How to Build a Niche Site That Makes at Least $600/Month

How to Build a Niche Site That Makes at Least $600/Month – So you want to know how to build a niche site that makes at least $600/month and has the power to be increased to $1200, $1800, $2400, this method will earn more money from however many times you do it, so if you do 20 blogs then that could be $600 x 10 which is $6000 which is a very nice wage. .

I’m going to talk to you about all the key points and teach you step by step how to earn money with a niche based site, believe it or not it’s probably the best way to earn cash quickly from online.

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How to Build a Niche Site That Makes at Least $600/Month

Where To Start

Put pen to paper and get some niche site ideas

Okay before you start this tutorial you need to have some niche site ideas, I always sit down before I start making sites and have a think of what I need.

I find Ideas flow easier at the beginning of a project as when you start the project you’ll not have much time to really think. So get a pen and paper out and write 10, 20, even 50 ideas for different niches.

When picking a niche you need to follow some rules, one being you need to understand the niche, I can’t tell you how important this is.

You’ll be writing 50 thousand + words for it, if you hate it then that will become extremely hard and could force you to give up within a few months of doing it.


Make sure you can write 50 to 100 articles for each niche site

Number two is how many articles you can write for your niche. Before I start any niche site or any site for that matter I work out how much I can write for it.

If I can’t write more than 50 articles then it’s not worth doing and will become hard to write the content very quickly.

So again sit down with the same pen and paper and come up with another 50 article ideas for 5 of your niche ideas. A little tip I use is looking at other sites in the same niche that I want to be in and see what they’re writing about, you can also google your niche and see what news stories are going on right now.


Affiliate Commission

Rule number three is how much money can can earn from the niche you’re going into. You need to look at a few factors:


  • How much commission you get paid per product.

You need to be paid at least 10 dollars per item you sell, it’s very hard to sell 20 items a day and earn 1 dollar each, but it’s easy to sell two items a day and earn $10 each.

So look for products that aren’t to expensive but give you a good commission.


  • How much is the product

Now when picking a niche you want to know what you’re dealing with price wise, it doesn’t matter if the product costs 500 dollars, just as long as the person you’re getting it off does it at the best price.

Reason: I once set a great affiliate site up and then earned nothing down to the person I was selling for was about 40 dollars more expensive than a more well-known brand. Everyone would come to mine and then just price check and leave to buy through someone else.


  • Small number of products = big turn around.

If you’ve got 1000 models of something it will become harder to sell, it’s very hard to keep track of something with 10 model numbers and then instead of ranking for one name you’ve got to rank for 10.

This is very common in laptops and different types of electronics.

Another reason why this is true is because it’s a lot easier to rank for 10 to 20 things page one than it is for 500 things, usually people who bit off to much end up with nothing.


Pick 5 to 10 Keywords

You need to pick 5 to 10 keywords in your niche, they can be product names or “product name” + Review, How to get the best out of your (product name here), 5 reasons to buy the (product name here).

You just need to come up with 5 to 10 keywords in your niche that will generate traffic, this can take sometime as you’ll need them to be at least 500 impressions a month.


Keyword research

Go to Google keyword planner, this tool will help you find how many views your keyword gets in Google. You’ll need to have a play around with this and just do some research. This is one of the best ways to pick your keywords.

I will warn you that you’ll probably be there for a while trying to pick the perfect keyword with the right amount of views.

Another tip when doing keyword research is to just Google the name and see what the competitions like, see if there are loads of high-profile sites or if it’s just a normal level of things like, YouTube videos, yahoo answers, low authority sites (check a sites authority and backlinks here.)

Niche Site Creation Time

Now it’s time to build the niche site, I’ve done a few tutorials on this before so I’ll just give you a quick run through of the basics to building a niche site. There’s a few options that you’ll have to choose between so this will help you know where to go.

Also if you want to learn how to make a website with no code for $14 then there’s the perfect place to start.


Buy a domain or use flippa

Before I talk about domains you need to know about Flippa, it’s a website where you can buy other sites for very little cash (in some cases), if you didn’t want to have to install and work out how to put together an easy site then you should use Flippa and just search for a site in your niche.



While you’re picking a domain you want to go for something that mentions your main keyword, this will help you rank for it and will make it even easier for you to earn cash.

