How To Buy YouTube Views

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Did you know that buying FAKE views on YouTube can rank your video and DRAMATICALLY  increase the chances of it going viral?

I was amazed when I started testing and couldn’t believe there weren’t more articles that talk about buying YouTube views.

I assume it’s because people either don’t want to talk about something that works (giving away juicy secrets) or people ‘don’t believe in it’.

Either way today I’m going to teach you how to…

Buy YouTube views.

Use them safely/effectively.

Rank in the second largest search engine (YouTube).

Make TONS of CASH.

First off I guess you want proof? 

Well, I recently setup a gaming YouTube channel.

We only had to buy around 10 thousand fake views at the start to make one video go viral and now look at our stats:

youtube channel proof

That’s right, we’ve grown the channel to 2,4 million views and 8,200 subscribers.

Just with the views alone we’ve earned $2500 in ad revenue, gained 3422 email subscribers and have the ability to promote our gaming blog and products with all of the traffic.

Now you have the proof, it’s time to tell you how I did this.

#1. Creating An Amazing Video

guide to creating good videos

You don’t have to be the next CaseyNeistat to create content GOLD.

You just have to have a video people will search for and enjoy.

Here are some examples in different industries: 

– How to play football like a pro

– How to DOMINATE on Rainbow Six Siege

– How to do Kim Kardashians Makeup (In 5 minutes)

– How to START a Podcast for Dummies

Once you have an idea of what your video should be about, check YouTube and make sure similar videos are getting TONS of views.

Having a few on the first page with over 200,000 views is a good sign.

After that, it’s time to create your video.

TOP TIP: Don’t do introductions longer than 10 seconds. If you’re not famous or with a famous YouTuber people only want to know the advice you give. So make it less about you and more about teaching the watcher.

#2. Doing On-Video SEO

youtube video seo

I’ll quickly break this down, as below there’s a full guide on video SEO.

  • Make your video 6 – 8 minutes long.
  • Put your keyword as the video file name before uploading.
  • Create an amazing thumbnail (use
  • Have a 300-word description (all important stuff at the top).
  • Add loads of relevant tags to your video.

That’s just the basics but will do for now.

#3. Get The Video 300 – 1000 views naturally

service website

Now I promote my video on…



…Social media (G+ – Pinterest – Tumblr – Linkedin)

…YouTube Ads ($20 ad spend)

…Answer sites (Quora, Yahoo answer, Reddit)

I try to get the first 300 views naturally within the first 42 hours.

At this point, I’m also trying to get social shares as they are a big ranking factor in YouTube.

#4. Best Places ToBuy Fake YouTube Views

buying youtube views

Once all the above is complete it’s time to buy youtube views.

I use the below sellers regularly, top being my most used and bottom being the least:

Where To Buy YouTube Views:

I usually buy around 5000 views.

While doing this I always turn Adsense OFF, as you can easily be banned when using fake views and it’s never good to waste someone’s ad spend.

Tip: I avoid Fiverr and other cheap sellers due to the views being easily seen as FAKE.

Even though the above are a little pricey, the views last and work.

#5. Other Social Signals

social media marketing

Now your video has 5000 – 7000 views, you need to buy likes and comments (usually purchased at the same time as views).


Because a video with tons of views and no engagement looks a little strange to everyone.

Plus, likes boost the videos rank instantly (I’ve found).

Where To Buy YouTube likes from: 

SEOclerks (Seller I Use)

Where To Buy YouTube Comments from: 

SEOClerks (Seller I Use)

Above is where I get all my engagements from.

The REAL Secret Sauce

seo for videos

The above will get your video ranking on YouTube.

However, there’s loads more SECRET tips and tricks I use that I can’t publish on this blog that improve the chances of viral traffic by 15x.

If you pop your email in, I’ll send you over 10 more YouTube SEO tricks that will allow you to rank for almost every term on YouTube.

Along with my exact YouTube promotion blueprint.

How To Make BIG Money With This Method

youtube money making

Below are some of the ways I use the above information to make money using YouTube and Blogs.

