Gramista Review 2023 – Experience, Features and Alternatives


Instagram bots are currently very popular and there are already quite a few on the market. One of them is Gramista. The software from the USA promises to automate the most important functions of Instagram. But is it really worth buying or should you choose one of the many alternatives?

We tested Gramista intensively over several weeks and compared it with other vendors. Here is the result in terms of price / performance, experience and recommended potential alternatives available on the market.


The functionality of Gramista is relatively simple. Basically, the software is about automating various engagement functions and running them via Auto Pilot. Here is a short overview of the most important functions.

Auto Like

The first function you can automate is the like operation. You can define the target group and the speed of the bot – how often should it like their posts.

For example, you can specify that the bot should add a like to as many images as possible with the hash tag #london. So you can target local users from London or users who are currently in London.

Auto Comment

Just as with likes, you can also have comments placed automatically. You give the bot a certain selection of ready-made comments from which it can then choose which one to post. However, you should make sure that these comments are not the same and that the number of comments is large enough. In our experience, questions are the best way to keep the engagement high.

Auto Follow / Unfollow

Finally the classic option we don’t recommend anymore is Follow / Unfollow. As with the Likes and Comments, you can select the desired target group beforehand and define it. Then you set the speed and the bot automatically follows the target group until it reaches the previously defined maximum value. Afterwards the bot will unfollow those users again.


The Gramista price model is extremely simple. You get full functionality with every package for only one account. Therefore, the only difference between the packages is the length of use. This type of pricing is rather unusual and is not offered by the other tools.

To get a rough idea, you can keep to the 30 day package, because you can compare this with the monthly payments of other providers. With Gramista these cost about $39.99 for 30 days. That is the absolute midfield in terms of pricing.

In terms of the same functionality, however, there are cheaper bots. Other providers with more functions are more expensive. More on this below.

price gramista

User interface

Gramista is one of the simplest and simplest Instagram Bots on the market. It’s very easy to use and you’ll find your way around quickly. The user interface is very clear. Compared to other Instagram Bots, Gramista has really managed to design the interface for absolute beginners. The whole setup process doesn’t take longer than 2 minutes and you are ready to go.

gramista dashboard


Gramista’s support is okay. Currently it is only available via e-mail and usually responds within 1-2 days. The answers have always been helpful and solution-oriented so there is nothing negative to say about Gramista’s support. However, certain other bots in this price range offer live chat support. So you get answers much faster and can solve problems (mostly) within a few minutes.


In our experience Gramista is a stable instagram bot which works reliably but offers too little functionality after all. The same features are available for less from Instazood (click here). Or for a small extra charge you get the ultimate tool Ingramer. So Gramista is not the best choice and we ourselves use Ingramer as an agency.

Alternatives: Ingramer

Currently there are numerous other alternatives on the market besides Gramista which offer similar or even better functionality. The current best Instagram Bot, which is also much better than Gramista, is Ingramer. The software company from Lithuania has brought the most functional Instagram Bot onto the market. It is currently the Swiss Army Knife among the Instagram Bots. In addition to the standard automation of Like, Comment & Follow, you can also send DMs and view stories automatically.

Another ingenious feature is Post Scheduling. It’s incredibly handy when you’re doing professional instagram marketing. You also get comprehensive performance analytics. With the Hashtag Generator you can generate the appropriate Hashtags.



The bottom line is that Gramista is an average instagram bot which currently only provides the most necessary features like automated like, comment and follow / unfollow. The price is not optimal and is higher than its competition of similar capabilities, for example Instazood offers same functionality for lesser price.

On the other hand, there are more professional solutions that will definitely allow you to do more effective Instagram Marketing. Example for that is the abovementioned bot – Ingramer.