How To Earn Money Online While Traveling

How To Earn Money Online While Traveling – For a very long time people have wanted to have a way they could travel the world and the 7 seas without having to be tied down to a job. Now we live in a world where it’s finally possible to do just that. I’m a blogger and over the last 6 months I lived in England, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and Scotland. This isn’t a crazy amount of places, but there’s not many people who could do all of that while on their laptop and at 20 years old. So, if you’re sick and tired of being tied down and want to just get up and run away, follow this guide and start making action in your life today.

How To Earn Money Online While Traveling

Create Yourself A Blog (Something You’re Really Passionate About)

The first step in making money while abroad is to create your own blog. How you may ask? Well I’ve got a guide that’ll take 5 minutes to read that teaches you how to build a blog with no code.

Once you’ve read that article it’s then time to put the information you’ve learned to action.


Why have you got to be passionate about the topic of your blog? If you have passion you’ll write exciting, full of advice content and won’t best scared to go where no persons gone before.

Where’s if you’re not passionate you’ll get caught in a routine, end up getting bored and then you’ll fail.

For example: This guide has everything you need to create something that’ll earn you money anywhere around the world. How many people will follow it? one out of the ten thousand plus that read it.

So, that’s why you need passion, because it’s almost impossible to start without it.


Do The 30 Day Blog Challenge With Video’s And Articles

I’ve recently constructed a 30 day blog challenge that’s going to completely turn a site from 0 to 1000 + views per day.

This 30 day challenge is something I did on 101geek at the beginning and on almost all of my most successful sites. You’ve just got to follow this advice for 30 days:

  • Create 1 article per day
  • Create 1 video per day
  • Focus on social media growth everyday
  • Study for 1 hour everyday (Something in your blogs industry)

Just one article and one video, then social media and studying. It seems easy?? Hahaha, wrong.

The catch is that if you miss one day, doesn’t matter if it’s a saturday or sunday, you have to start again. You’re aloud to queue, so for example if today I could do two videos and two articles I could queue saturday and sunday, but I’d still have to study and do social media.

I have a much more detailed 30 day challenge, but if you follow this simple one I guarantee you’ll start seeing improvements, by the time you finish your 30 day challenge.

How To Earn Money Online While Traveling

You Need To Be Consistent

The reason why the 30 day challenge works so well is because it teaches you to be consistent.

Just because you’re going to be traveling the world doesn’t mean you get to just work 1 hour per day. You’ve still got to work 10 + hours, but instead of being trapped in an office or in a rainy country, you can work alongside a beach or inside a beach cafe.

What is consistency?

It’s doing the same set of tasks everyday without seeing progression. Lot’s of people stop after only a few weeks if they don’t see progression. The people who stop are quitters and not cut out for the world of business/money making.

Instead, if you see no progression after two months of work then just simply change something, start doing something new and if that doesn’t work, try something else and keep repeating this pattern until you find the perfect mix of content, passion and love.


Learn How To Make Money Online

Next you need to know how to make money online. Okay, so first you’re going to learn how to make money with your blog, if that goes well then you can usually earn $1000 + per month if you’re dedicated and don’t stop when you reach your first problem.

But, you’ll need to earn more than that in order to survive abroad. So, you’ll need to learn how to setup Fiverr reselling sites and YouTube money making.

Both of these things can add another big amount of money to your paycheck each month. Then if you still need money try the 20 foolproof ways to make money online and focus on Tumblr network.

Then if you’re still in doubt and need more cash before you go you can even earn money with Twitter using this guide.

You put all that information together and you’ll easily earn $1000 – $5000 per month profit.

You’ve just got to be consistent, start today and be a nice, easy to get along with person, actually screw that last one, you can literally be a social recluse, as long as you’re consistent and start today.


What You’ll Need To Get

Here’s some of the things you’re going to need to get in order to go traveling.

  • Laptop

I recommend you get a laptop that you can trust and rely on. I’d recommend this laptop due to it’s price, quality, specs and how well it would work abroad.

  • Case

You’ll then need a laptop case, something like this one will do nicely.

  • Camera

I have the Nikon D5200 and it’s out of this world. You can take amazing HD videos and the pictures are just oozing with quality.

But you can also get a smaller camera like this one like this on, if you’re looking for something light weight.

  • Microphone

I recommend you get a microphone that’s portable and works with your camera. I have this H1 and it’s an amazing price and works inside and out. It’s really worth picking up, it’s lightweight and amazing quality.

How To Earn Money Online While Traveling

Do Loads Of Videos And Articles

Articles with affiliate links will earn you cash and videos will earn you money through adsense and indirect leads. That’s why you need to work hard on create both videos and articles everyday. This is the kind of content that gets you noticed and builds a fan base up.


Use Social Media

Social media is so important right now. If you want to travel and earn money while you’re on the road, you’re going to need to learn how to work social media.

A lot of people will get all their views from social media and Google. So here’s my guides on social media.

How To Earn Money Online While Traveling

Keep Learning About The Industry You’re In

Everyday you need to put a little bit of time into watching, listening or reading some content in the industry you’re inside.

When I’m on cruch and getting myself on the road I literally spend hours, listening to relevant podcasts, watching YouTube videos and reading loads of articles.

When you do this everyday for a few weeks your content creation will improve and you’ll become more knowledgeable about your industry.


Save 10% Of All Your Earnings

From today you need to save 10% of everything you earn. You might ask why? It’s simple. When you start traveling there will be times you earn loads of money and times you hardly earn any.

Sometimes you’ll have months of hard core success, then months of no success, it’s not that brutal, but you will have a few bumps a long the road, so all I tell people is to save 10% of all their income and never use it unless you’re in a bad situation that you can’t get out of.

You may think this is stupid, but try it for 4 months and see how much money you’ve saved and how safe and lovely you feel.

How To Earn Money Online While Traveling – It’s not easy and it’ll take a lot of working hard and constant stress, you’ve got to work hard to live easy and that’s the only way your life will ever change. You’ve got to be open to listening to people and continue to make changes. If you need any extra help, just use the comments below. Have an awesome day, cheers, Oli.

How To Earn Money Online While Traveling 

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