How To Become Tumblr Famous

How To Become Tumblr Famous – Want to get famous on Tumblr? Well it just became a whole lot easier, you literally just have to follow a few secret keys and you’ll have thousands of followers who pay attention to every word, picture and video you post. This is just my advice on how I got a million followers and how I build them up in under 6 months. If you follow this guide you’ll have 2 thousand followers in the next month without any real work. So make sure you pay attention and get ready to enjoy one of the best how to become Tumblr famous guides ever made!! Mwhahaha.

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How To Become Tumblr Famous

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1# Tags Are Everything

When I was building my Tumblr network and getting loads of followers it was all down to one key ingredient and that’s tags, without tags you’ll find it hard to get passed 100 followers a day.

So, how do you use tags properly?

I used to make sure I added 5 tags to every post I did, so I’d add 3 follow network tags and 2 related tags. Say I had a picture of a cute cat, I’d tag that: Follow, follow me, follow back, cat, cute.

That means that if anyone types into Tumblr any of them things then I’ll show up. Not bad right?


2# Content Creation Is King

Content creation is an amazing tip in how to become Tumblr famous. If you create your own pictures, gifs, memes, and rant’s then you’ll find it a lot easier to get followers quickly. I remember when I used to reblog everyone’s images and it just used to get me, 2/3 followers, each time I posted a new image, then I tried my own content, it took about 50 images of my own content before I hit it big.

When I hit it big I must have got around 1000 followers in one day and that then continued for about 2 months, so it took around 50 images before one of them took off and even though that’s a lot of work it was definitely worth it.

Just make sure you make content that’s relevant to what’s happening on tumblr and just add tags, also this method works better once you’ve got 1000 + followers.


3# Theme your blog 

I have set up loads of Tumblr blogs and I always found that I get more followers on blogs that were theme based. Say I had a one direction blog it would go an get 10 thousand followers in a month, as a blog which was about bands took about 3 months to hit 5 thousand.

So try and be specific and get micro niche blogs like Justin Bieber, cute cats, maybe even delicious food, these niches really do get loads of views and will continually get loads of views and loads of followers for time to come.

If you watch the video above then you’ll find it easier to get followers as all my main tips are in there.


4# Post Regularly 

I used to queue 300 images and post 50 of them images every day, this would make my blog explode and even with just that I used to gain 200 to 300 followers each day on each blog I had, this is why I got to a million followers so quickly.

Now if you’re just starting then maybe just try doing 30 a day, then 35 and then finally 50, just work your way up and don’t rush it. It’s best to be consistent and do 20 every day than to do 50 once a week. – How To Become Tumblr Famous.


5# Talk To People (Yuck)

I know it might be hard as talking to people can kinda suck but remember it’s worthwhile in the end. I usually try to answer all my anons even the horrible ones, let’s be honest the definition of anon is horrible.

I found that people get attracted to people who have a lot of drama going on, on their Tumblr so even open another account and have a fake fight, this will drive up traffic and really help you capture your Tumblr followers.



6# It’s Not All About Followers

Doing things like talking to the anons gets you fans and to be Tumblr famous you really need to get fans, so make sure you talk to people as much as you can and just be constant so people feel like they can talk to you.

You’ll also need to send other people messages and be active with the social groups and message boards.


7# Consistency

This tip is an absolute must in how to become Tumblr famous. It might take a few months so you’ll really need to keep it up and not drop the ball, if you drop the ball then you’ll never be Tumblr famous and you’ll never get to earn all that money that comes with it. Just make sure that you keep up your hard work for the next few months and try not to stop till you know you’re getting somewhere, even then don’t stop just work harder and get even further.This is one of the most important tips in tow to become Tumblr famous.


8# Bulk

If you want to learn how to get Tumblr famous then make loads of Tumblrs then you’ll be able to do promos for your accounts within your own little network, this will really help you gain more followers and it’s one of the ways that I got to loads of followers and kept getting loads of followers.

I recommend setting up around 5 accounts in different niches and just keeping them all active, the more accounts you have the more money you’ll be earning.


9# Pizza, Cats, Underwear & Cold Nights

You’ve got to love the things above, this may sound like a joke but people on Tumblr literally adore anything mentioned above so make sure your blog consists of a lot of that stuff.

This group is also a good group of people to aim for because they’ll usually be 15 to 20 and stick up for you when you’re in a fight. So make sure you post loads about your love for pizza and cats. It will get you good places on Tumblr.