#1. Building A YouTube & Blog Network

If you’re looking to create a business that allows you to travel the world and not be confined to a 9 – 5 job then this method is for you.

You start by picking a popular niche (with channels with over 100 thousand subscribers) with good affiliate products.


  • Football
  • Beauty
  • Gaming
  • Business
  • SEO
  • Kids Toys

You then create 5 guides and 5 reviews of products inside that industry and use the advice above to promote them.

You leave an affiliate link in the description to the cheapest place to find the product you’re reviewing.

You then rinse and repeat, starting in a new niche each time.

You’ll see after a few months which niches are killing it and you can then invest all your time in the ones that work and drop the ones that didn’t do as well.

Earn 5x More Money Adding A Blog

Add a blog to each of the YouTube channels you create and then you can promote your videos on your blog while promoting your blog on your videos.

You can then gain control of the two biggest search engines and cater to people who enjoy reading.

We have the best blog creation and management service where we give you everything you need to create a money making blog, plus I create you a blog.

Be sure to check it out as it works perfectly with this YouTube money making method.

#2. Email List Sign Ups

Create some good opt-in bait to get people’s emails and at the start of each video remind people to sign up.

Opt-in Bait Ideas: 

– Learn how I get all my make up 50% off using this guide:

– 10 ways I make money without a job

You then use something like lead pages to collect people’s emails in exchange for the guide.

Just make sure the opt-in bait is relevant to the video.

How do you make money after?

Promote affiliate products, your new videos, and even your own products.

Once you have someone’s email you can use it as a way to build a relationship.

#3. Service Promotion

You may own a service or product you want to promote.

You can use the advice above to add authority to your product, by creating hype with the views, likes, and engagement.

An example would be if you were a hosting company, you could do a video on website creation and promote your own hosting inside then promote it to page one YouTube.

This works like a charm and is one of the many ways I use YouTube to make money online.

The YouTube Money Making Blueprint

You now need to mix all of this together.

Create multiple YouTube channels, a few blogs, create reviews and guides that promote products with affiliate programs and then set up an email opt-in so you can build relationships with all the people who watch your videos.

You can then create your own product or continue promoting other peoples, all while earning ad revenue and brand deals from companies inside your niche.

There’s more money making tips that will teach you how to add $50 per day to your YouTube earnings in our YouTube marketing guide.

TRUTH About Buying YouTube Views (Must Read)

Have you ever seen a YouTuber creating AMAZING content with like 10 thousand subscribers and you think… “why the hell aren’t they more successful?”, then it gets worse when you look at the TOP and see 14 year-olds creating generic, bad content and getting 3 million views a video.

Well, I have news for you…

…Most the TOP level YouTubers buy fake views, subscribers, and likes.

There are big companies who earn a fortune selling these to massive YouTubers, on a monthly/per video basis.

Why do YouTubers Do This? 

  • To beat the system.
  • To grow popularity
  • To balance out negativity. A good example is: I get 500 dislikes, so I’ll buy 10,000 likes, plus 1000 comments and a million views, now everyone thinks I’m liked.
  • I’ve also seen big (dying YouTubers) who use services like this to make them seem like they still have a growing fan base.

The Main Reason They Do It?

Brand DEALS!

Yes, if you have a million captivated views on each of your videos you can make six figures per brand deal.

It’s crazy but big companies rarely look for hollow audiences.


No one wants to be old news. They use it to keep up with their YouTube friends and to one up them.

Views Bring Views!

Say you live in a country like Brazil.

How many views/subscribers does it take for your to be the best?

Well imagine you paid for them views, become the best Brazilian Youtube channel you would get loads of publicity, on TV, radio, blogs and on social media.

This would grow your brand and actually make you famous, you’d get paid product placement, invited to events and paid to make content for TV, this has happened in Spain, Britain and America multiple times based off of fake views, subs, likes and comments.

That’s how it works.

When I say everyone does it, I mean everyone with above 500 thousand subscribers who has crazy growth and doesn’t create game-changing videos.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article If you have any questions or need any help with this process feel free to leave a comment below or contact us. Have an awesome day, peace, Oli.

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