How To Create An Awesome Website In 30 Minutes

How To Create An Awesome Website In 30 Minutes – I know a lot of people want to learn how to create an awesome website and not many people have the time to sit waiting around, watching hours of tutorials. I’m going to teach you how to create an awesome .com website, that could be used for your company, blog, hobby, idea, anything. I’m going to use Fiverr a lot, so even though it’ll only take 30 minutes to set all this up, you may have to wait a day or two for the logo and other small services to be ready, but you’ll be saving tons of cash and time, so it’s a win, win.

Domain & Hosting:

The first thing you’ll need to purchase is a domain. You have two options, buy a domain with your hosting, or buy a domain using GoDaddy (cheaper option), once you’ve decided a good name (keep your keyword in mind, it’s time to get hosting for your awesome website.

I recommend Host Gator for your hosting needs and you can get your first month for $0.01 when you use code: Oliisawesome at checkout. You’ll want to purchase the “Baby” plan for best results. It’s only a few bucks per month and allows you to have more than one website.

Free Or Cheap Theme (Website)

Once your domain and hosting is setup and you’ve installed WordPress (guide here), it’s now time to pick a theme. This is the actual website design.

MyThemeShop: I get a lot of my themes from MyThemeShop, they’re an amazing price, work flawlessly and are easy to setup. You’ll get 50% off all their themes when you use code: Oliisawesome at checkout. So if you want to keep things cheap, go and check MyThemeShop out. Below are two themes I recommend from MyThemeShop:

ThemeForest: If you can’t find anything you like at MyThemeShop then head over to ThemeForest. This is the eBay of theme shops and it’s not hard to find what you want. Go and check out their most popular themes and see if anything jumps out. I recommend:

Free: If you’re really trying to keep the costs down then you can always go and get a free theme. Head-over to WordPress free theme’s and take a look at the thousands of free themes that are on offer.

Cheap/Free Logo Design:

I have an exciting offer for you… You can get free logo design off Fiverr when you buy a the logo through this link. Not only do you get a great design, you’ll also get it free.

Fiverr: You’ll be getting your logo on Fiverr where people perform services for $5. Don’t let this fool you, a lot of my blogs are rocking $5 logo’s, as long as you go with a good designer you’ll have no problems. Just remember to use this link and get a free gig.



Once you’ve completed all of the above, you’ll have most likely spent around 10 minutes (if you already had domain name and logo idea ready), now it’s time to install some plugins to make your site better.

Yoast: Yoast is an SEO plugin, that allows you to enhance the on-site SEO of your site. It’s free and highly recommended. You can set it up yourself using this guide or get someone to do it for $5 on Fiverr. 

Shareaholic: You’ll want people to share your content, so make it easy for them. Use Shareaholic to make sharing easier than ever. It Adds little share Icons to all pages and posts, which increases social media sharing.

W3 Total Cache: Now you’ll want your site to load super quick, get W3 Total Cache and install it, you’ll have a quicker site in no time.

Social Media Account Creation:

You’ll need to create all the accounts below, just create one email and then speed create these social profiles:

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Stumblupon

It shouldn’t take you longer than a few minutes to set up these accounts, It usually takes me around 10 minutes on average.

Makeup For Social Media Accounts:

Now if you don’t already have a design for you social profiles, go to Fiverr or Logo Nerds and have them design a social background and profile picture. It’ll help increase social conversion.

You’ve now finished the major parts of your site, all you’ve got to do is wait for the logo design and the social media backgrounds/profiles. If you’re wanting even more awesome then check out the extra options.

Optional, But Valuable:

That’s right, there’s more amazing ways to achieve an awesome website.

Mail List: If you’re in it to win it, then you’ll want to start a mail list, this only takes $1 to start and you’ll be able to get peoples emails and create newsletters and broadcasts to them about new content and affiliate offers. Go to Aweber and start your email marketing today.

SEO: If you’re keen on furthering your SEO, you should check out the on-site SEO gigs on Fiverr, people will do in-depth optimizing of your site to improve SEO for a few bucks a page.

Tip: Never get backlinks or off-site SEO from Fiverr, it’s bad quality and will have a negative effects on ranking.

Content Creation: If you need articles created you can get them from Fiverr or Freelancer, two awesome sites that allow you to get great quality articles, at little to no cost.

Keyword Research: If you’re new to creating a website you may want to get someone on Fiverr or Freelancer to do some keyword research for you. This will help you get views over time (good idea to do this before you buy a domain).

How To Create An Awesome Website In 30 Minutes – That’s the end of this guide on building an awesome website in 30 minutes. You should take the advice and give it a try. You don’t have to be a coder to create something amazing. Remember to share if you enjoy and feel free to use the comments below. Have an awesome day and thanks for reading, Oli.

How To Create An Awesome Website In 30 Minutes

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