How To Build A Website For $14 With No Code

How To Build A Website For $14 With No Code – Want to learn how to build a website? Don’t know how to code or find the money to buy a theme? Well this is my guide on how to build a website for $14 with no code at all. This is perfect if you’re looking to build niche sites or build loads of sites on a budget. I usually try to make my own blog sites or get a theme and change the code to work with me, but when I’m building 10 sites a day I need something cheap,easy and quick so this is the way I do it. This is also great for little blogs and start-up webpages where you don’t want to pay over the top money for a beginner website.


When learning how to make a website the theme is the right place to start. A theme is a site that’s already made and ready for you to start customizing. For the sake of keeping it cheap we’re using a free theme. This isn’t recommended for a big money-making site, but it’s fine for starters and people who need to make bulk blogs/sites.

If you want to make a bigger site that will be better at making money or more professional then you should check out How To Build A Website For $60 With No CodeThis is the best tutorial for building a money-making site..


This is how I usually pick my free themes, The “1” and “2” favourite themes are what I would recommend for a blog or a company website.

You just need to go and download one, you’ll get a “.zip” file that you’ll later upload to your WordPress, this is the easiest way to make a site.


There’s never as much customisation with a free theme as when you use a theme that costs money, Usually free themes are a way to promote a bigger theme so they cut out a lot of the stuff until you upgrade to pro and buy the theme.

This doesn’t matter too much if you’re planning to make 10 of these a day, you wouldn’t want to spend too much time with customizing anyway.


Sometimes free themes come with ads, this is the only thing that would stop me using a theme, they basically just link all the ads back to one site, This means that if you make a site with that theme then it will have a big ad linking to the person who designed it.

This sometimes makes the site feel like it’s not your own and can completely ruin the whole feel.

To avoid this happening you just have to use special themes which are installed on WordPress’s theme search.


You’ll often find that the design and look of a free theme is a lot cheaper than when you pay for a theme, this again isn’t a worry as we’re not trying to make people buy your site, usually you’ll just be doing it as a way to get backlinks or get some money with bulk affiliate building.

So don’t worry too much about design, make it look as real and as legit as you can and then the rest is down to you and your viewers.


The only real field you need to worry about is speed and SEO, some free themes are built with really badly optimised pages that will not get ranked on search engines, I’ll show you a way round that in “Plugins” so don’t worry too much.

Speed, the hosting I will suggest is probably your best bet and it’s one of the cheapest and best deals you can get online, this will help speed your site up and keep things moving nicely.


The domain is just the URL and it’s really easy to one up at very little cost, just head over to Godaddy and search for the domain you want.

A domain name is something you’ll need to get either with your hosting or just before you buy your hosting.

  • Don’t make the name to long (keep the domain name as short as possible)
  • Don’t add to many words like: Or, and, how, to/too, is, out, our, it’ll give your site more chance of being put in the spam category.
  • Little is better, As I said above, you should always go for a smaller, easier to remember name.
  • Try to get your main keyword in the domain name.

godaddy have the best deals available and are tough to beat.

If you want to keep to the budget then use them and go get your new domain name.


As soon as you’ve got a theme and domain this will be the next thing you need to buy. I use this hosting company, they are by far the best for people who’re just starting out and for link building sites you won’t get better.

Now when you go though to this hosting site You need to go to shared hosting and then you’ll get two choices Hatchling plan or Baby plan, to keep the site costs down I’d recommend using the Hatchling plan, but if you’re going to have more than one domain and have a test site then it’s a good idea to get the baby plan.

The baby plan offers unlimited domains so you can set up as many sites as you like and have as many domains as you need, all hosting on the same shared plan, this only costs just over 0.50 cent more a month. So that’s all your hosting covered for 7 dollars a month, not to bad in my opinion.


After you’ve purchased your hosting you’ll get what’s called a cpanel login, just watch the video below and it will teach you how to install WordPress so you’ll never have to go on your sever again.

It’s very simple to install WordPress into your Cpanel account and I’ll show you how to do that in the video below.


