Full guide to setting up a gaming YouTube channel Part 1

Full guide to setting up a gaming YouTube channel Part 1. – Want to become YouTube famous? Well now you can, we’ve got a great tutorial that will teach you how to set up a great gaming channel and will tell you everything you need to: record, do voice overs, design your channel, and get subs/views so if you’re interested in being a YouTube star this is the best way to do it. Make sure you r pay attention!. – Awesome people share, so share this post and be an awesome person.

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Full guide to setting up a gaming YouTube channel Part 1.

Gaming Channel Start

So you want a gaming channel and want to start earning some cash from YouTube? Well this will teach you everything you will ever need to know about making a gaming channel and becoming YouTube famous, there’s loads of tips and tricks and they all work and have been tried many times and proved successful. – Full guide to setting up a gaming YouTube channel Part 1.



What’s your plan? Some people come to me with amazing youtube ideas and plan to do crazy YouTube series that will cost loads of money but will be different to anything on YouTube, this way of thinking is great but, you need to be realistic coming into YouTube and wanting to make a gaming movies, or a cartoon gaming animation or anything along that lines is hard as costs money and doesn’t really get the views when you’re a newbie unless you’ve got cash and even then you’ll never earn your money back. 


What you should do:

You need to look at other gaming youtubes: 
  • PewDiePie.
  • Yogscast.
  • Sips. (If you haven’t checked him out, tell him we sent you)
  • Roosterteeth/Let’s plays.
  • CaptainSparklez.

And all the other great names on youtube who earn cash from gaming. These all have very similar things going on, they play games and have one or two favourite games that they continue throughout their gaming channel, mostly minecraft, call of duty, etc. This means that people get familiar with the channel and understand what they’re getting at.  


So my plan to you would be this:


Step 1. 

What games do you love? Write down 5 games that you love and have great recordability, games like: grand theft auto, minecraft, skyrim, lego games, anything that’s more than just a play through. 

Make sure you can use them to make money,  google them and make sure that they allow you to make money off youtube. 


Step 2.

Do you have friends? Are you alone? Work out what suits you, making lets plays is fun with 2 or 3 of you but then becomes a lot harder to edit, keep that in mind.

Once you’ve worked out how many of you there will be you need to look at youtubers with similar numbers of people and see how they edit and what games and game types they play, that will save you time and you might get some good video techniques.


Step 3.

Let’s plays, play alongs, reviews, gaming news, what are you going to do? My advice would be stick to one and just play through as if you decide to do all of them very quickly your videos will become less funny and have no quality. I recommend doing quick lets plays like sips on his garrys mod season, they’re easy to edit and if you film 2 hours you’ll get 2 really good 10 minute videos which isn’t bad at all.

After you’ve mastered that move to the big boys and do lets plays at 15 to 20 minutes this is where you need a fan base and need to be good at editing. 


So after that you should have an idea on: Who you’re playing with, what your channel does, video editing and what gets most views. Now write all that down and come up with 50 video ideas. Videos that you can record right away not ones where you don’t have the game.








– First night alone – Introduction to my channel.

– Build along – How to build a mansion.

– Mod time – Testing new minecraft mods.

Then do the same with another game and if you’ve got 5 games then do 10 each, this will just stop you running out of ideas. 


Recording schedule. 

This is very important and you need to follow it, all YouTubers who make it upload 1 video a day and have a schedule for when they release certain videos so people know when to watch, once you make it you’ll see how upset people get when you miss a day uploading.

So make sure you set a real time recording schedule which should be at minimum 2 videos a day and that means at least 2 hours of work. – Full guide to setting up a gaming YouTube channel Part 1.


The work one: 

Monday – two videos. – one minecraft – One skyrim.

Tuesday – two videos – two mincraft.

Wednesday – Social media – comments, message some youtubers, queue some posts for facebook, – two videos – trying new game. – call of duty.


You should get the idea with that. you’ve got to mix it up and be doing 2 videos a day 5 days a week to earn any money. We will teach you social media in part 2 so you can understand how to get more views and more of a fan base.


YouTube schedule:

  • Monday. – Lets build – Minecraft.
  • Tuesday – Let’s play – skyrim.
  • Wednesday – Gaming help – Mini series.
  • Thursday – Let’s play mincraft. – Testing mods minecraft.

Some days you release one and some days you release two so there’s a little more content going out. If you get this bit right  it will take you a year to make it, you want to publish at least 400 to 500 videos year one. So be ready for a lot of hard work.  – Full guide to setting up a gaming YouTube channel Part 1.


Getting games. 

Depending on what console you’re using games cost all sorts of prices, if you’re on pc then your best bet is steam as you can get some great deals and also you can get some amazing bundles that come filled with games that will be perfect for YouTube. If you’re working on a console though then you might want to try amazon as they’ve got some great deals and don’t cost much in shipping.

As you’re doing a youtube channel all about gaming it will be a must testing new games like call of duty and all as they’ve got a good way of bringing in people


End of part 1.

That’s part one and if you’ve followed this you should have a great idea about how to make a good youtube channel or at least have some good video ideas, it’s time for part 2 now, this is the most important part we go over: 

– Equipment to record on pc, xbox, and others.

– How to get traffic.

– How to get subscribers.

– How to optimise your videos.

– Social media.

– Editing advice and tutorial help. 

– How to design your channel – Cover photo, graphics, picture and name.

So head on as that’s where you really learn how to make a great YouTube channel and where the money is and you should be uploading your first video by the end of this.

Full guide to setting up a gaming YouTube channel Part 1.

Full guide to setting up a gaming YouTube channel Part 1.

Full guide to setting up a gaming YouTube channel Part 1. Hopefully if you follow all that and have a little cash you’ll be YouTube famous in the blink of an eye, just remember to keep working hard and to be consistent and just keep making videos. If you need any help or need us to look at your youtube just comment below the name of your channel and we will take a look and tell you what to change. – Mr Tech Blog.

Full guide to setting up a gaming YouTube channel Part 1.

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