t make the video over 8 minutes until you’ve built a following. Due to the fact editing takes forever on long videos and people also prefer 8 minute compilations.
  • Be sure not to use the same video more than once in every compilation.
  • Save constantly while editing. Most editing programs hate editing big files and will crash a lot (Trust me I learnt the hard way :()
  • Keep organized, save all your files in order making it easy for you to create bulk compilations.


One of the SEO tweaks is to get fake YouTube views :O. Sounds scary right? It’s not. You’ve just got to get 20,000 fake views to boost your video up and get people to trust the content. People don’t really watch compilations with less than 20,000 views, so by faking them views you’re just speeding up the money making process.

Adsense Tip: Don’t add monetization until after you’ve added the fake views to your video. This will help you avoid getting banned from Adsense.

Get your fake views here. Cheapest online and far better than using a bot or a dodgy service on a black hat site.

If you want to be safe you can avoid fake views and put $20 bucks into YouTube advertising, you’ll earn it back + it’s Adsense safe.


Adsense: You just enable Adsense on your YouTube accounts and then each time you publish a video you can enable monetization.

Affiliate Marketing: Go sign yourself up to ShareASale, you can then get affiliate links that you can promote to people who watch your YouTube videos. You can also try ClickBank to earns a little extra cash on the side.

Create A Blog: Probably the second best way to make money is to create relevant blogs and link them on the videos. Have funny pictures and videos and you can use my how to make a website in 30 minutes without code to create them.

Social Media: You need to build and promote multiple Facebook pages, Tumblr blogs and Twitter profiles. This is a great way to catch fans and earn cash. You can earn cash using MyLikes text ads, or you can send the traffic to your blog/website.


Once you’ve created the accounts and videos you’ll need to upload them to YouTube. Below are some tips that’ll help you rank on YouTube search, followed by a video.

  • Search for keywords using  Tubebuddy.
  • Include your keyword in the title and description and even name the thumbnail and video file your selected keyword.
  • Write a big description and cram your keyword in there a lot of times.
  • Have a subscribe button on the video.
  • Thumbnails are important.


You’ll do this for a few weeks and hopefully get better at finding the content/editing it. After a few months you’ll have most likely had a few videos taken down and even a channel here and there. But after you get the hang of it you’ll easily be able to earn $350 to $1000 per week using this method.

Top tip: Once you get over 8 YouTube accounts it may be a good idea to open another Adsense account under your parents or partner name/account, then just have one private proxy and you’ll be able to open another 8 more accounts. This isn’t necessary just something I do to help future-proof this method.

 How To Earn Big Money On YouTube Within A Week – I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick article on earning money with YouTube. I promise this works. It’s one of the best ways to earn money on YouTube. If you found this helpful then please hit the share buttons and if you need any help the comments are below.

Rene Simon Peters