How To Advertise An Online Shop

How To Advertise An Online Shop – So many people come and ask me how to successfully advertise their online shop, things like what advertising converts and how do I get people to buy a product.

Marketing really is king when it comes to a shop, most shops don’t have too much content and need people to come directly through the main page or rank high enough with product pages on Google and other search engines to be able to get visitors through them.

In honesty we have put together this quick guide just to point you in the right direction and tell you the easiest ways to get where you want to be with your site, hopefully it will help just remember to keep an open mind and think outside the box, we’ve got more articles that will go into more detail so make sure you check them out as well.

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How To Advertise An Online Shop

 Ad networks 

The quickest ways to get views and sales is to use ad networks, it works like a dream and will hopefully give you some big conversion.

It does cost money but can be tailored to your site and by tailored I mean you can get the people who’re interested in what you have to sell instead of window shoppers.


Facebook’s one of the best ways to get views to a shop, you can customise the ads to aim at the people you want them too and really get to costumers who want to buy your products, this is a massive help and leaves a lot of great things on the table.

You can do a good campaign and get some quick views without even paying loads of money, I would say you could start off at about $5 a day advertising and try that for a week or a month and see where it takes you.


Adwords is one of the more popular ad networks I will tell you about today and again is great for targeting your site at people, it converts extremely well with certain sites and doesn’t take much skill to use.

All You’ve got to do is bid for keywords or ad space and you set a maximum bid, if it’s higher than the person at the top then you appear at the top of the page.

I also find the people who click-through are pretty good and can convert really well if you’ve positioned your site well and have advertised in the right place.


This is a little bit smaller than adsense and I have used them before for a few campaigns, I’m not sure if they’re as good and have as much conversion as adsense, but they’re pretty cheap and don’t cost much to use.

I would recommend checking them out and seeing what you think, you never know you might get a great conversion with this ad network.


This is for views, the traffic quality isn’t amazing but you can get a lot of views with little effort and little money which makes it worthwhile it’s easy to use and you can literally start advertising in a matter of minutes and for hardly no money.

How To Advertise An Online Shop


Search engine traffic

You can use a lot of the big search engines and buy advertising from them, it usually works by you bidding on a keyword/phrase and then you’ll appear page one on which ever search engine it is.

I like using it and in honesty I find it a great way to get good traffic, say you had a pet site and sold pet supplies, you could get yourself page one for pet supplies, anyone who types that in to the search engine you advertise with will see you first.



Adwords has the ability to do this and to get your ad on page one google. For  low-key words it doesn’t cost much at all and on high keywords it can be a nightmare as people can pay 5 euros a click.

But even if you set your maximum bid at $20 it doesn’t mean you’ll pay anywhere near that, usually it’s around 87 cent a click on highly competitive keywords and you can go down to 0,03 per click on low competition.



They have their own ad network that does pretty much the same as Google and will get you on tops spots for both bing and yahoo, it isn’t to expensive and has fewer people using it so there’s a nice opportunity to save some money as that will make it cheaper and easier to get the spaces you want.



 7Search is a lot of fun and one of my favourite companies to advertise with, there very cheap and literally you just have to pick some keywords, add a low bid and start advertising, they give a lot of traffic for low prices and the traffic is more targeted so it’s better than CPM leader.

How To Advertise An Online Shop

Blog space.  

You can pay per month and advertise your site, this will help you get mass amount of views and keeps you in a budget as long as you buy monthly.



We’ve talked about buysellads a few times on this site, it’s because they do work and get can get advertisers a lot of views. If you’re careful about what ads you buy and if you think outside the box then you’ll be able to get a great conversion.

It also keeps you in budget because you can buy ads monthly and work out how much it will cost and how much you’ll earn and if you’ve got a nice budget it’s a great way to do a site release/advertising release and get some good traffic to your shop.



We allow advertising, we’re trying to get bigger and bigger and get our internet family more views, if you’ve got a tech shop or site/service we have a great community that will help you get the traffic you need, just go and check out our advertise with us page and see what you think about it, you never know it could earn you some big money.

