How To Earn $1000 With Tumblr

How To Earn $1000 With Tumblr – I have always been teaching you guys how to make money with different platforms and it’s time to really show you how to make $1000 using nothing but Tumblr. It’s really simple and anyone who has a computer with internet will be able to pull the off. Now you can earn anything from 50 dollars per week all the way to $1000 per week and it all depends on how much you want it and how much work you put in. Once you read this you’ll easily be able to start making money in the next day. So if you’re ready to start then lets get this show on the road.

How To Earn $1000 With Tumblr

Quick Overview 

So a lot of my best traffic comes from Tumblr and it’s a great way to build up a site and earn some cash. Now I’m going to teach you my quick money making method, my long money making method and a few tips throughout that will just help you maximize your earnings.

This article will help you out no matter how many followers you’ve got, no matter if you’ve got 20 followers or 40,000 thousand followers this will earn you money and I will teach you how to turn 10 followers into 40,000 thousand followers in a matter of months.

Now I don’t usually say this before articles but, if you’re not serious about wanted to gain followers and earn money then going past this point will probably be of less value to you.  I only say it on articles where I’m teaching you people amazing secrets that can be transformed into money making instantly.

For this article I’m promoting host  gator, they’re the best hosting service I know for starting new websites and they have deals starting from $3,95 which allows you to create a WordPress site, this is the secret to getting a head and earning tons of money.


Quick Money Making Method

Okay so the method I’ve talked about a few times uses a site called Mylikes, they give you little links like this one:  and then whenever someone clicks it you get a certain amount of money straight into your accounts.

Now mylikes pay through PayPal and can even give you Amazon gift cards to spend if you’d rather just have clothes, video games, or anything else Amazon sells.

Now to earn loads of money with this method you’ve got to use it properly and make sure you get your point across, so you make ask how you do this? Well it’s simple all you need to do is get something called the Tumblr queue bot and then you get the power to upload a queue of 300 images all with tags and descriptions in about 30 minutes.

This makes life a lot easier and will speed up money making. Below I’ll teach you how to get loads of followers and really maximize this method.


Best Money Making Method

Now the best money making method for earning $1000 with tumblr is to make a website of your own that’s Tumblr related and then promote it just like you would the  mylikes link. This will then send you direct traffic to your own site.

You can use host gator to build a site and have it up and running within 20 minutes for $3.95 and if you want something even nicer you can set up a WordPress .com site for $14 with no code.

The reason why this method works so much better than the other is because you can earn money with:

  • Affiliates
  • Adsense/other ad networks
  • Partnerships
  • Fiverr
  • YouTube 

And there’s loads more ways, it’s not that hard and you’ll be surprised at how much this will change your earning abilities.

You’ve also got to remember that while doing this method you can also do the mylikes method and earn double bubble. This can set you off on a good foot and if you do both of these right now you’ll be earning money in no time.

So you might be asking “What do I make the sites about?”

This is simple you make them about the same things tumblr likes, so anything that allows them to get pictures, you could find loads of royalty free images and make it so people could make there blogs come to life with your images.

You can make a Tumblr site that offers help for certain niches. You can do a website that shows the most popular Tummblr images right now, this is great for people looking to follow new types of blogs.

All of these sites won’t need any codding ability and will earn you some big cash,


Accounts and What You Need To Earn $1000

So onces you’ve got the accounts/sites set up to be able to start earning money you need to start having a follower base that gives you more views and more cash to start you off on the right track. Now I set up 5 accounts last week and all of them went above 1000 followers and most of them are now at 2000 followers.

Here’s proof from one of my 20 thousand + follower accounts: 

How To Earn $1000 With Tumblr

Here’s proof of some of my other accounts I set up a few weeks ago: 

How To Earn $1000 With Tumblr

So I got them followers in near to no time and I can now use them to gain even more followers and earn more cash. This is a great way to take your income to the next level and even if you just do Tumblr for fun the next tips will help you build it up and get a real amount of followers.


Tumblr Accounts

How many Tumblr accounts do you need? Well if you’re planning to earn $1000 + per month then you’ll need around 50 and if you’re happy earning 100 to 400 dollars per month then you’ll only need around 10 to 20.

I’d always start off with about 10 and then eventually lead up and get to around 20, that way you’re earning nice money and don’t have to work hard.

