Hootsuite Review – Best Social Media Tool?

Hootsuite Review – I recently started using hootsuite to manage my social media accounts. It’s been just over a month now, so I thought it was time to do a review of my experience, hopefully helping you choose whether you want to try hootsuite for yourself. – Get Your First 30 Days Free.


Okay HootSuite is a social media managing system that allows people to manage all their social media accounts and profiles in one place.

HootSuite gives you full reports that allow you to see what gets you the most interaction and publicity, they also allow you to schedule messages with pictures, short links and tags on all social media accounts. Including:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook pages
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • WordPress

You can also use their app directory that allows you to go through 100 + apps that add new social media accounts including Tumblr and Flickr to the service and a massive 80 + apps are completely free.

In other words HootSuite is a one stop shop for your social media sharing, it really does change the way you update social media profiles and makes mass social media managing easier than ever.


I’ve spent the last year trying to find a service like HootSuite (Really bad at looking it seems). I wanted a service that would allow me to queue messages on my Twitter and then send them at certain times.

I found a few sites that would do this, but none of them would allow both pictures and tags and the very rare ones that did would either cost a fortune or only allow me to add a few social media accounts.

So, when I found HootSuite I was really happy and straight away signed up to the 30 day free trial. After just two weeks I was amazed with the results.


There’s so many different features and by using the apps you’ll really add so much more value to the overall service.

The main use I’ve seen for Hootsuite is people using it to manage all their social media accounts in one place. As it’s a great way to keep everything running, in the same place and with the reporting systems you just can’t go wrong.

It helped me measure the content that was most successful and see the times that my followers we’re most likely to interact. This helped me build more followers/likes, helped interactions go through the roof and made my social media accounts grow at a much quicker rate.


So far I’ve used HootSuite for the past 3 weeks constantly and I’ve seen a growth of around 50 + followers everyday per Twitter account. Later this week I’ll be activating it on 101geek’s Twitter and Facebook account, so you can jump over to them and check out the live results.


At the start I was a little put off by it’s over complicated UI(User interface), but after watching a quick YouTube tutorial I started flying round without a problem.

My recommendation would be to get the 30 day free trial, then straight after water this YouTube tutorial, then finally start growing your social media accounts.


As you can see it’s easy to manage social media accounts, so personally I’d recommend this to people with more than 3 social media accounts looking to get them all working to the maximum level.


Just a few benefits to using HootSuite

  • You can share the workload with different people.
  • You can queue messages making your social profiles run better
  • There’s loads of report functions that really allow you to see the conversions, try split testing and view detailed analytics of it all.
  • The big app directory allows you to add loads of new sites to the service making it an even stronger service.
  • You can see who follows/unfollows you and who doesn’t follow back.


A few bad things about HootSuite

  • Might cost a little too much cash for certain people.
  • There’s no clean function for Instagram and Pinterest


If you’re looking for a one stop shop for managing all your social media accounts then HootSuite is incredible.

I’d say it could be better, but it’s the best of it’s kind right now. It’s ideal for people like me who manage multiple social accounts and need them all working everyday without fail.

It’s quick to use and didn’t take me longer than 5 minutes to learn. It’s not going to be for everyone but if you’re looking for this type of software then it’s really worth giving it a try.

Plus you can’t go wrong with the 30 day free trial they’re offering new sign ups.


Hootsuite Review – I’d defonitly recommend Hootsuite if you’ve got more than one social media account. It’s worth the cash and can be a life saver. It’s great for queuing messages and is an all round wonderful service. If you need any help or want to know anything else please use the comments below. – Have a lovely day.