How To Build A Successful Forum

How To Build A Successful Forum – I’ve set up a few forums and I remember always asking myself “why they didn’t work?” I would get annoyed and end up feeling frustrated, I used to spend ages talking to myself as an attempt to get people reading and writing on the forum. It wasn’t until I really started using forums that I understood the power of them and got to grips where people were going wrong. I’m going to teach you how to build a successful forum that has a few thousand users. – If you found this helpful then could you please share this page, it really helps support me. – Remember to comment below if you need any advice or help.

How To Build A Successful Forum


The admin always has to contribute, there’s no exceptions when it comes to this rule. No forums will ever make it big without an active admin.

So, start posting and make sure you create a lot of content, be helpful and don’t be mean or undermine people.

Turn your eye away from trolls and just try to make a clean, easy to use forum, without being horrible or feeding into the trolls who leave weird comments.


Use Friends.

You’ve got to use friends, 90% of successful forums used 5 friends or more at the beginning. Just get some friends to set up accounts and post messages. If you’re like me and avoid real life people then just meet people online using forums and try to find people who also have forums, that way you can help each other. you’ll need to set up multiple accounts at the beginning and make it look as active as possible, so the more people you can find the better.

Sometimes paying your friends a little money is a good way to get this started, you can never rely on people to do something for nothing, unless they’re a business partner.

Fake Accounts

As I talked about above ^^ It might be a good idea to get  5 to 10 accounts opened and posts on them all the time. This will help you get users.

No one wants to join an empty forum. – This is How To Build A Successful Forum, comment if you want more advice.

Treat It Like A Blog

This is the most important tip in how to build a successful forum. You need to treat it like a blog. Example:

Think about when you’re looking at google and trying to find out some info, what do you type? Well if you’re a gaming niche forum then a post about how to complete a really hard puzzle game might help you get views.

So ask a question on your blog like is (insert a game name here) any good on the Xbox One?

Then go on your fake accounts and answer it, people may agree and disagree and end up creating an account just to tell you off.

This is the way all good forums are made, add loads of posts like that and in no time you’ll have made it.

Build it off a blog

If you’re really clever you’ll build your forum off your blog. If you’ve already got active readers then making a little forum is the next step. It can be a place to talk to your community and have some fun.

A lot of forums start this way and end up growing. If you’ve got a blog then this should always be plan ‘A’.


You’ll need to advertise once you’ve got a few users and have loads of posts.

The best ways to do this is to use these two methods.


Most forums earn money from ads, just go and check out some niche based forums, which are similar to your site, buy 3 banner ads on 3 different forums, each week change the banner, see which one got you the most clicks, once you know scrape the other ad spaces and just stick with that one.

This will cost money, but it allows you to get views quickly.


Get your forum keyword or something similar. Say it was a Music forum, go and put a bid on that keyword using Google adwords, if your bid is high enough then anyone who Google’s that keyword will see your forum at the top.

This pays off, especially if you put some time and effort into keyword planning.


Give people who post regularly a prize, say first person who gets to 200 posts get’s a few xbox one game of their choice (no Spam) Your forum will come alive, just do that once a week and you’ll gain loads of constant active users.

The more you do something like this, the more active users you’ll get.


When creating a forum you’ll need to think about these things. A quick tip: You need to make your site easy to sign up too. The easier it easy to sign up to, the more people who will sign up. – How To Build A Successful Forum, comment and show us your forum.


Study your niche, a forum always has to be niche based,no matter what type of forum it is. This is because it would take years to rank a general forum and also people never get on well enough.

If you have a ps4 forum with xbox one stuff, you’ll constantly have conflict with users which can sometimes be good but other times mess up the forum vibe.

So make sure you stick to a niche and don’t mix it up to much. Sub niches also work better when building a forum for the first time.

Low categories

Don’t have loads of categories at the start, you should really only have a few. If you’re just starting out, you’ll really want no more than 5 categories.

If you’ve got 100 people on your forum and there’s 20 categories, that’s only 5 people per group (not good enough) If you’ve got 5 categories, that’s 20 people per group. Much better and will seem more lively.

Look at competition

See what all the forums in your niche are doing, how they earn money, how many users they have, what posts have got the most views and replies, even how their site works and how easy it is to sign up.

You’ll need to study and then do everything they do but 2x better, that’s the only way you’ll stand a chance of beating them.

How To Build A Successful Forum

This Is How To Build A Successful Forum – This will have hopefully helped you out and made you one step closer to owning a killer forum. That’s what it’s really all about these days, you need them active users and people who want to use the site as much as possible, so make good content and the rest will come quickly. – Sharing is awesome so please share this on digg and other social platforms – Comments are below so tell me what you think.

How To Build A Successful Forum

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