How To Advertise An Online Shop

Social media.

You can do a few things on social media which will get you some quick sales and bring the traffic in, believe it or not but most people get more traffic from social media than they do from search engines.


Buying tweets

There are loads of sites out right now that allow you to buy tweets for a price, you can buy them on the cheap or if you want a famous person then for loads of money. You can even use celebrities to advertise/online celebrities.

If you’ve got some awesome products this is always a great way of getting them noticed and putting them in front of loads of people. It can cost 1 dollar and it goes all the way up to thousands of dollars depending on who you choose.

A good site I use is called Sponsored Tweet they have loads of people and are very responsible with their pricing.


Buying Facebook Posts

Now I wouldn’t recommend buying these off fiver as they really don’t do anything worth any value, They don’t do anything part from make you seem bigger than you are, this can help you sell as people like shops that look like they’ve been there for a while.

The best place to get them is forums and as much as I don’t recommend it I will give you a few links..

So go to forums like Digital point, and Black hat world, Warrior forum, you do need to be careful as there’s some dodgy people out there, just make sure you get what you want.


Email list

If you’ve not had time to build your own mail list you can always go on someone else’s, this is an okay way of getting views but the price doesn’t match the views in any way shape or form.

I will be honest and say that emails are probably the most highly converted things ever, if you’re going out to 500 thousand people and it costs you 1 to 2 thousand dollars that’s going to earn you 5 times that if you’re in the right niche and on a good mail list.

So it really does come down to being clever, it’s a great idea you’ve just go to shop around a lot. If you go to buysellads they allow tweets to be brought and emails. But I would recommend starting your mail list for 1$. 

Best place to start email marketing.



That stuff costs money as this stuff is just free and a most do if you want a successful site.

Facebook page

You’ve got to make a Facebook page, no matter what business you’re in it’s always key to have some social presence 1. It helps advertising, 2. it’s the quickest way to contact loads of people. 3. You can tell everyone as soon as a new product, post or page is up.

Just go over to Facebook and create one, make sure you connect it with your site so you can start getting some likes.


Twitter Page

Again you need this to give your shop plausibility. Just tweet a few times a day and link to your shop every other post, if you do it well you’ll probably end up get some followers, it’s more important to just have the credibility it gives you. If you go and check out our site you’ll find loads of posts on getting Twitter/Tumblr followers and Facebook likes.


Pinterest page 

This won’t work for all shops but if you’ve got a pets shop, food, jewellery or something along them lines, pinterest is a great way to get some views, I believe it’s more of a girl community so it’s better if you’ve got a girls shop.


Local SEO

If your shop is based in real life and you want to rank for clothes shop in London, you need local SEO, just Google it. There’s so many companies that do it, it would be impossible to name one and be fair, there are ways to do it by yourself but depending on your level of computer skills it may be best to leave it to someone else.

We have some tutorials on SEO so check them out if you want more help.



If you optimise your site so search engines can crawl it with ease and create articles or new content to give them something to come back for then you’ll start ranking with Google and Bing and other search engines for free.

There are loads of ways to do this and I show you how in loads of posts just search the site.


– Submit your site to search engines like google, bing, yahoo, and others.

– Make a video about your company and what you do or the products you sell.

– Get a good site map, use a plugin or ask your web master.

– Guest post (write posts on other people’s blogs with a link to yours.

– Meta Data (Download Yoast SEO plugin it’s free and perfect if you’ve got a WordPress site and want to put meta data on all your posts.pages.)

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How To Advertise An Online Shop – You really just have to think outside the box and use a lot of the old trial and error method. Things continually change so what I do now won’t work or will be different in 2 years so you need to learning which site works for you and other people while the times move, that usually means lots of testing, so test away and makes sure you use the right networks and keep things moving along. – Comments are below so if you want us to look at your site just put it in the comments.

How To Advertise An Online Shop

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