How To Earn $1000 + A Month From A $14 Investment

How To Earn $1000 + A Month From A $14 Investment – I love teaching you guys/girls how to make a little extra cash and start living dreams, I know life can be hard and no matter where you’re right now it can always get better. You might be a kid who’s board and has no way to earn money, an adult who has that heavy feeling on his stomach as the bills keep building up, or even a person who wants to earn a few extra bucks on the side. No matter who you are or what you do this tutorial will help you. I’m going to teach you how to make $1000 + a month with a $14 investment, the $14 investment being a site. Okay let’s get this show on the road.

How To Build A Website For $14 With No Code

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This is the second part in a series of posts on how to make a site and how to earn $1000 + a month. You’ll learn about the $14 investment if you go check out how to make a site for $14 with no code, after you read that you can then use this to make some cash with your $14 site. So lets crack on and teach you how to earn $1000 + a month.


Blogging, YouTube & Facebook.

We will start with some of the main ways to earn money with a cheap $14 site. The first is blogging, blogging is where you write about a topic, yourself, or a mix of things that you know about. Blogs are really easy to set up and the only thing you need to be able to do is write.

Most people don’t know this but you can earn a nice living off a blog and if you use three profit models, affiliate marketing, ads, Selling something of your own, you’ll be able to earn $ 1000 + a month in no time using them three methods.


How to start

The first thing I’d do is figure out what you’re going to write, it can be about yourself but if you’re trying to earn money that will most likely fail, you’re better off making it about a niche (Writing in a niche would be like me writing only stuff about money-making or gaming).

This is always going to be the easiest way to earn cash and it doesn’t take long to get going with it. Just follow the how to make a site for $14 with no code and then make 4 categories and start posting 3 to 4 posts a week.

Use our traffic guides, add affiliate links and ads, you’ll start bringing in the money in no time and once it starts you’ll have more time to open up bigger blogs.



You maybe wondering how you can earn money through YouTube or Facebook with a site, well it’s really simple.

All you need to do is start using Facebook pages and YouTube, do 5 videos a week and make them all about topics on your site, this will drive traffic from YouTube and Facebook to your blog.

you then earn cash on your YouTube (through adsense), on your blog (through ads and affiliates) and with Facebook from posting mylikes links.

That all comes together to earn you some big money and it really only involves you making watchable/readable content.


Freelancer – Fiverr

If you want to know how to make $1000 + a month then this is a good way to bring in some extra cash to get there. By having a service that you sell you’ll be able to advertise it with each post which will bring in some quick income.

Say you’re a writer, graphics designer, voice actor, really just about anything, well you can use a site like Fiverr or Freelancer to bring in some cash, it’s really easy and all you need to do is set up an account.

The problem comes when you want to make your first few sales. The first few sales are always the most important and they make other people buy, you need to build a review base and get some regular customers.

So instead of sitting there and waiting you’ll need to jump right in, just link your service to your blog and do some work, maybe a portfolio. Have loads of links to your Fiverr/Freelancer and ads on the side of your blog that lead to your Fiverr gig.

You can then use Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, BuySellAds, and many more to bring traffic to your Gig/Freelancer account, this will help you earn money and will start getting the ball rolling.


Niche site

I recently did a post about earning money with niche sites and this is the perfect way to take advantage of it.

You just have to use the tutorial and make about 100 niche sites, they can be about anything from cars, golf, music, books, tech, gaming, and anything that you know a little about.

You then use Kontent Machine to create content for your niche sites, you post 1 post a week for a year, that’s an amazing 5200 articles a year between all blogs.

You set up a good affiliate model on each blog and then you just copy and past using the backup file. You can easily set up 100 sites within 1/2 months.


Money you can earn from this method?

This really is how to earn $1000 + a month, even if you only earn 20 dollars a month from each blog, you’ll still be on 2 thousand dollars per month with no work.

Even if you only make 10 you’ll still be on 1 grand a month from literally no work part from the start-up and learning some software. As the time goes on you’ll just keep earning money and making more niche sites.


Make sure you keep track of all the sites you set up and when they need more posts, this will stop you from losing money.


Affiliate shop – Blog.

If you want to use the method above then a great tip is to make a shop using SellFire plugin, this will help you build a shop in a matter of seconds, so it’s great to use while making bulk sites.

You just make loads of shops and then get them ranking for their pages on search engines, this then drives traffic with no work and leads to sales, this will usually earn about 50 dollars a month if you make a good site and rank it well.

