How To Become Tumblr Famous (Updated)

How To Become Tumblr Famous – This is a new updated guide on becoming Tumblr famous. It works as of 05/03/2015 and I’ve built a Tumblr network from zero to over 70 thousand followers in just three months. I’m here to show you the hacked way to get hundreds of followers every single day on as many accounts as you please. After you learn this you’ll be able to promote your own projects (like me) or earn $$$ every week promoting affiliate links. You do need to pay Attention to this article to be able to get the full effect, but trust me it will be worth it.

I do all this as a service for those who want it done for a company. Just leave a comment below or email me and I’ll tell you costs.

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With any great business you need a great plan. Like with many ideas, preparation is the key, so you need to know what you want, what you need to do to achieve it and how you’re going to expand after.

On average using this method you can get around 200 + followers per day on each blog, so to build a big Tumblr network you’re going to need around 20 blogs giving you on average 4000 followers per day. In business terms that’s 4000 + new leads that could buy something or become a fan in some way.

What your plan should consist of:

  • How many followers you need
  • How many hours per day you’re going to put in
  • What niches (categories) your blogs will work in
  • What affiliates are you going to promote

Every network I setup has a full-detailed list like the one above.


The next step is going to be creating Tumblr accounts (fun), I never do this myself, I usually use someone on Fiverr who’ll create 20 + accounts for $5. You can also use SEOClerks if you can’t find any on Fiverr.

At the start I usually recommend you only have 10 Tumblr blogs (just while you practice).


Now you’ve created 10 + accounts it’s time to get them ready, you need to sign into every account and follow the rules below:

  • Add a cover and profile picture. 
  • Write catchy bio.
  • Get a picture theme installed.
  • Allow people to send messages.
  • Change queue so it posts 20 – 48 images per day.

Once you’ve completed these steps you’ll have 10 ready to use blogs. Here’s an example of a blog that’s finished.

You should have 10 + Tumblr blogs all posting different images and all in different niches. Above is a personal blog, it’s just somewhere I’d reblog normal everyday posts. A personal blog is easy to maintain and great for self promoting.


The real reason I created this article was down to a Tumblr bot change… Yes I finally made a commitment and brought a much easier, quicker and less time consuming Tumblr bot.

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What this Tumblr bot does: 

  • Search And Follow Users / Unfollow
  • Search And Like Posts.
  • Reblogging.
  • Auto Post Article Content
  • Auto Post Images
  • Scrape Images From Pinterest Automatically On Repeat
  • Scrape Images From Other Tumblr Blogs Automatically On Repeat
  • Scrape Images From Tumblr Tag Searches Automatically On Repeat
  • Auto Spin Content
  • Create Accounts

This is less than half of what the bot does. The main reason I’ve falling in-love with this bot is down  to queuing tasks. I can now queue 300 images on 20 Tumblr blogs within one day, with around 20 minutes of work. Not to mention it doesn’t slow down my PC. I can also follow 200 people every day on all my blogs automatically just by turning on the blog and hitting start, I then unfollow anyone who doesn’t follow me back within 3 days.


Add account. 

Click add account and fill the spots with 101geek (after you do this once the accounts there forever).

Copy This Preference.

  • 1). Add the file your 300 images are in.
  • 2). Assign Meta – Tags, Description, Title, Click-through link.
  • 3). Adds images to bot.
  • 4). Uploads to upload queue and starts adding the 300 images.

You can add as many tasks to the queue as you like. So for example you could leave your pc on while it follows 200 people on all your accounts o uploads 300 images on all your accounts, even better it can both follow and then upload on every account you have without needing you to press one button once setup is completed.

Bonus: It doesn’t crash unlike a lot of other Tumblr bots.

Assign Meta Explained

just fill in the places I have with relevant text and it’ll add it to every image in your queue.

Now every time you go onto this bot it’ll how that preference saved, so you can add as many images to as many blogs without it taking longer than 2 minutes.

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Within no time after you get this Tumblr bot and start using it you’ll have built your own Tumblr network and you’ll be Tumblr famous. The question is what do you do after that? How do you earn money? What do you promote? Is it worth it?

How to earn money: I’ve done a few articles on how to earn money with Tumblr, but I’ll break it down for you here.

  • Go to ClickBank or ShareASale and sign up.
  • Pick niche related items to promote.
  • Attache a text description with a link, under every image you queue.
  • Every time someone clicks and buys something you’ll earn a %.

This works great with fashion, beauty, tattoos and self-help.

Even easier: If you can’t be bothered to find products to promote you can use MyLikes and just promote their articles, you get around 1 to 5 cent a click, so if you got 1500 clicks per day you’d make $15 per day, $105 per week and that’s from around 2 hours work.

What I recommend: Both of them money making methods work, but if you really want to profit you’d be better off creating your own project and promoting it on Tumblr.

  • Blog
  • YouTube Channel
  • Music
  • Books
  • Photograph/Art

creating a blog/YouTube channel and promoting it on your Tumblr network is a great way to get views/subscribers and if you’re good at music, writing or photography/art, you could use it to build a name for yourself.

This is the easiest way to earn money with Tumblr and as I’m concerned you can’t go wrong with creating something yourself.