How To Buy YouTube Views

How To Buy YouTube Views – This is the complete guide to buying YouTube views. I’m going to teach you how to increase your YouTube subscribers and real interactions with the help of fake views. I’m also going to teach you how to rank a YouTube video and how to create a lot of hype for your YouTube channel, all with the help of fake views. I’m to jump in and explain the dangers and what to avoid. If you have any questions remember to leave them in the comments.


Who the hell wants to watch a video with 300 views? No one? I’ve had this problem many times myself. I have the 101geek channel and I don’t have the time to promote it or optimise it to get views, but even though I publish 2 videos every week, that are high quality, full of advice and easy to watch and learn from. I very rarely break the 200 view barer.

Now, I’ve got other YouTube channels with videos with 80 – 90 thousand real views, but the work that went into it was crazy. So I asked myself what’s an easier way to get views and gain people’s trust at the start of a YouTube channel?

The answer was to buy fake, high-quality views to my best videos and then see if the real views changed.

Real Answer: They’re important because people don’t like looking at videos with less than 1000 views.


If you’ve been producing high-quality content for a few weeks it’ll help you gain fans and grow. People often see views as a sign of authority. So if someone sees’s your video has ten thousand views, they’re more likely to give it a click, then subscribe and even enjoy the content more.

As crazy as it seems this is all true when it comes to buying fake YouTube views.


People have always asked me about the negative side to buying YouTube views and here’s the honest answer:

If you don’t have AdSense enabled on the video while delivering the fake views you’ll not get in any trouble. You do have to be consistent and it’s not a good idea to blast one video with millions of views.

But instead it’s but to get 5 thousand views on 10 + videos and then just sit back while they grow naturally and start earning you money.


You’ve got more than a few great places to buy YouTube views from.

I personally use View2.be, but recently I’ve had better luck with the more expensive Devumi’s YouTube views. They’re more high quality and leave likes, comments and even subscribe. This is much better in the eye’s of YouTube and the viewer.


Create a great quality YouTube video with a nice thumbnail with a good keyword.

Then buy 5 thousand words with 100 likes and 20 comments (you can do the comments yourself if you have some extra YouTube accounts).

This will cost you a little cash, but the key is consistency. You then do this with another high quickly video on a great media profile, before you know it you’ll have a load of views, subscribers and you’ll start naturally improving your YouTube search ranking and SEO.

You can also do the same on social media and buy likes and followers, this will help you build a fake brand, this isn’t perfect for people looking to grow massive business, but if you’re looking to gain instant authority and get people watching your videos this is the way to do it.


All of these services below have been tried and work perfectly.

  • devumi
  • buildmyviews
  • View2.be
  • Vagex


If you really want to win and don’t want to spend too much money you can use the Build My Views high retention package. Get 5 thousand views for $15, these views will watch your video almost all the way through, this will give you great social leverage and will rank your video in number one on YouTube in no time.


You can quite easily get mugged off when buying YouTube views, here are some things to avoid.

Price: If the price is unrealistically high then you’re usually just getting over charged.

Sales Page Sites: If the site doesn’t look safe then don’t trust it, also always pay through PayPal.

Fake Views: You do need to remember that even if they say they’re real views, they’re not. It would be extremely hard to actually give someone five thousand + real views for less than $100 +.


If you don’t want fake views then you could always put $100 on YouTube advertising, you can get quite a lot of views and if you’re clever about it, it can pay off nicely.

I use YouTube ads for sales videos and new channels and I usually only put around $10 per day for two weeks just to get some interactions and views on my content.

If you mix this with buying YouTube views you should have a nice channel built up in no time.


You can make a TON of money using this method if you’re smart.

What I recommend is using the above to rank various videos in different niches.

See which niche/YouTube channel performs the best and then focus all your energy there.

You can make money with:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate products and reviews
  • Blogs (best)

If you want a blog set up that you can connect to your YouTube then I can make you a blog and help you manage it.

You can check out the service on Blogo.co and I can help set it up to work perfectly with YouTube SEO.

How To Buy YouTube Views – I really recommend buying fake YouTube views, they’re really not as bad as they seem, you can really get places when you use them and it highers your authority. I use them a lot and it’s got me front page on search results more times than I can count. – If you need any help leave a comment below and I’ll sort you out. – If you enjoyed then please share, have an awesome day.