How To Become Online Famous

How To Become Online Famous – Fame is getting easier and easier to attain and the quicker you act the more likely you´ll be able to get famous. The internet has changed the way people become famous and it´s made it a lot easier to build your own network of followers. A lot of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter famous people have better fan bases than A-listers, it´s only because online famous people interact online and have full control over their fans that means that they have the power to earn tons of cash and promote whatever the hell they like. I´m going to spend this article teaching you exactly what is needed to become famous online. – If this helps you then please share it.

How To Become Online Famous

Being famous

I´m going to teach you exactly how to become famous on social media, I know there will be a lot of people saying “why would you want to become famous online?” and the real reason that you´d want to become famous online is because you´ll earn loads of money, have the perfect level of fame, get attention and be able to get in to countries and places that you never would have been able to before.
So are you ready to learn the secrets to becoming famous online? Let´s begin.


Pick your platform

Before you become famous online you´ve got to pick a platform, now if it´s money you´re interested in then YouTube is always going to be the place to start.

If it´s easy fame you´re looking for then Tumblr is the place for you and if it´s constant fame you´re looking for then Facebook is going to be a sure thing.

Twitter is one of the easiest sites to become famous on, but it´s one of the only sites that doesn´t really have any value from being famous. You won´t earn loads of money and you´ll never be noticed.

Usually twitter fame is something that comes from other social networks, I´ll explain more below on twitter fame.

Below I´ll help you understand what´s involved in getting famous within each network, you may want to decide which one you want to be famous in before you start reading.

I say that just so you don´t get too much information.

How To Become Online Famous


My personal favourite. You can earn the most amount of money, the fame lasts for a long time. You can hold your audience and people love to invest in YouTubers and YouTube partnerships.

How to become YouTube famous, well first you´ll need to get a camera like that, this camera will help you vlog and make videos.

After you´ve got a camera you need to pick what your videos are going to be about. I usually go and look at who´s got the most views on YouTube and copy their type of videos.

Avoid vlogs, doing vlogs will not make you famous, a lot of famous vloggers got picked up by a network and that´s how they gained fame.

But, you can do vlogs after you´ve started gaining fame. So I recommend doing something with advice, how to´s, tips, entertainment, news, talks, any of them topics.

Once you´ve picked what your videos are going to be about it´s time to start videoing, video loads and when I mean loads, I mean loads.
You need to post 1 video a day every single day, you want to queue them so you don’t film them the day they release and you want to get it so you can focus just on videoing.

Follow the how to become YouTube famous guide to learn how to get loads of views quickly.

How To Become Online Famous


Yawn, people who´re Facebook famous very rarely do anything, there´s money involved and it´s usually quite a lot of money but it won´t get you noticed and it very rarely accounts for anything other than cash.

How much money can you earn you might ask, well you can earn around $1000 per day if you use something like mylikes and have a few hundred thousand likes.

The money is amazing but your fame will only be around as long as Facebook is, so make the most of it and make sure you invest it in a more solid type of fame.

To become Facebook famous you just need to have a great page, something funny and original.

Find pages that are similar to yours and comment loads, I mean literally comment till you can´t comment any longer.

You´ll usually get told off if you spam so make sure you write the comment and take your time.

Then just make sure you post every day and talk about viral videos, you´ll usually go viral if you post a funny video of a cat or a vine.
That´s all it takes.


How To Become Online Famous


If you really want fame… Twitter is available to people who just want to et known. I’m not really a fan of twitter and it´s because you can´t earn real cash. The people on twitter really don´t care, the only time you will really earn money is if you have a twitter with over 1 million followers, even then you´ll probably only earn a few hundred dollars per day.

If you want to become twitter famous then you just have to follow loads of people and then unfollow them, so this continually for the next year, while posting funny content and you´ll start to see a massive lift in the amount of people who follow you.

Remember to only follow 200 per day and unfollow 150 per day.

Do this with multiple accounts and then linkall the followers to one account.



Now we´re talking, Tumblr´s another network that I love working with. The money is good and Tumblr will sometimes make it extremely easy for you to get loads of followers once you’ve made it.

