How To Maximize Your Earnings With Paid Surveys (And Swagbucks)

Welcome to part 3 of the FREE teen money making course, if you haven’t already be sure to check out part 1 and 2.

Now, let me tell you that the next money making tip is as much for teens as it is for adults and families who want to earn some extra cash on the side.

I’m talking about real survey websites and right now Swagbucks is the best online and can be used part time to make an extra $1000 per year.

Today I’m here to tell you how to double, even triple that number.

If you’re a teen this can get you enough to invest in your own business or treat yourself to a lot of new things and if you’re an adult it can be the money you need to pay for Christmas, go on a holiday and treat yourself to something AMAZING!

Sound interesting?

Well let me explain what you’ll be learning today:

  • How to use the two best survey websites together
  • How to maximize your earnings with SwagBucks (The safe way)
  • How to keep it a part time thing.
  • How to make it a full time thing.

And I’ll also be dropping any tips/tricks I’ve learnt over the past month testing survey sites.


Go and Sign up to SwagBucks on your PC.

Hack: If you live outside the USA, Canada, Australia or United Kingdom then you’ll need to use this extension with Chrome in order to sign up.

Then create an account on Inbox Dollars (another survey website).

Once complete come back to this guide.


Okay swagbucks is the best paid survey website, they’ve payed out over 150 million dollars and have been running since 2005 with amazing reviews.

They pay you for an array of jobs from answering surveys, taking polls, watching videos, playing games and using their search feature.

You can cash your money out in gift cards (Amazon being the best deal) or with a Paypal giftcard for real cold hard cash.

I explain a lot more about SwagBucks here if you want more information.


You’ve created your account, you know whats going on, now it’s time to learn how to maximize your earnings with my tips.


After doing the maths and exploring Reddit I worked out that just using SwagBucks and it’s features everyday will earn around 700 to 1000 dollars per year.

So, start this off by just using the normal features:

  • Search using their search engine
  • Answer Surveys
  • Watch the daily videos (there’s a limit each day to what you can watch).
  • Shop with their coupons
  • Use their shop links if you buy something

They also have daily goals you’ve got to complete to earn extra SB (their currency). So be sure to do them each day.


If you want it to pay for a holiday or Christmas at the end of the year then setup an account up for your partner, kids, etc.

Warning: You’re only allowed 2 accounts per house-hold, but that’s enough once you mix it with Inbox Dollars. However, if you do want more I’m going to teach you a naughty trick in a below.

So, if you can earn 700 to 1000 and your partner can do the same,  you’re netting up to 2 thousand dollars per year in just an hours work per day.

Not to shabby?

I’ve got many friends who do this.

Why is it better? I’ll tell you in the next tip.


SwagBucks actually pays you less the more time you spend on it. In fact the most profitable time you can spend is about an hour per day.

But, if you have extra time and want to make real money then you can have multiple accounts…

…Be ready for the angry mob…

…Now in SwagBucks’s  TOS (terms of service) it says you can only have one account per person and two per household, I’m not sure how they monitor this, but if you use phones on networks and don’t show or allow your location it wouldn’t be that hard to have as many accounts as you wanted as long as you weren’t all sharing the same internet connection.

And if you are then you can get a VPN like this to hide that fact and allow you to open more accounts.

First, having two accounts is enough and with Inbox Dollars it will be plenty to earn a semi good wedge on the side. So don’t feel like you have to break rules to make it…

…But, having 3  – 4 accounts will allow you to make double the money per day.

And as I said you earn more money from doing the challenges and an hours worth of jobs.

So, it’s really your decision, I just knew that if I didn’t mention this people might create 5 plus accounts without being safe and get banned.

Also if you have a partner, family, sibling or two phones/PC’s it can be a great way to earn together to save up for them big AWESOME things.


The above might have left a sore taste in your mouth and you might want to stay legit…

…If that’s the case then go and open yourself an account on Inbox Dollars, you get $5 when you sign up and they pay you as soon as you hit $30.

They’ve been going since 2006 and have a very similar system to Swag, but in my opinion it doesn’t pay as much.

