How To Future Proof a Website From Googles Updates

How To Future Proof a Website from Googles Updates – Are you getting into the business of making websites? maybe you’ve been trying to make the next big thing and wanted to see what it takes to have a website that ranks better with age? I´m going to let you in on some of my secrets to future proofing your site so it gets more rank with age and not less, this advice will change the way you make sites. This is just the rules that I work by and hopefully you´ll be able to start working by them too. – Please tap the share buttons if you enjoy. – Comment below if you want to ask any questions.

How To Future Proof a Website From Googles Updates

Don´t buy any backlinks

You´ll want to stay well way from buying backlinks, you really have to think to yourself how real two thousand .EDU links are and, in honesty if someone had the power to give you that many high quality links it would probably cost around 3 thousand dollars.

Also the power of backlinks is dropping down, Google is highly aware of what a spam link looks like and with new systems like your internet foot print and spam detection it´s becoming almost impossible to buy high quality links for a website.

If you have to buy backlinks for your site then just make sure you do it properly, at the bottom of this article I´ll tell you about the links that you can buy.


Invest in bookmarks

Bookmarks are going to be one of the only things that are worth investing in. I´d say bookmark sites are pretty safe for a while and as long as you don´t start blasting 10,000 bookmarks to your site every day you will be fine.

You´ll be okay with getting someone to add bookmarks to your new posts on all the big bookmarking sites like StumblUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, etc.

Don´t go crazy and just keep it natural. This won´t affect your site in a negative way as long as you keep it real and don´t go over the top.
If you do go over the top then you need to remember to keep it up, if you get 100 bookmarks a day and then after a month don´t even get one it´s going to look bad.

How To Future Proof a Website From Googles Updates

Focus on social media

Social media is going to start having more power than backlinks. We´re starting to see a massive ranking power with social networks, sites like Facebook, Google plus, YouTube and Twitter are starting to be a very high ranking factor for most sites.

This doesn’t mean you should buy fake social signals and I´ll explain why you shouldn´t do that below.

This means that it´s time to work out where your Facebook fans are hiding. Have a look at Facebook marketing and start building your Facebook, G Plus and Twitter accounts up.

I´ve made loads of tutorials that will teach you exactly how to gain followers and likes on all social networks, go and check them out.


Don´t get fake social signals

Stay very far away from fake social signals, now I won´t lie, fake social signals can take an ecommerce site from zero to hero within a month and that´s great, especially if you´re not planning to rank them for years to come.

But if you´re going to get loads of fake likes for your Facebook account then you might want to be aware that Google will be able to see this activity.

They´ll notice that you´ve got 20,000 likes and no one’s commenting/liking your posts, so unless you´re really clever and get tons of fake likes and then buy fake shares, likes and comments then you´re not going to be able to abuse this.

Take it slow and try not to rush getting the social media accounts high in profile, this kind of stuff will just come back to haunt you in the future.


Time is your friend – How To Future Proof a Website From Googles Updates.

It takes time to rank these days, a site that´s been going for 2 months will always rank worse than a site that has been publishing good quality content for 3 years, so it´s sometimes best to wait your turn.
The benefit is that most sites that are three years old brought dodgy backlinks at one point or are not active anymore, so really it´s just a waiting game for when you out rank them.

You may find that some sites you won´t out rank because they will never stop making great content but what you can do is just specialise your content more, this way you´ll be able to get past them for certain keywords.

So take your time and remember that your time will eventually come, you´ve just got to be patient and not rush.

How To Future Proof a Website From Googles Updates

Release regular content

Release at least one article a week every single week forever. I always make sure that I queue my sites so at least one article releases every week, I try to make my sites post at least 2 articles a week and sites like this one I will get them to around 6 or 7 a week.

Queue your content and make sure you keep it coming all the time, the last thing you want to do is have a site that stands still for months at a time, this just looks bad and will stop you ranking.


Avoid buying articles

You can never tell if your article has been spun by a machine or written by somebody who´s using someone else´s content.

Unless you pay a good amount of money per article I´m talking $20 per 100 words then you´ll always leave yourself open to duplicate content.

Google can see this easily and the only way around it, is to back date your posts, this is something that I wouldn’t recommend doing and you can never be 100% certain about where the content came from.