Say I was doing a niche site for camera’s and it was a shop or a blog I’d try to get cameras shop or camera blog or one stop camera blog/shop.

What country are you looking to rank in? I usually go for the USA so in that case I’d want to get a .com domain, it’s not beneficial to ranking but a will rank better in the uk and a .com will rank better in america, not a big difference but definitely a difference.

So have a good think about domains and make sure they’ve not got a trademark as you’ll get a cease and desist asking you to change domains as soon as they become aware. Go to namecheck They will check trademark and availability of the domain even on social media.

If you want to buy a domain a great site is Godaddy


Buy a theme or three

If you want to make a site quickly then you need to buy a theme, you’ve got a few options when it comes to themes and here they are.

You can either buy one theme for 50 dollars (more or less) or you can buy a membership where you pay 100 dollars every so often and get 50 + themes to use, you can also use the other site listed below and get themes for as cheap as 10 dollars, or you can use free themes that don’t cost any money at all.

Theme theme sites above do amazing themes at amazing prices, I really don’t think you’ll get a more speedy site than with the first link and third link, they are the quickest themes that I’ve seen in a while.

You’ll be able to make loads of sites and use the same theme for multiple sites so you may be better off going for diythemes as you’ll be able to make loads of different themes with it.


Hosting your niche site

Well if you’re going to open a few sites then you don’t want to pay too much here you can get $3.96 hosting per month and if you want a bigger plan then you can upgrade for little to no cost.

I think host gator is the best for niche sites as it’s easy to set up, works great with WordPress and is an amazing price.

Time to earn some money

It’s the part of the article where we start getting our site to earn money, it’s really not as hard as some people think, as long as you stick to a few rules and try to maximise the income on everything you do you’ll be grand.

You really need to look at each site like a business, you need to take risks, try new things, and most importantly don’t be lazy with it. You will have to spend hours finding affiliates and get your site to look good with them, this is just part of the online money-making game.

Just think how sweet it will be when you can make a site that will run for a year in a few weeks and then you can start making 5 more or how every many makes you happy. The skies the limit with niche sites.


Affiliate programs 

Okay you need to find an affiliate program, a lot of people use Amazon, you can sell anything that Amazon sells and get up to 10% (some items are off-limits) This isn’t the best way to earn money as Amazon has a high conversion but pays low.

for every thousand you make them you’ll probably earn 30 to 100 bucks, more likely about 50 bucks, that’s okay but when there are people who will give you a minimum of 200 to 400 dollars for every 1000 dollars you make it then becomes harder to use affiliate programs like amazon when you have deals like that.

I recommend using an affiliate site like ShareASale they have loads of sites on their which you can join and it’s very easy to set it up and start earning 20% + on each item you sell.


Ads (Affiliate)

Now when it comes to ads for your site you’ll want to focus more on affiliate ads, if someone clicks a Google add you may get 1 to 4 cent as if someone clicks an affiliate link and buys you can get whatever the commission for that product they buy is.

So you need to save your main ad spaces for affiliate ads whether that’s Amazon ads or the site you’re working with, it’s good to need two 250×300 ads in the sidebar.

This is just so you earn more money, we will still have Adsense ads just to make the most out of our views but we will make our affiliate ads more of a priority.


Ads (Adsense)

So once you’ve installed affiliate ads you can now go over to Adsense and get some website ads, these are just to fill it out ever more.

You can have one between posts or at the bottom of your page, you can even have one in your header. There’s a lot of ads to choose from so go and check them out and see what size suits you and your site best.

This is just so you earn some extra cash from doing nothing.


Product promotion

Once you’ve implemented all of the above you need to start product promotion. This is probably one of the greatest ways to earn a nice big amount of cash from doing nothing.

Product promotions is where you pick a product from your affiliate marketer, usually Click Bank and you give that product a shout-out.

Now this can be shouted out over a newsletter, blog post, or an ad on the side of your site. This method is probably the best way to earn quick money from your niche site.

Once you’ve got that mail list, the rest really will fall right into place. Just remember to stay in your niche so you sell more.


Sell links/banners

You can earn a nice bit of money for selling links on your home page.

It’s very simple and only takes a second to set up, you can use OIOPublisher to sell your ads/links automatic and have the money go to your paypal, or you can just sign up to a site like BuySellAds.