10# Twitter & Facebook

It’s always good to keep other profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram just so you can mix your followers up and gain even more of a following. I usually try to get all my accounts connected and send one message every day asking people to follow me on them, this really helps me gain followers and then also gets you famous on other social media platforms. (never connect your real Facebook profile to Tumblr ;))


11# Rank Your Blog (Number 1# Tip On How To Get Tumblr Famous)

This is one of the most important parts of how to become tumblr famous as it will teach you everything you need to know to get to page one Google with your Tumblr account.

It’s all about getting people to link back to your account and the best way to achieve that is to do the three things I’ve listed below.



Ask people for promos, if you want to build your links up on Tumblr you need to get promos, now what I usually do is promo people on one account and then get their promo for another account, this way you don’t end up linking to loads of people on your big account.

I try to get 10 promos a day and do that for a month for a theme you want to rank for and you’ll see yourself at page 1 Google in no time.

Say I wanted to rank for “Cats Tumblr” Then I’d just get loads of people in the cat world with cat blogs to promo my blog and say that I’m a cat blog. – How To Become Tumblr Famous.



You can find services that will build backlinks, this will get you higher rank quicker and usually help you get to where you need to be, I try to spend 100 bucks a month with this method and it usually ends up getting me around 40,000 views on certain accounts, that generates a lot of money and loads of followers.



If you don’t want to pay 100 bucks then you could always go on Fiverr and either get a cheap link building service for $20 or get 20 links from other blogs for about $5, you’ll need to do this once a week for about a month before you start seeing a big difference but it will be worth it.


12# Theme

It’s important to get a nice Tumblr theme and for a nice Tumblr theme I usually go to Theme Forest and get one. The theme is important and when it comes to being Tumblr famous you want to have a view count and have something very simple, either black or white (I recommend white) You don’t want any mess.

You’ll also usually want to have a “my face” page just to show off some pictures of you and then you can always link to your main blog or one of your little blogs just to share the followers out a little better.


13# Follow back 

 The best tip in how to become Tumblr famous I saved till near the end just to see if you were reading 😉 

Following back people is and will always be the key to getting followers at the start, I usually go on the follow back networks which I explained in the video and try to follow at least 160 people every day.

This involves going and Googling: Follow tagged tumblr and clicking the first few things that come up, then I go and just follow people and then they’ll usually follow me back, when I reach the 5 thousand limit I get a new account and start again.

In the video, I explain it better. – This is How To Become Tumblr Famous – Comment for a promo.


14# Join Forums

If you really want fame then you need to make yourself known so by joining Tumblr events and forums you’ll start making a name for yourself. Tumblr always hosts meet ups where people meet new people and have a laugh and there’s no reason why you can’t go and be part of it.

If you do this a few times then you’ll start meeting people and building a little name, this isn’t a must but it’s a massive key in the how to become tumblr famous.


15# YouTube

I always make sure I make a YouTube account for my big Tumblr, it’s a great way of getting people to know you and getting everyone chatting, all you need to do is create a little vlog and then create a page on your wall that links to all the videos.

I also used this method to make a little cash on the side.


16# Gifs

If you decide to do the YouTube videos then you should always make gifs and put them on Tumblr of your funny moments. Add a link in the description and then you’ll be able to get views on your video.


17# Don’t brag 

It helps not to brag on Tumblr, if you’ve got 1000 followers and you’re acting like it’s a big deal you’re nowhere near famous, you can’t brag until you reach 100,000 thousand and if you follow the video above you’ll be in that club very soon.

So remember to be humble and just get working on building up your Tumblr followers.


18# Follow How To Be Cool On Tumblr 

I recently did a full article about how to be cool on tumblr (named 20 things people on Tumblr hate) so if you want to get some cred then you should really check it out. I had some fun making it and it’s just like a little dairy of what I learnt about Tumblr over the past two years. It’s worth reading. Remember if you want a promo then just share and comment your Tumblr URL below, I’ll give you a shout out to 50 thousand people.

Extra Tip

This last tip all depends on you and your creative outlet. Something I use to promote my social media accounts are my blogs, of course, not everyone can do this to gain Tumblr followers but if you are looking into getting a blog and promoting yourself and your accounts in different ways you should check out this blog creation and management service. If you have something you want to write about and have social accounts you want to promote through these articles, this is one of the best ways to do so.


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How To Become Tumblr Famous

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