So if you´re working with a high profile site or maybe at some point you want it to be extremely high profile, then I wouldn’t buy any articles that aren’t professionally written or not out sourced.


Don´t write to many lists/top 10´s

If your site is just loads of list articles then you´ll probably get de-ranked because of duplicate content.

I´m not saying that you can´t have top 10 articles just makes sure that you treat them like the candy in your diet and also make sure you write them differently and try not to use to many of the same words.

I always say to do 2 lists for every 10 articles you do, that seems to be the magic number and I´m sure you´ll be fine if you follow that rule.

Focus on on-site SEO

On-site SEO is going to be your best bet,I don´t mean keyword stuffing, I mean good clean on-site SEO.

I even recommend getting people who speed up your site and getting some SEO service to sort out your full on-site SEO just so it´s optimised to perfection, that way you´ll not have to worry about doing it wrong.

You can get plugins from they do a great SEO plugin and have some great tutorials that will teach you all about SEO and how to optimise your site for the best results.


Don´t try to speed things up

People always go wrong when they rush, like I said at the top of this article, you need to take your time and wait for it.

Google will pick up on your site and if you´re releasing great content that´s worth reading you´ll start seeing an increase in search engine traffic.
It can take a long time and usually isn´t always within the first month of opening a website.

You usually have to sit back, relax and work hard. If you try to make things go faster then you’ll get more results but then one day you´ll be sitting there and all of a sudden you´ll lose your site and all the money it´s earning.


Avoid directories – How To Future Proof a Website From Googles Updates.

Listing directories are becoming a big no no.

Some of the directories that cost a lot of money still work like Yahoo and topic related ones, but a lot of the old school directories like Dmoz have no power and if anything can have a negative effect on your site.

Now I´m not saying that they will hurt the health of your site straight away, but they will eventually, a lot of these directories link to loads of weird sites that one make the link worth very little and two make it a bad link.

How To Future Proof a Website From Googles Updates

Avoid free press release sites

Never use a free press release site, your press release will end up having a negative effect, only ever get free press releases of companies like PR Web and 99centarticles, these sites don´t offer free press releases but if they have a promotion then give it a try.

Just avoid all the other free press release submissions, you´ll end up getting penalized by google.


Just avoid anything that´s free and involves getting traffic

You really need to avoid free traffic, a lot of people offer free search engine submissions, free bookmark submissions, free article directory submissions, all this stuff is bad news and will have a negative effect on your site.

Most of this is done with really bad submission software that´s classed as spam and it´s all done under the same IP which 9 times out of 10 gets banned and ends up not even allowing the submission.
Be smart and understand that if it´s too good to be true it usually is.


If you´re going to buy links buy the best

If you really want to buy links and need to get your site ranked then just buy them in a secret way.

If I was going to buy some backlinks I´d go for high-class, high price and small quantity. I´d go to review sites which are PR 4 and I´d go for sites that do articles about products and other sites in the same niche.
All of these links would be above PR4 and I would make sure it was real PR before I brought the links, I usually only need 5 of these high quality links to start getting noticed by Google, the downside is, is that these links can cost up to 100 to 200 dollars a go, they usually start at PR 4 and go up to PR 6 the links last forever and are not even traceable as bad because you´re buying a service just like advertising.

This is just a recommendation, if you want to learn how to find these sites then leave a comment below and if I get enough interest I´ll do an article.
This is just my check sheet for staying say, I´d also avoid keyword stuffing and remember to write articles for people and not Google. People get so lost these days with how to optimise their site for Google when really they should be optimising it for the people.

If your content is good and people will enjoy it Google will take an interest, if your content is not viewed and optimised for Google then usually it will be lost and not rank anyway.
Always make content for your viewers.

How To Future Proof a Website From Googles Updates

How To Future Proof a Website From Googles Updates

How To Future Proof a Website From Googles Updates –Improving your site and making it more user-friendly is always going to be a sound way of future proofing, I think google is getting more and more exclusive with the way it ranks sites and I´d say the more natural you look the better you´ll rank, so just make content for people and not for Google and do this all the time, it won´t take long for Google to pick up on you. – 101 Geek.

How To Future Proof a Website From Googles Updates


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