Either way you can earn loads of cash from it and it will look after itself. This is only something I’d recommend doing once you’ve got a good following, it’s really hard to sell ads without tons of traffic and a good profile.

How to Build a Niche Site That Makes at Least $600/Month



If you want to get some free traffic (sort of free) then “Search Engine Optimisation” is a brilliant way to start off. You can either do on-site SEO to make your site easy to crawl so they can pick it up easily and it shows up better on search engines.

Then you have off-site SEO this is where it gets a little more complicated, you’ll find lots of things that are black hat and not many that are white hat.

People usually start their off-site SEO by building blacklinkstiered link building is probably one of the most common methods used.

There’s a brilliant tiered link building guide above that will teach you how to build links and start ranking your site and help you gain that search engine traffic that will help you to sell products and ad space.

A few of the safer methods to build backlinks are:

  • – Guest posts
  • – Press Releasing
  • – Writing good content 
  • – Using bookmark sites
  • – Buying links
  • – Building a blog network that’s all in the same niche and linking it to your money site. 

These are just some of my favourites.


Yoast – Meta data

If you want good on-site SEO the Yoast’s SEO plugin is a must have, it will help you do all the meta data and help you get the SEO up to scratch on your site.

I believe it’s a must have plugin and if you want to start in the right place you really can’t go wrong by using it, it’s very easy to install and it will also handle your site map if you want it too.


Guest posts

I have a general rule about Guest Posting and this only really goes for the people who’re in it for the long hall and not just to earn a quick buck.

I only do guest posts on sites that I would write the post for even if it didn’t link back to me. I use this method as a way to choose people that will really help me.

Most people just chuck a guest post anywhere as if you really think hard and pick someone in the same niche as you, with a similar writing style, it will look much more unique.

Guest posts are a brilliant way to get links to your site and you can either do them on other blogs, where you send them a message or you can use article submission sites that will link back if your article is good enough.

Both of them methods are very good ways of getting backlinks and ranking for certain keywords.

Another way I find guest posts is using Google, I just google my niche and then write for us. Example: Marketing write for us. That will usually bring back a few sites that want guest posts.


Find 30 + sites you’d like to work with

It’s always a good idea to find 30 sites in your niche that you’d want to work with, then message them and offer them a guest post or even just ask their advice.

People love it when they get asked for help, the reason being is that the person you as will think that you think their the best person to ask and also because people like to feel like they’re helping others.

So ask good questions and try to build a friendship. Another way to build a relationship is by going and leave one comment on each blog everyday. That will help you build a relationship and help you raise the level of views on your site.

No-follow links in comments are still brilliant because if someone enjoys your comment then they will go and check your site out and see what you’re writing about.


When it comes to these niche sites you really need to focus on the writing to be able to make real cash, this means you need to have a plan of action and know exactly how many articles you want to release a week, month, even year.

This will help you stay focused and should make it quicker to get the articles finished.

Something I wish I had new while making niche sites about writing is that if you start by writing 1/2 articles a day for them, then you need to keep that up forever.

That means writing 300 to 600 + articles a year for only one niche site, I personally think it would be more productive and better money wise to do 2 articles a week but have 7 blogs that all earn money.

This really depends on the niche and how much stuff you’ve got to sell, just remember to make a big queue and then drip feed it out over the space of a few months.

Every 10 articles you make should be at about this ratio: 3 x How To’s, 1 x Reviews, 2 x Advice, 3 x List, N/A Articles in your niche.

If you can’t write and want to get amazing writers then you can use 99centarticles


How to (…….)

The quickest way to break into a niche is to write “How To” articles. You need to pick a few articles that no one has done well for your niche, these articles need to be very helpful and usually need to tell people information that they never knew.

The way a lot of blogs get famous is because they create a really good article that everyone links too, after that the rest is a lot easier as you’ve already got authority and can now post to a database of people who listen and trust you.

Remember to write high quality while you’re doing a few how to posts, this is only for the beginning and will make your niche site earn more money. My how to post was how to make a website with no code for $14 so go and check that out and see what you think about the quality.



Well the niche you’re in should have products that you can review, get hold of a few of them products and learn to use them, then write reviews and tell people exactly what you think.

If you do 10 to 20 of these over the space of a year it can really boost your earning and help you gain people’s trust, also if you get software you can even tell people how to use it which means more articles.