So if you did 100 sites you could earn $5000 a month, not to shabby right? This will take more work than just making blogging sites but it’s more valuable and will help you earn double maybe even triple the amount of a blog.

All you need to do is sign up for affiliate accounts and make sure you use niche’s where you can sell a lot of high-priced products.

(If you want your website to be page 1# on Google  quickly and get more income use this SEO Service.)



We talked about blogging already but I didn’t explain how to make a post that earns cash. You really need to think outside the box with affiliate products and you can either do a review, how to, guide, talk about, or list, to earn money.

All of the things above you’ll be able to do for nearly every product you advertise and if you follow them types of articles listed above it will make your life a lot easy.

So make sure that 1 out of every 3 post you do is aimed at affiliate links, this will help you earn cash.


Ads – bulk sites

Now if affiliate marketing goes over your head and you can’t be bothered to look after the links and add new ones here and there then you should just join an ad network and put high paying ads on all your bulk sites, so add loads of adsense ads and just wait for the money to come in.

Now I will be honesty I’ve tried this a few times and usually only earn a few hundred a month, it isn’t something that I’d do without having affiliate links added, so just do this but add the affiliate links too and you’ll be earning double bubble.



One of the most important things to understand when working with bulk sites is using a spread sheet or txt file to keep track of every site you have and when the next article upload is.

A lot of the best money makers in the world make this error and end up with 10 to 20 sites that they just forget they have, this is a real shame and will usually lead to lose of income.

So make sure you keep a nice text file of all the sites you own and when they run out of articles.


Niche following

Want to earn big money and have a full-time job? Well niche following is perfect for you. This is a job title that I made up and it’s high paying, fun and will always have a place in the money-making world.


What is niche following?

It’s where you spend every waking second looking for the next big deal, whether it’s a music video, a trend (planking, Harlem shake, etc), anything that a lot of people get into for longer than a month.

After you find one you’ll then make a blog about it and get a name that’s got the keyword in it. Example: if it was planking I’d get:, You then add loads of links and ads linking to products in the niche and start posting about it.

Then for that month you’ll see traffic spikes for really low competitive keywords and you can easily walk away with $100 to $1000 each trend site you do.

You have to do this every day and make sure you make good little sites in the space of a few hours. You really will be surprised how quick this earns money and how many of the sites you do will stay and turn into high earning funny sites,news sites or blogs.


Ebook site.

Are you good at writing? Well if you are then you can always make a good eBook site with your $14 web page. You can make 5 ebooks and just sell them for 1 dollar a go.

That really means you just have to send traffic to that site and just do a bit of demographic advertising so you don’t spend money on people who don’t want your book.

You can really do a book about anything, I will recommend writing a few books so people can get into them and start enjoying what you’ve got to offer.

(If you want to get traffic to your book site then buy social traffic here.)

Little tip

Add as much interesting content as you can to the website,this will make book sales go up. You must make sure you grip the person and get them looking around, this will help you sell more books and get a regular fan base.

So don’t just make a book site with a few books and no other content.


Sell sites

Lots of people earning money online just buying and selling sites, it’s really easy and you can earn 100 to 200 dollars a site (can earn more but with these sites it’s a little hard).

All you do is build an affiliate site or just a normal blog, get maybe 30 articles on there, then just get traffic by putting it through bookmark sites and using social media, do this for about 2 months to 10 sites and you’ll then have little blogs you can sell for 100 to 200 + dollars using Flippa.

This is something you can do along side bulk affiliate site creation, you really will be able to make a load of money doing this and the more you do it the better you’ll get at seeing what people want.

If you do this in a bulk fashion and set up 50 sites and run them all for 2 months, then you’ll be able to earn 5 to 10 thousand dollars in 2 months, there’s not many jobs that offer that.

That’s 30 to 60 thousand dollars per year and it’s something you can do while earning money with ads and affiliate sites, it isn’t easy but the more you do it the more you’ll learn about it.

How To Earn $1000 + A Month From A $14 Investment


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How To Earn $1000 + A Month From A $14 Investment – You just need to go and follow that tutorial and you’ll be good to go. This really is one of the best ways to earn extra cash online and as there are loads of different ideas you’ve got a few things to choose from, that makes it a lot easy to start earning. – If you enjoyed then please remember to share.

How To Earn $1000 + A Month From A $14 Investment

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