I would recommend creating loads of unique content and then you just need to follow this tutorial, it will teach you everything you need to know about Tumblr and becoming famous.

Just remember that creating your own content and gifs is going to make you more famous and will make Tumblr keep more of an eye on you.



If it´s really all about the money for you and you just want to earn big money and get the kind of fame that doesn’t go away then just open up a news site.

Make your face the logo, maybe a cartoon version of you, this will give you fame and just do write ups on all the latest stories.

That’s a really quick way to get fame, it will also make your get publicity, especially if you´re a little bit of a gossip.

You can also get famous for blogging about your opinions on current matters. This is a good way of getting famous and you can get an audience who comments and interacts with you almost instantly after doing it.

Blogging is great because you can earn money in so many different ways, you can also get famous on twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr and still have a famous blog.

You can easily earn the most money with blog fame and it´s one of the easiest to maintain and to achieve.

Decide what you want to become famous for

Okay now you’ve decided what platform you´re going to achieve your fame on and hopefully now you’ll understand a little more about the process.

Now it´s time to think about what could make you famous, you need to think about something that´s so crazy you´ll get your few minutes of fame. Once you get that little taste of fame you´ll so how much it sky rockets your online success.

So I’d recommend doing a viral video, something that makes people laugh or makes people think you’re stupid.

They laugh with you or at you, it doesn’t matter because either way you still get paid.



If you want to speed things up a little you can always invest in some advertising, with YouTube you can use YouTube ads which is powered by adwords and with Facebook you can use Facebook ads and even twitter has an ad network, I´d stick to using Facebook and YouTube for the beginning though.

Creating content

Spend a few weeks designing one really good article, video, or just about anything. Take your time and create something that´s really worth watching, create different edits and really make it comedy gold.

All it takes is one useful article or an amazingly funny video for you to sky-rocket into fame.

Another tip is to jump right on the content creation train , even after you´ve had a hit, that way you´ll not be a one hit wonder.



Find a campaign that you want to be a part of, whether it´s something for charity or a viral bullying campaign, a great way to get famous is to make one of them videos that helps with awareness.

There´s always something that´s worth sticking awareness for and even making a video that shows people the effect of the amount of time the spend online.

All this stuff is internet gold and will really help you get tones of views and become known.


Viral searching

Look for trends that are going viral and do them yourself. There´s always a trend going viral and you can always do it better or at least take the mick out of it.

Just go on sites like Vines, YouTube, Facebook, anywhere that will show you the upcoming trends, Reddit is another great place for trend spotting.


Be constant

If you’re trying to become famous on any of the sites above then you should always be consistent, take your time but make sure you create golden content every time.

With YouTube you always want to be releasing videos at least 1 a day and with Facebook you want to be posting 3 to 10 posts a day.

You can get away with doing 2 articles a day on the blog if you decide that´s for you.


Do it for the vine

Vines will help you most your popularity on Facebook, just do a few vines every single day, make them funny and make them high quality, people love vines and right now they go down really well on Facebook.

Photoshop like a pro

Become a god at photoshop, if you’re going to have your profile pictures everywhere then you want to look amazing. Learn to use photoshop like a pro and make it so you look fabulous.

You´ll get more attention and as silly as it sounds, people are more likely to check you out if they think you´re hot.

This isn’t the case in all situations and it´s usually the opposite when it comes to comedians, but for the short game if you want to become famous on the more vain social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr then you might want to pump up the looks, change your style and be different in a way that suits you and makes you feel comfortable.

If you follow all them rules and just keep up the good work, you’ll find online fame with in the next year, just have to keep at it and not give up.

Everyone wants their slice of the cake, you’ve just got to make sure you get yours before anyone else. If you enjoyed then please share and make sure you check out my other articles.
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How To Become Online Famous – It will take time that´s one thing I guarantee, but once you get a little fame it won’t take long before you´re at the top of your game and exploding. It does take a certain type of person and if you´re funny and good looking you´ll probably find it easier, but the only real advice I can give you is to start this second and don´t stop till you´ve made it. – Sharing is caring so please share. – Comments are below. – 101 Geek.

How To Become Online Famous

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