Whether it’s to make your site quicker or to make your site more SEO friendly, plugins are a great way to do it. One of the best things about using plugins is that you’ll be able to fix problems with your site in a matter of seconds with no code.

Another Great thing about plugins is that most of them are free, that means you get to enjoy the power without even paying a penny. Some paid plugins are amazing so be ready to buy one if you think it’s worth it as they can save you a lot of time.


  • Shareaholic.

This is brilliant if you want to get people sharing your posts, it adds little share buttons that convert really well, most of the top bloggers use this plugin as it is the best one of its kind out right now.

  • Insert footers and headers.

This plugin will just make your life a little easier, if you join a site like Google webmaster tools they will ask you to insert some meta data in your header or footer, this is a way to do it without having to touch the code.

This is worth having if you use sites like Google analytics, pinterest, webmaster tools, and anything that monitors your site.

  • Yoast SEO

This really is a must have! If you’re building a site and want it to rank well and look good on search engines then you need this plugin.

It’s shockingly easy once it’s set up. It just makes your site appear better to search engine crawlers and to the people looking at sites on search engines.

It gives you the power to add metadata to all your posts and pages in a matter of seconds.

If you want to rank your site quickly and get even more SEO advice you can go and check out these amazing SEO deals here!

  • AKismet

You have to have this installed to be able to get rid of the spam comments, if you’ve had a WordPress blog before you’ll understand that about 100 out of every 105 comments will be spam, a quick way to get round that is to install this.

It just detects spam and then only gives you good clean comments that are from people who leave comments on your site.

  • Google XML Sitemap

Now Yoast does come with an XML sitemap but I don’t find it as good as the google xml sitemap, that’s just my opinion .

  • Google Analytics

You can link Google analytics to your WordPress blog without this plugin, the only reason I added it was because it makes it a little easier if you’re making loads of these sites a day.

  • W3 Total Cache

If you need to speed up your site and don’t know how then this cache plugin is amazing, you might want to find someone to install it properly if you’re not good with computers, if you feel confident then just YouTube a tutorial and see how they do it.

If you use the host I talked about then this plugin works really well and will speed up your site in no time.


Now you’ve created a site with no code you need to start earning money. I’m going to give you some of the best ways I know to earn money with sites like this. If you want to earn money quickly then just read How To Earn $1000 + A Month From A $14 Investment.



Sites like Amazon, Ebay, etc allow you to sign up and sell their products for a small, sometimes large commission.

This is very common and can easily end up giving you $800 + a month, all you’ve got to do is set up loads of affiliate sites, blogs, shops, anything that can sell products.

Go for 6 long tail keywords and pick 20 different categories to sell in, make the 20 sites and this will cost around 120 to 150 dollars, because you only need to buy one hosting plan.

Then just make posts, content and basic shops. You can do this with plugins and for the content you can either use: kontent machine or make 20 posts a week for all the sites and just keep them all queued up.

If you do this right and start building backlinks to your sites then you’ll have 20 sites which sit there earning money without any work, apart for some writing and some updating.

Not a bad way of earning cash right? This one still works really well right now, you just need to learn how to pick long tail keywords and build backlinks.


This next thing doesn’t earn you money directly, it does however earn a lot of money in the long run and is a great way to use the how to build a website for $14 with no code to earn money.

All you need to do is use these sites as the first tier in your link building campaign, if you had 10 + .com domains linking to one money site in the same niche then you’d hopefully get that money site ranking for anything you want.

This isn’t hard to do you just need to build links to the websites you set up here and then build links to the tier behind tier 1 and repeat till you get to tier 4. The perfect tier link building example.

This will help you to grow your money site and make some real money, this works really well if your money site is a shop and you want to get a competitive keyword, with that many real sites you’d have a lot of power behind you.

You could also earn money from each of the ten sites as well.

How To Build A Website For $14 With No Code – Did you find that useful and do you think you know how to make a website now? I hope you did and can, remember to leave a comment if you’ve got any questions or need any help and if you would be kind and hit the share buttons I’d really appreciate it. – This is just my guide and if you want to build something even better then look at my other guides and tutorials and you’ll even learn how to advertise and get loads of views to your new site.