Make sure you give your honest opinion and you’ve got to remember that it’s always helpful if you do some how to’s on each product you review.



Advice posts will always be useful, they help people and will get people commenting, advice can be anything from a guide, advice on a method, a tip list, product list, anything that will advise someone about a product or two.

I usually do about 3 tips/methods out of every ten articles I do when writing for a niche. Advice articles get a good amount of views and can convert into profit nicely if done right.



Like I was talking about in the advice part, tip lists, product lists, advice lists, just about anything can be made into a list.

Having lists on your site is the best way to generate a good amount of income, you can do top 10 (insert niche here) Products and add affiliate links to all the products, that way if you send traffic to the list you’ll get even more money an example of a list is this the top 5 geeky gadgets.

lists are a useful way of getting people to your site and you can literally make so many of them at a very quick rate.

I think lists are probably some of the easiest posts to do, they don’t take much skill at all and I can usually pump out about 15 lists a day so that’s one site completely done after 3 days of work.

I wouldn’t make every post a list but you need to remember this quote (not an exact quote) “If you treat lists like the candy in your diet then you’ll be fine” (Quote Matt Cutts)


Articles in your niche

You’ll usually be able to find articles by typing in your niche to google news and see what’s going on, do news articles and try your best to just think of some random articles that are for your niche and will get a lot of views.

As every niche is different it’s best to just get a pen and paper out like I said before then just sit down and get together 50 posts that are just random and to do with your niche site. I always do this as it’s a great way to give your niche blog more personality.

Just remember what we talked about at the start of the article and try to get 50 + done and ready to upload. 

How to Build a Niche Site That Makes at Least $600/Month

Repeat > Repeat > Repeat. 

You will need to repeat that as many times as you can without going mental. The more times you repeat making these articles the more articles you’ll have queued up, the less work you’ve got to do to earn $600 + dollars a month.

So just repeat the above about 5 to 10 times and you’ll then have about a year worth of articles, you would have managed to write about 50 thousand words + and that’s enough to keep the niche site open for at least a year.

You’ll usually finish one niche site and then start working on the other, this will mean you can start earning $600 + dollars within a month and then be well onto $1200 within the second month.


Upload – Start Queuing

While doing these articles just start queuing them so your blog can work without you having to manually release articles. This really will help you keep ahead of everything and make opening up other niche sites even more easy and a lot quicker.

So just upload all the articles you do and put them on a timer to release a certain time every week.


Well now you’ve worked on all the above and have a niche site that’s really ready to earn some cash, with some articles that will hopefully bring a lot of attraction to your site, so really it’s all about bringing them views to your site.

This isn’t going to be easy but it won’t be to hard either, you just need to stay focused and get a good routine of doing all the things below after releasing a post.

All the things below are just the things that I do to help me bring a nice bit of traffic to my blog, this will help you get the views you need to start selling things and to take your niche site to a whole new level.


Social Media

Course social media had to be on the list, it really is a must have and there’s no question that you need it to survive.

Once you build a social network you’ll have it forever and it will be like a big list as with search engines you’ll never be sure about how long the views will last, I see this as a big problem that’s why I focus on social media.

So make sure you build a Facebook page, Twitter Page, Google Plus, Linked, and just about anything you can think of.

Also social media is a great way to promote products and earn some extra cash, you can just add a link to a product and send it to your links/followers and see if they find it useful.



Bookmark sites are a great place to start when you want to get traffic. This is by far the quickest way to get nearly any site with good content views. You just have to submit your link to a bookmark site.

The site can be, stumbleupon, pinterest, reddit, digg, Tumblr, delicious, and all the others out there. The more you submit to the more views you’ll receive.

I find bookmark sites work even better if you’ve got list posts and help articles, these two types of articles always seem to do the best for me and I’m sure they will for you too.

So maybe get a list of at least 10 sites to submit to after an article is published, you’ll really want to get into a good habit of doing this with every article.



If you really want to make your niche site successful and have some extra time on your hands you can always make a few YouTube videos.

I used to make 2 videos for every niche site I did, (depending on niche, sometimes more) it’s a great way to get a different type of traffic and it’s a whole new search engine to work with.

It will make your niche site look more professional and once you’ve done it a few times the videos will just keep getting better.

