How To Build A Tumblr Blog Network

How To Build A Tumblr Blog Network – I’ve been creating Tumblr blog networks for the past few years, I’ve managed to generate hundreds of leads, millions of views and build a following that’s unmachable to any other social media network. I’ve decided to show you my exact steps in creating a powerful 20 blog tumblr network. This will gain followers everyday, drive traffic where every you want it and you can down scale/up scale at will.

Take this next 10 minutes to learn how to create a Tumblr network and I guarantee you’ll never regret it.

How To Build A Tumblr Blog Network

Get 10 Private Proxies.

To start things off you’ll need to get some private proxies, these basically allow you to use multiple accounts at the same time without being banned.

I use Squid Private proxies because they’re the best and I really recommend you do the same for this kind of job. If you’re setting up a 20 Tumblr blog network (My recommendation) I’d get 10 private proxies.

How To Build A Tumblr Blog Network

Get 10 – 20 Tumblr Profiles Created

Okay now you need to head over to Fiverr, go through this link because it’ll allow you to get one free gig worth $5. Next you need to find someone on Fiverr who’ll create 10 – 20 Tumblr accounts for you.

You can do this part yourself, but for free using that gig you can get someone to do it for you.

If you decide to do it yourself, make sure you enable each proxy before starting account creation.

Here’s a guide on applying a private proxy to your web browser:

Connect Two Profiles To Each Private Proxy

If you buy the 20 accounts then all you need to do is pair two accounts per private proxy.

Example: – 333.436.64.35

Oli2@emain – 333.436.64.35

After you’ve paired two accounts to each proxy you need to sign into them accounts while using the proxy you paired them with. This connects the proxy and finishes the Tumblr safety process.


Sign Into The Profiles And Get Them Ready

Now it’s time to get all the profiles looking clean. You’ll need to have each twenty profiles with these things complete:

Profile/Background Picture: You need a profile and background picture, profile can be of a person and the background can be something niche based.

Bio: Have something small, witty and easy to understand: “I’m Oli. My Blog Is Awesome | Black & White Pictures | Age 20.

Pages: You need a my face page, an ask page, disclosure (If you advertise or use other peoples pictures), about me page (If you’re trying to get extra conversion).

Queue: You’ll also want to get the queue to post 30 – 50 pictures per day.

Best Social Media Management Software

Get Tumbling Jazz 

The last real key in creating a Tumblr network is Tumbling Jazz. It’s a blog that allows you to automate all the tasks that would of taken you weeks to do before.

  • Uploads pictures to your queue
  • Follows/Unfollows
  • Likes Pictures
  • Reblogs Conent
  • Auto Messages

And so much more.

You can download Tumbling Jazz for the best price here.


Scrape Pictures For Your Blogs

You can use Tumbling Jazz to scrape images (Get imagines from a blog/google) for you or you can go and collect them manually.

You’ll need to setup a file system so you know what pictures are where. I.E: File 1 – Black And White. File 2 – Tattoo’s.

You need to add 300 images to each file and get at least 20 of these files, 2 in each niche.

Start the scraper by entering in a term/a blogs URL.

Example of term: 

How To Build A Tumblr Blog Network

Example of URL:

How To Build A Tumblr Blog Network

You then click where you want the pictures to be saved, click go and it’ll find you loads of pictures. I do this on each file. Now this is naughty and some people will say you’re stealing content, which in fairness is really bad. But, most pictures are stole from Google in the first place Two, thousands of people do it. Three, you can set it to reblog so it reblogs instead of downloads.

I personally create loads of images and content for Tumblr, as someone who creates content, I really don’t mind people reblogging and adding it to their site as the source, as long as they don’t take credit for it.


Setup Tumbling Jazz

Now Here’s some quick advice for you to setup Tumbling Jazz.

Add your profiles one by one with private proxies:
How To Build A Tumblr Blog Network

My Follower Setup:

How To Build A Tumblr Blog Network

My Unfollower Setup:

How To Build A Tumblr Blog Network

My Like Setup:

How To Build A Tumblr Blog Network

Image Upload:

How To Build A Tumblr Blog Network

All you have to do is sign into Tumbling Jazz, hit the run button and everyday and your blogs will follow, unfollow, like and upload all by themselves.

As you can imagine this is really powerful and allows you to completely dominate Tumblr. I personally can get 20,000 + followers in no time using this method. I’ll do a video tutorial of Tumbling Jazz soon, so you’ll be able to learn even more tips and tricks.

How To Build A Tumblr Blog Network – There you have it, you can now take that advice and use it to create a network on Tumblr. This is all my own information, I completely created this method and you’ll not find a quicker/easier way to build a high powered Tumblr network than this. If you need any help at all then just comment below. Have an awesome day. Oli.

How To Build A Tumblr Blog Network

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