Now this method earns you $400 per month with Mylikes but if you have your own site it could be anywhere from 2 thousand to 5 thousand dollars. So make sure you make a website using this tutorial if you have the time.


Gaining Followers

What are the best ways to gain followers? Well these really 4 ways of getting followers and only 3 of them work to the maximum. Now I only use two of these methods and I’ll explain why below.


Follow for Follow 

So follow for follow, using follow networks like follow back and follow me will help you gain followers in no time. You need to go on the follower networks once a day and follow 160 people, this is the perfect amount and will stop you getting into any trouble.

‘If you do that every day then you’ll start building followers, remember that you can only follow 5000 thousand people and once you’ve followed that many you just need to open a new account and repeat while you keep that queue going.

So by using that methods you’ll easily add 50 followers per day to your account but you really want to be adding 200/300 followers per day and that’s not to hard to do either.

You just need to use the methods below.


Big Queue with Tags

So by using the Tumblr queue bot you’ll be able to build a queue of 300 posts all with descriptions and tags. So what you need to do is tag your niche and put a Mylikes link in the description or a link to your site with you favorite post.

What I do is I go to tumblr and insert the title of my post.

How To Earn $1000 With Tumblr

Then I highlight it and add a link. 

How To Earn $1000 With Tumblr

After that I just copy the HTML version and add it to the description box, this the makes it look very nice and clean and gets people clicking it.

How To Earn $1000 With Tumblr

The tags are really important so really make sure you keep an eye on them and push them to the max, you really don’t want to fall short by missing the tags.

You can post 50 posts a day and  here’s some little tips for not getting told off or banned. I only post 20 to 30 posts per day for the start and then move it to 50 after a while.

Another tip is to not use your Tumblr account for 24 hours after creation, this really will help you not get caught and that’s why I recommend it so much. So go and create a few accounts now and see how far you can get within a few weeks. (Comment your results below)


Messages (Not Recommended)

Another way to bring a lot of followers in is to send messages, I don’t do this but I do always see it on tumblr. You really just need to get a message bot or just message 40 + people per day, this will make them follow you and by the end of the week you’ll have about 100 conversations that will all help you bring views to your Tumblr blog which will then bring views to you site.

People get interested about you and then once they’ve spoke to you a little they’ll start getting noisy and have a look through your website and things like that.

I don’t do this method because it doesn’t always work and it really depends the niche you’re in.

Make sure you don’t spam and be like go check out my site, people will just swear at you and will probably start giving you anon hate.


Another thing.

Be ready for anon hate, it will come for you, I got the long haired hate 😉 (people in the background shouting “Get a hair cut”) You just need to laugh at it, also if someone say’s something really bad then just post it and a funny replay and then you’ll usually get loads of people backing you up.



Another really great way to get some extra views is to build up the stalkers, this is easier than you think and using the like method you’ll be there in no time at all.

This isn’t something that I do but it’s something that I know will help you get views, just go and like 100 posts per day every single day. You can do that using another type of like bot for tumblr and then you’ll be able to just switch it on for each of your accounts and just leave it doing the work for you.

This will just make people think you’re stalking them and then they’ll come and check out your profile, which then they’ll hopefully go through to your main site where you’ll earn money for every ad impression/click you get and they’ll also see all the conversions and different things you’re selling.

So make sure you like peoples posts as much as you can. I’ve never done more than 100 per day on each account but I’m pretty sure that you could do 200 as long as you go slow and don’t over do the like button.

This will also help you get loads of messages which will start upping your profile to people.


Making your own images

If you really want to succeed on Tumblr then you need to start making your own content, once you get to 5 thousand plus followers, you’ve just got to put together a quote or funny image and then share it, I always found that new content tested the best on tumblr.

So make sure you start making a few images and start putting them out there for your awesome followers to see and share.



This was the How to earn $1000 with Tumblr and I know that you’ll be able to earn big cash if you just follow this tutorial. You can also get loads of followers and start off your tumblr empire. If you’ve enjoyed this then please share on your tumblr.

How To Earn $1000 With Tumblr

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How To Earn $1000 With Tumblr – I think this may just be the quickest way to earn some money that I know and if you continue doing this then the sky really is the limit. You just have to work hard and keep all the account you’ve got active, it’s really that simple, make sure you give it a try and let me know how far you get in the comments below. – If you need any help just ask, hope you have a lovely day, Oli. – 101 Geek.

How To Earn $1000 With Tumblr

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