But they are an amazing duo if you mix them together.

What do you get paid for? 

  • Surveys
  • Offers
  • Playing Games
  • Signing Up
  • Referral Links

So, you can get paid around 10 cents all the way up to $20 depending on the work that’s needed, and believe it or not there’s quite a few $15 offers/surveys for you to do and even more easy sign up offers that pay you 50 cents to pop your email in a newsletter.

How this helps you make more money…

As I said most survey websites don’t reward people for spending time and in-fact give more to the casual one hour per day users, so when you mix it up with offer companies your earnings increase.

Plus, it allows you to have multiple accounts and keeps you safe if anything happens to one of these survey websites in the future as you’ll have multiple earnings.


As a teen I had the drive, time and ideas to make awesome online business, I just didn’t have the money, so if you really want to earn good with survey websites make sure you re-invest.

Use this money to buy a blog or to buy the tools you need to start your own website or sell a service, even follow the guides on 101geek.

Because survey money is fun, it’s a great place to start and it can be quite addictive, but if you want to earn 3 x the money on autopilot you’re going to need a blog, or a YouTube channel and you’re going to need to learn how to promote it properly and this all costs cash.

So as soon as you earn, re-invest and keep yourself ahead of the curve.

Side Note: This is also perfect for people who are learning how to make money online, as it takes no skill and people are literally paying for your opinion, but if you want to be a full-time online earner here’s some ideas on what you can do whilst doing surveys…


Start by creating your own blog (we can even do it for you) and if you’re into games check out our FREE money making with games course (golden tips anyone can use).

Then create a YouTube channel and use our marketing secret sauce to rank your videos to page one in Google and YouTube.

Then become an affiliate marketer on ClickBank and Amazon and promote the products of your choice.

Example: Make a video of the “Best Protein I’ve Ever Used” (Promote an Amazon Protein You Love). Then rank it for Best Protein and watch the commission come in.

As you can see these methods all cost a little money, whether it’s the hosting, the domain name, the YouTube course or the advertising. But these methods make cash, lots of cash, so once you get to a level on surveys mix it up with YouTube, then a blog, then an email list and keep growing until you’re earning the income your desired online.

Here’s some money making methods I love:


Use it while you watch TV or are on your lunch break and when you can just leave it on standby… Example: On Swag Bucks there’s videos you get paid to watch, just pop them on and watch TV, game or learn more ways to make money online.

You can even multitask at the gym or while you’re on a treadmill or them stand-still bikes people using in spinning classes. Now that’s effective, get pumped whilst answering surveys!


It benefits you on SwagBucks to hold onto your cash inside the system, but I usually recommend all survey users to cash out whenever they can. It’s much safer for your money to be in your bank than it is for it to be in theirs.

Now SwagBucks won’t be going anywhere soon, but some of the other survey sites might, so just keep an eye on your cash and when it’s possible always pop it in your paypal or bank account.


At the start you should get used to using 1/2 sites, but once you get the hang and know what you’re doing, sign up to more.

This will allow you to always have survey jobs to do, you see sometimes one of the sites you use might not have any jobs and you’ll just sit around waiting, this stops that and helps you stay active and earning all the time.

Just be sure to write down all of the sites you use just so you don’t forget and leave your earnings untouched and forgotten about.


  • Never pay to sign up to a survey site
  • Always google the name of the site + review or ‘legit’ before you sign up


The sky really is the limit when it comes to how many of these survey sites you use to make money.

I’ve always recommended testing it out first and if you’re serious about surveys then you’ll want to test what site suits you the most.

So I’ve added the top tier of survey sites online, these all pay and have all got amazing reviews:

  • I-Say
  • Pinecone Research
  • Global Test Market
  • Opinion Outpost

These survey sites all pay out. ?

It doesn’t hurt to give them a quick Google search beforehand  though.

This is the end of part 3… I’m going to keep updating this with new advice as I go deeper into the survey rabbit hole, so any tips or tricks you have would be awesome. So be sure to tell me in the comments below. I hope you’ve enjoyed this and if you need any help be sure to leave a comment down below. Have an awesome day.