Ulitmate Guide To Earning Money With Spreadshirt

Earning Money With SpreadShirt – Today I’m teaching you how to build an audience, create shirts, sell shirts and make lots of money. This guide will help you start from nothing and build a little empire of shirt selling goodness. I’m also going to give some great ideas to people who already have a following online, so this article is pretty suitable for everyone looking to make cash online. Anyway let’s get started.

Earning Money With Spreadshirt

Pick Your Niche

When making money with SpreadShirt one of the most important keys is niche. If you want to make any money then you’ll need to pick something popular.

See What’s Popular On SpreadShirt, Tumblr, Pinterest: First you need to see what’s selling on SpreadShirt and then you’ll need to create an account on Tumblr and follow 100 + people, then do the same on Pinterest. See what’s popular, get a feel for what people are looking for.

I did this for the last hour and these are the niches that I got back (date: 15/05/2015):

  • Tattoos.
  • Comedy Shows – Modern Family, Family Guy, South Park, Workaholics, Adventure Time.
  • Cats (Like Always).
  • Quotes – Motivational.
  • Mustaches/Beards
  • Gym – Fitness

There’s massive potential with each of these niches. You’ve just got to pick one that you feel happy in.

Tip: It does help if you understand the niche you’re in.

I’m Going To Use Tattoo’s: For this tutorial I’m going to use “Tattoo” as my niche.

Earning Money With Spreadshirt

Create A Shirt

The first thing you need to do is create a T-Shirt using Spreadshirt. The online creator is simple to use and won’t take long for you to work out.

Think Of A Quote: Quotes are a great place to start. I’d use a quote like “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” Then I’d get a cool graphic of a man/boy with tattoo’s.

Get A Design Off Fiverr And A Showcase For Social Media: If you’re like me and suck at detailed graphic design then you’ll want to go over to Fiverr and get someone to do your cartoon graphic, this may cost $20, but will be worth every penny.

You can also get someone to make your final t-shirt picture look better (worth $5 trust me). Get your first Fiverr Gig free here.

Look For Inspiration On SpreadShirt: Don’t forget to head over to SpreadShirt and look for insperation on their site. You can go check out the most popular designs just to see what sells the best.

Earning Money With Spreadshirt

Build A Social Following (Important)

Once you’ve created a few t-shirts it’s now time to sell the hell out of them. The best way to do that is through social media.

Example: Tattoo fan page on Facebook, get it 50,000 likes, post an awesome t-shirt at a great price. Even if only 1% buy that’s still 500 t-shirts. And even if only 50 t-shirts are sold every time you post one that’s still $200 + profit.

Facebook: To build a good Facebook page you’re going to need some help. First you’re going to want to read this guide on Facebook ads and then you’re going to want to read this guide on getting popular on Facebook.

Twitter: Twitter is also a gold mine for t-shirt sales, just create an account, get your profile/background picture created on Fiverr and then watch this guide on getting Twitter followers. Follow these simple rules and I guarantee you’ll build a big following on Twitter.

Tumblr: If you’ve read this blog before then you’ll know that I’ve got hundreds of thousands of followers on Tumblr and I show you exactly how to do it in this video.

Pinterest: Last is going to be Pinterest. Just watch this guide on growing a Pinterest profile and you’ll be ready to get started.

Start building these social profiles after you’ve read this article and picked a niche.

Earning Money With Spreadshirt

Create A Blog 

Now the fun part, you’ve got to create your own .com blog. This takes around 30 minutes and I’ve got a guide that’ll teach you how to do it with no code here.


Pictures + Niche Relevant Articles:

You need to post relevant content and lots of it. For my tattoo blog I’ve created a page of awesome tattoos, then a little blog with 3 articles getting posted per week and an awesome t-shirt page. This took me around a day to setup and will earn money forever.

Example Of My Blog: Tattoo Pictures + Tattoo articles (How to clean your tattoo, tattoo idea’s, tattoo advice).


Use This Guide To Make One: In-case you didn’t see, I’ve created an article that’ll teach you how to make a blog in 30 minutes with no code.


Build An eCommerce Page On Your Blog Using This Guide: You then just have to build an eCommerce page to sell your t-shirt through your site, this takes around 10 minutes with the use of a plugin. Go check out this guide and build yours now.


Content: It helps to produce around 1 – 3 articles every week, this helps you rank on Google and is great for getting more fans.

Earning Money With Spreadshirt

Promote Your Blog/Shop:

It’s now time to promote your blog/shop to as many people as possible.

Banners: Get banner ads designed on Fiverr and then use BuySellAds, Forums and Google to find banner space you can buy for your website.

Social Media: Use the social media accounts to directly promote the t-shirts and your website, you’ll be surprised how much this helps.

Guest Posts: Start building authority of your shop/blog by doing guest posts on other peoples blogs. Just find people in the same industry as you and offer them a free, high quality article in exchange for a link.

Earning Money With Spreadshirt

Start Building A Name For Yourself

Another great way to earn money with spreadshirt is to start building a brand name for yourself.

YouTube: Start a YouTube account in your industry, talk about products, articles, ect, do a vlog and then promote the hell out of it. Use this to sell even more t-shirts and gain more power online.

Earning Money With Spreadshirt – If you follow all the advice above I guarantee you’ll earn loads of cash online. This method is simple to follow and you can’t go wrong with it. It works even better if you’ve already got some profile on social media, a blog or YouTube. If you need any advice please just use the comments below. Have an awesome day.

Earning Money With Spreadshirt.

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