Remember this is all about speed and making a lot of niche sites, don’t worry too much about doing a video if it’s going to take you ages, you really want to be able to make a few videos nice and quick and get them out there.

Most people will usually do a video post, that’s a written post that has a video connected to it, this is what the big how to should have on it.

This also means you can get your domain name on YouTube which drives even more traffic with that no-follow link. If you want to build a big YouTube channel then check out my free eBook on how to earn a six-figure salary by playing video games on YouTube, it will teach you how to make an amazing YouTube account.



I don’t use Directories too much right now as they’ve died down and don’t really pack a punch. Still it’s a way to get some traffic to your site, if there’s a good directory just sign up (you might have to pay a monthly fee) and see what it gives you.

On my niche sites I used to spend about 100 dollars a month and that would usually translate into about 2000 views, that seems like a lot of cash to pay for just them amount of views.

But all it took me was to sell 2½ products and I’d make that money back, so don’t always think about it as spending money, it’s more about spending money to make money.

This isn’t something that you’ve got to do, it’s just a quick way to get some views and you can do it for $50 a month or even $50 a year.


Guest Posts

If you’ve got the ability to write good articles and you want to get some traffic and a backlink then a great way to do it is through guest posting.

We talked about it above and I said that you need to pick someone who you’d love to write for either way. That way you only write for the best and the backlink is worth more.

You will end up putting a lot of time into doing a guest post and that’s really just so you get excepted and get a link back with traffic.

This isn’t the best way to get traffic but usually you can bring in about 20 to 100 views a month per guest post, (impossible to measure) that will rack up nicely if you’ve done 1 a day over the space of a few month.


Search Engines

We all know about search Engine Optimisation ^^^ Just like we talked about above. Search engines can provide a very nice amount of traffic if you put the time in.

Now you’ve got a few options.

1. Optimise like we talked about before, this can take a few months to gain rank and can sometimes be better if you do 2 maybe 3 niche sites at a time.

2. You can pay for placement using Google AdWords, this means that you instantly rank for any keyword/phrase you bid on. Now this can cost a lot of money, so you’ve got to see how much you’d have to convert for it to be worth doing.

Just look at how much you get from one sale and see how much you can pay per view, the views will be high quality and after a week or two of doing it you’ll hopefully be able to see the deal on conversions.

I recommend doing both of these together, especially if you’ve got a good niche that you earn a lot per product you sell. If you earn $40 per sale then you can afford to advertise to the people who want to buy it.

Just make sure you’re the cheapest and your site looks very clean.


Email List

This gets really hard to keep track of and can sometimes take a while to set up. You can try email list building for just 1 dollar for your first month.

My recommendation with building an email list for niche sites would be to have 4 months worth of auto responses setup, that will send deals, new posts, free things, and information, then whenever someone new joins your list they will have 4 months of emails.

I usually would do about 1 email a week so that would mean you need to do about 16 emails in your Aweber, that’s just my recommendations.

You need an email list just so you can add up subscribers and really connect with people even if you don’t have a site. With Aweber you can have loads of different mail lists built from different niche sites, with different auto-responses.


Facebook Ads

I personally use Facebook ads to help me get newsletter sign ups and other types of databases built. You can use it to help you build your Facebook page up or help you bring traffic directly to your site.

This works better if you’re selling something that’s worth buying and really does make a massive difference. If you’re selling something like glasses, shoes, and hot trend clothes, Facebook is a great places to advertise.

You can really get some conversions, I think Facebook is something you need to leave until you’ve got 2 or 3 of these niche sitesbuilt and earning cash.

There’s a lot of split testing and money to be spent finding the perfect campaign so this is always something to start at a later date.



You just need to repeat, maybe 10 times or however many times is needed before you’re happy with the amount of money you earn. Sometimes you’ll get a niche that just won’t work and that’s why it’s a good idea to have a few lined up.

It will usually take about 3 months for you to start seeing real results so make sure you don’t rush things.
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That Was How to Build a Niche Site That Makes at Least $600/Month – What do you think? You up to the challenge? Well give it a shot and after 2 months post your income, I bet you’ll be surprised with what a little bit of hard work and consistency will get you. Remember to not give up and just give it everything you’ve got, it will get easier once you’ve done it a few times.

How to Build a Niche Site That Makes at Least $600/Month.


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