How To Become Facebook Famous

How To Become Facebook Famous – I’ve been asked by a few people to do a tutorial on becoming famous on Facebook. Facebook fame seems to be the new big thing, if you’re wondering what it is, you basically have a lot of followers (not friends) on Facebook and everything you do from, posts, pictures, and videos you get loads of likes. This is great for marketing and good for meeting girls/boys and looking popular. There are a few ways to do this and we will tell you all of them.

So you wanna be Facebook Famous?

You’d be surprised how many people send me emails asking How To Become Facebook Famous. It’s understandable and people do enjoy being popular so here’s my guide:

One of the most important things you’ll have on a Facebook is a picture. You need something cool, catchy, and interesting. Here’s a picture of me skydiving! I’m the one with the long hair ;). It isn’t hard to see this probably isn’t the best profile picture but it will make a great cover picture.

101GeekHow To Become Facebook Famous

Please don’t use this image on your Facebook, it may be awkward if one day I meet a double of me ;).

So picking a good picture is important, make sure it stands out, looks likeable and will appeal to the opposite sex. – How To Become Facebook Famous.


Comments – Posts – Interactions. 

The main way to get popular on Facebook is to do all of the above.


Make sure you comment on every friend’s status, if you do this it will branch you out and mean more people see your profile, don’t be rude, just put nice witty comments that will make you get some friends.

Some sites like lad bible have built in Facebook comments, this means people can post from their Facebook accounts if you go and put some funny comments on each picture you’ll attract attention (especially if you’re a girl) And get more friends instantly.

Also commenting on pictures from different pages will get you, friends, go on funny meme pages, hot body pages, hot girl/boy pages and comment that will get you friends/followers in no time.



You need to post regularly. Talk about what’s current and ask questions, try to get people to interact. Post things like how should I do my hair? That gets new people commenting and gets you real friends that will promote you.

You can also get some funny jokes online and use them, this will help you go forward and keep you getting likes. Usually, if someone likes something their friends see it too, so you get more coverage.

Look at twitter if you need help with what to write, just see what’s trending.



Comments go so far, messages are even better, speaking to your FB friends is always a great way to meet new ones, have group chats, add new people and start talking.

Remember not to be embarrassed about talking, you’re behind a keyboard and you should just talk about what makes you happy. – How To Become Facebook Famous.


Add Everyone

You would be surprised how well this works. Adding everyone you know to your profile, will grow your friends list really quick. Even if you’ve only met them for a second add them, friends of friends add and just try to get as many people as possible. Remember that you can get blocked for adding to many people.

The next question will help you with this part and make it work in a bigger way.


Meet People

You’ll need to meet people to start this all off, sometimes 500 friends just won’t do it, you need 1 to2 thousand and 400 followers or more, this show’s you’re worth listening too.



Using forums to meet people is perfect, go on forums with people who’re in the same niche as you, or forums where people enjoy the same things as you. Like I would go to Digital Point Forum because I love talking about tech and websites.

You might go to the Rooster Teeth forum because you love gaming. Just go where you fit in, use it a few times a day and meet people who’re nice and add them.



I was somewhat a whizz with Tumblr back in the day and as time has gone on it’s become even more powerful.

You can earn money and build a great social network, people on Tumblr really want to meet people and if you have a good blog you’ll have no problem meeting people and getting loads facebook friends, just have a link to your facebook on your profile and make some images, post them and see the friends come in.

You can also message loads of people and start talking, then say here’s my Facebook. This really is a way to get a lot of friends from little work.



Another great place to meet people! You’ll meet some awesome people using twitter and if you follow back, use the hashtags, and interact with people you’ll have no problem making some good friends.



I’ve not used Instagram loads in my time, only for viral marketing and a few money making projects, I’ve seen a lot of very famous Facebookers become famous through posting amazing pictures/being really hot! If you’re a boy or a girl and your hot Instagram becomes a very good place to get loads of friends. – How To Become Facebook Famous.



Remember them short videos? Well even though the Vine market is slowing down, there’s still big amounts of friends and views to be made from it. If you use vines and make some good ones it won’t take long at all before you’re vine famous.

Just add your vine to loads of vine pages and on the best of vines videos (YouTube), you’ll start seeing views and that should help you get a good profile.



A good vlog or interesting video can go down really well on Facebook, just use the video function, do a rant or a really cool video.

You’ll have to have a few friends/fans for this to work but when it does you’ll gain loads of followers, it does take a while to get it right but you will in no time and it will be surprised how many people will want to be your friend.



You can advertise your posts using Facebook ads, just post it and after you’ll see a little promote button underneath it. Just hit that and you’ll be able to pay 5 to 10 bucks to promote your post to all your friend’s news feeds and friends of friends too. Great way to get a product or a video out there.

You could also get into blogging and promote yourself and your Facebook page through your blog. Create a lifestyle blog where you talk about things you like and don’t like, share pictures and your life. I really suggest using a blog creation service It’s an amazing price, will point you in the right direction and can help you to not just become facebook famous but well-known in the blogging world.

How To Become Facebook Famous

How To Become Facebook Famous – I’ve been studying social media for over 2 years now and have seen a lot of strange things happen. This is worthwhile for marketing but might be a little silly if it’s just for popularity. Remember it’s all about PR and getting you out there. So keep an open mind and don’t stop, as I say what you put in you get out. So keep putting in and you’ll get a little result. – Remember to leave your comments below. – Share if you enjoyed, make sure you check out our other stuff too.

How To Become Facebook Famous

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