How to become a famous vlogger

How to become a famous vlogger. – It seems like these days so many people are earning money on YouTube well, we’re here to teach you how to make a job for yourself using YouTube, time and a lot of hard work. So if you want to become a famous blogger and earn some cash from doing what you love pay attention and follow this advice and tips. – Remember to share and be amazing.

How to become a famous vlogger

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Like we explained on how to become a famous gaming YouTuber, you’ve got to have a good YouTube layout and spend a little cash or even create one yourself.

Things like background and profile picture are a must and descriptions and names are also a good idea.



There’s  a few ways you can go about designing your YouTube and there’s a way to see what you like, go and check out some of the best Vloggers and see what their channel looks like in detail, we will copy them and eventually get some more subs and views because of it.  Just look at their art work and see how everything fits together.



There are loads of amazing graphic design gigs on Fiverr that specialize in YouTube covers and pictures, I recommend typing in to the search YouTube backgrounds and then picking one that has a few thousand reviews.

After you’ve done the background you need to get a profile pictures. I recommend getting a cartoon or getting some artwork done just type in graphic design and see what comes up and catches your eye.



Something we can’t stress enough is how important the description is, if you want to get views and rank on YouTube it’s one of the most important aspects of the video.

You need to make sure you put all the details about the video in there and maybe add some extra info even a link or two to some of your other content as this will give the video even more value.


About Us

The about us page is another great way to get people interested and give you more page rank, what you’ve got to do is this:

– Have info about yourself, where you’re from, what you do and what you’re into.

– Have a schedule. We explain this better in the how to be a gaming YouTuber post and we did an example of how to do it too.

 Quick example:

Monday – Q & A Time.

Tuesday – Challenge.

Wednesday – My Week so far.

Thursday – Interesting facts about me.

Friday – Me and friends. 

That this is how a schedule should look.

Okay now you’ve got an idea how YouTube works here’s some musts.



The most important thing when vlogging is friends and community, you need to meet as many people and do as much social interaction online as possible.

All the most successful bloggers all do features once a week with other YouTubers and sometimes even just their friends so, here are some tips on how to do it.


Get connected

Get a list of a few hundred vloggers, around your area, famous or not.

Send them a nice long message telling them how you want to work with them and maybe try something new and explain the video you want to do, change the message slightly and send it out and try to get as many vlogger friends, meet them one at a time and probably out of 100 5 to 10 will get back to you and be nice enough to help.

The best way to video is you do a video on their channel and they do a video on yours so then you both get a shout out and will get traffic.

After doing this for 2 months you’ll have built up some friends and be doing it more and more, all it takes is for one famous YouTuber to pick you up and do a video with you and you’ll make it. Some tips for getting connected:

Find vloggers on social media, forums and YouTube.

Message them as much as possible and talk.

Make sure you look at some of their videos so you know what they’re about.



As I just mentioned above you need to get connected and start using YouTube forums or forums in general. Google some of these terms and find forums to use:


Google Terms:

YouTube Forum/s.

Video Forum/s.

Blogging Forums.

Anything which is in your niche, say you do comedy look for comedy forums etc.

How to become a famous vlogger


What you need to do

Make an account start posting regularly, meet people and be nice, ask questions and answer questions make sure you don’t mention any of your videos until you see a good opportunity and make sure you do at least 30 normal posts before you tell people to look at your videos. You’ll have to do this with at least 8 forum accounts and build them all up then use them to get views and to meet people.


Video quality

You need a good quality video to make people even think about looking at your channel and subscribing. Best way to create a good video is to do a few takes, talk slow and be funny, work in some jokes and be ready to cut 20 minutes of footage into 3 minutes.

What do you need for good video quality:



The Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 12.1MP Digital Camera is probably going to be your best bet for amazing vlogging standard, it’s a top camera and costs about $250 it will film your video’s perfectly and make them easy to edit as it will sound good and be much better looking.

Where To Buy At Best Price: Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 12.1MP Digital Camera. 
Price: $249.00.



If you want to keep this on the low then you can go to fiverr and just type in video intros then after video outros this will cost 10 bucks for both and with the other expenses so far we’ve only spent 20 dollars.Make sure you get a guy with a few hundred reviews and ask them if they can do what you want before you buy it.


Editing software

For mac users you’ve got final cut pro and for windows you’ve got Sony Vegas. Both of these are amazing and more than enough to edit a video perfectly and get a vlog looking up to scratch.


Video Ideas

The most important thing to think about when becoming a vlogger is what your videos are going to be about and you need to make sure you’ve got some good ideas. Here are some ideas and some ways to get some views:

– Feature videos – Feature other YouTubers, and make videos of you doing dares of having a chat.

– Dare videos – Work better when you’re viral.

– Pranks, if you do them right they can go viral instantly.

– Q & A’s answer questions about yourself in a YouTube.

– 5 Facts about me. 

All these kinds of video ideas can be reused and made to suit most people’s channels.


Another good way of getting views is something call “Viral Video Following” This means to watch twitter trends and other internet trends and as soon as you see one happening do it, that means no matter what whether it’s a drink challenge, planking, dare, anything just get it while it’s hot.

If you do this right and with three or four videos every few months you’ll go viral in no time, just remember quality over quantity.



Another key to getting fame on YouTube is you need to get views and subscribers, I’ve worked on YouTube videos for a long time now and I can say the quickest way to get out their and be a vlogger is this:



You’ll see a lot of new YouTubers doing vines and there’s one reason why, if you make a successful vine then it’s a very good way of getting views to your channel, make loads of vines maybe 4 a day and try to be as funny as possible, copy other funny ones and come up with a few new jokes and just see how far you can go with it.


Social Media

The big way where even the biggest YouTubers get their views from is social media, we did a really good part of an article involving this for how to be a gaming YouTube.

Link is above you should really check it out. We teach you how to use facebook, twitter, tumblr, reddit and a few other social media platforms to get big views, this is the quickest way and you’ll really hit the motherload of views if you do this right.


Other Video Networks

Using networks and putting a watermark on your YouTube video is a great way to get views, just put your best videos on these networks and cut them a little so people have to go to your YouTube channel to see the full thing, do this on as many networks as you can, in not time you’ll get some views from it.  Here’s some good networks.

  • Atom.
  • TED.
  • 5 Min.

If you want more type into google video upload sites or sites like YouTube.



As we mentioned above forums are a really good way to get views just open loads of accounts of your niche on loads of different forums start posting and advertise your video to people.


Pay For ShoutOuts

You can google YouTube shoutouts and pay some money for people to do a video shouting you out, you can buy this service on fiverr and on other networks just google YouTube shoutout service and see what you find.

This was our little segment about how to get views, make sure you check out our bigger post on gaming  because it will show you how exactly to get views and make a successful YouTube Channel.

How to become a famous vlogger

How to become a famous vlogger

How to become a famous vlogger. – Really is a cool job to have if you can do it well, it does involve being a people person though and having time to deal with people and their stuff and have the ability to make friends, some vloggers work alone but the best vloggers use other people and always do features so just remember that next time you’re filming. Remember to practice and check out our other YouTube how to’s as they should help you out. – Comment below if you want us to check out your channel.

How to become a famous vlogger.

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