How To Become A Beauty Guru On YouTube

How To Become A Beauty Guru On YouTube – There’s not a lot of good advice for people looking to break into the beauty/fashion world on YouTube. For that reason I’m creating an article that’ll teach you exactly how to create a successful beauty channel on YouTube. Now, it’s not going to be easy, but with the right mindset and a love for beauty and fashion you’ll be grand. You will have to forgive my actual knowledge on makeup, as I am a guy, but, I do work closely with a few YouTubers/bloggers who’re doing great in the beauty industry so I guarantee you can trust my advice.

Getting The Right Tools For The Job: 

When filming, editing or creating a beauty tutorial you’ll always need the right tools to get the job done, here’s a little list of tools you’ll need.

That’s all the perfect gear for the job. You can also get a camera like this, if you’re a little hard on cash. All of them tools are important, for instance: You need great light to do close ups, heighten the quality of your recording and show the difference in make up.

Tip: You can just get loads of lamps and place them around you, but as someone who’s tried filming with both, I’d totally recommend light boxes.

Learning How To Become A Beauty Guru:

For a few weeks you’ll need to study beauty. This means looking at 50 + beauty videos on YouTube, reading beauty articles and books and practicing everyday on yourself.

This will help:

  • Give you confidence on camera
  • Come up with video ideas
  • Improve your makeup applying ability and knowledge
  • Make you a beauty guru

Look at this selection of beauty books and think about treating yourself to some.

YouTube Video Ideas For Beauty Guru’s:

So, after you’ve studied and setup your little recording studio. You’re now ready to start filming, but first you’ll need some YouTube video ideas.

To get hundreds of ideas, you just need a pen and some paper and a few hours on the internet.

Go onto every famous beauty guru YouTuber you know and write down 5 videos that you can record yourself, do this to 10 different people and you’ll have 50 video ideas, not to hard right?

Quick Ideas:

  • How to get rid of bags under eyes
  • How to shave/wax properly
  • How to hide/get rid acne
  • Top 5 under eye makeup styles
  • Beauty hauls (Show all your beauty items/things you’ve just brought.)

You’ll always want to start with videos like: Reviews, top 5/10, How to’s, ect. You should leave the: How to look like…. articles for when you’re more experienced, as they take a little extra work.

You should also rope in any older/younger friends you have. I.e your mum, that way you can show a different aged audience how it’s done.

How To Become A Beauty Guru On YouTube

YouTube Channel Art:

Go to Fiverr and get your YouTube channel art created for $5 and if you use this Fiverr link you’ll get your first gig (service) completely free.

To pick your gig, just type in YouTube cover/background and look at the people with the most feedback.

How To Become A Beauty Guru On YouTube

How To Get Views And Subscribers: 

This is the part of the article where I teach you how to get the views and subscribers you need in order to make you a real beauty Guru.


Create content: Create 2/3 videos every single week. Make sure the content is good and always look for new ways to improve the videos you create. I have one rule when it comes to content creation and that’s “Start now, not tomorrow”. Because even if your first few videos aren’t amazing, I guarantee that when you look back after a year of doing three videos a week, you’ll have improved dramatically.

Thumbnails on all videos: Use this thumbnail creator, to create thumbnails for your videos. Look at other beauty guru’s and copy the way they create thumbnails on there videos.

Use Google Keyword Planner: You can use this tool to see how many monthly views certain keywords/names get. For instance I could type in “get ride of acne” and see that it gets 5,400 views per month in searches. That tells me it’s worth doing a video about.  Give Keyword Planner a try.

Filming time: Don’t let your videos go over 4 minutes at the start. I find the shorter the video, the better it’ll do.

Watch this full video on optimizing your YouTube channel here:


How to get views on your YouTube videos.

Social media: You need to setup:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest

These accounts will all help you to get loads of views on YouTube. You can then use the guides listed below to grow the following on all these social media accounts:

This will help you have a platform to promote each video you release.

Create a blog: I’ll create a free website for you or you can use my guide on how to create a website in 30 minutes with no code. If you want me to create a free beauty blog for you, just comment below and I’ll send you an email on how it works.

Once you’ve got a blog, you can do an article for each video you create, this will help boost your views further and also earn you a lot of extra cash at the same time.

Collaborate: One of the best ways to get subscribers is to collaborate with other beauty guru’s. You can start by just filming funny videos like candy hauls, chats, question games and tips and then once you get more subscribers, you can do makeup for each other and funny videos like: Slutty/stripper makeup tag or how to get the tired look, ect. Just find people who’re just starting out near you and meet up, shoot a few videos and share your audience with each other.

How To Earn Money On YouTube:

We’ve covered really everything you’ll need to know about How To Become A Beauty Guru On YouTube, but you’ll still need to know how to earn money. Believe it or not, there’s actually a lot of money to be made on YouTube. With the biggest YouTube stars being paid 13 million + per year just through their Adsense. It’s certain that the big YouTubers will soon take over actors in terms of pay. How do you get yourself a slice of that cake?

Adsense: The main way you’ll earn your income is through Adsense. These are the ads displayed in your video, on your video and at the side of your video. All you’ve got to do is enable monetizing and then connect an adsense account. Once you do that you’re good to go. You’ll then be able to earn money for every view you get on your videos.

Affiliate Marketing: If you’re ever doing a review or showcasing a product, you can link it in the description with an affiliate link. Example: If you sign up to Amazons affiliate program you get 5% to 10% of all products someone buys for a whole month after they click your link.

All you’ve got to do is sign up to the different affiliate programs in the beauty world and then just add the links to your descriptions, you can earn a pretty penny with this method.

Product Placement: After you break 15,000 subs you’ll usually get approached by a YouTube partnership program, they’ll offer marketing, help growing your channel and loads of beauty products, in exchange for a % of your earnings. This is usually when things really start taking off.

Advertising: You can also offer to review/promote someones product at a cost. People like me are constantly looking for YouTubers to promote with and you can earn anywhere from $50 to $1000 per promotion depending on your following.

How To Become A Beauty Guru

How To Become A Beauty Guru On YouTube – So, I’ve tried to give you some of the best advice I know for growing and creating a high quality YouTube account. I hope this has helped you and if it has then please share this article and help me grow my site. I’ll always answer comments, so if you need any extra advice/help just leave a comment below. Have an amazing day.

Cheers, Oli.

How To Become A Beauty Guru On YouTube

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