How To Get A Higher Google Page Rank

How To Get A Higher Google Page Rank – I want to start off by saying I’m not going to rank your site with black-hat methods and you´ll not get an instant ranking within 24 hours, that just isn’t safe and isn’t possible any more. Instead I’m going to show you how to rank for Google and get the keyword/phrase that you want. I´m going to show you some naughty techniques that I’ve used a few times to grow rank and I´ll show you how to rank your site in the safest possible way. – If you´ve got any questions then just use the comments below. – Remember to hit the share buttons.

20 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

Quality links over quantity

Quality is the new quantity when it comes to link building. Now link building is a dying trade.

The only real link building campaigns that work are tiered link building campaigns and they take a lot of time and can still get you penalised.
So what does this mean for link building? Nothing, you´ll just have to spend more money and get better links.


Buy high quality links

As I was saying above you need to start buying high quality links for more money. 3000 .edu backlinks just isn’t going to cut it, you need 10 PR 5 links from sites that have real rank and are not set up as part of a link building network.

This involves turning to google and looking for sites that will do reviews of your site, paid guest posts and overviews.

Ideally you want to have a product or eBook that they can review and link too. This will give you a high quality natural link and if you´ve paid $150 plus then It will most likely be on a pr 4/5 blog.

You might think it´s crazy paying that much for a high quality link and it is, but you´ll be one of the only people doing it and the link juice will be so much more powerful.

You SEO campaign might end up costing a lot of money but you´ll keep rank and not have to worry about Googles next update.


On-site SEO – Basics

Focus on on-site SEO. Simple and one of the easiest ways to get your site to rank safely.

Always write content for the people and not for Google, but do try to add keywords into your content and at least know what you´d like to rank for.

  • On-site SEO involves
  • Meta data
  • Keyword analysing
  • Keyword input
  • Domain name
  • Titles
  • Word count
  • Clean code
  • Social media

You can download an amazing plugin called Yoast SEO plugin, it will connect your social accounts, make meta data easy and help you with article SEO.



Get your site as quick as possible. Get rid of any unwanted plugins, resize pictures, clean your server, get dedicated hosting, hire a service, get a quick theme, use a plugin like Super Cache.

Just do some of the things above and you´ll see a dramatic change in speed, you really want to have a site that loads in about 1.5 to 2 seconds, this keeps people happy.


Google adwords

I have used Google Adwords for big advertising campaigns a lot and it really does help increase ranking.
Now I know you have to pay for the Google ranking and that can cost a fortune, but I find that if I do a few months ad campaign for a certain keyword, when that campaign is over I’m usually at the top of the results.

So for the price of a few hundred I’ve picked up some great keywords, it just helps Google know where you should rank.

This isn’t guaranteed but it has worked for me on multiple occasions.

Have all social media accounts

Google is all about social media right now and the more you invest in social media the better off you’ll be.

You always need to set up these accounts for your website:

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • StumblUpon
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn 
  • Google plus

You´ll need to focus on building the Facebook, Twitter and Google plus account first. These are the accounts that Google takes notice of and can measure.

Take a look at the links at the bottom of this article, they´ll teach you exactly how to get followers/likes on these accounts.


Don´t forget to have a blog

I see so many service websites that don’t have a blog, you’re missing out on so much ranking power by not having a blog.
Create a blog and post two articles per week, each being 750 words.
Go for different keywords and make sure you have an idea of what you´re writing about.

If not you can just use Freelancer to buy articles, they cost around 5 dollars per article, for 1000 words.


Optimise articles

Take time to optimise your articles. Get a keyword and input it a few times, make it look natural and use Yoast to see how many mentions is recommended.

Always stay around 750 plus words and make sure you have 2 out bound links, remember to have header text. I usually add my keyword/phrase at least 2 times in header 3.

Take some time and make sure that you write your content for people and not for Google.

20 Ways To Make Money From Your Website


Target keywords

Before writing any content you need to pick keywords. Go to Google Keyword Planner and search for keywords that are low competition with around 100 to 3000 monthly views.

After you’ve done that then you´ll be able to start optimising your content and articles to go for certain keywords.
There´s loads of keyword planning tools that will help you find easy to rank for phrases and I´ll link some in the link dump below.



Time is your friend. Ranking a site on Google will usually take 3 months in my experience. Now after the 3 months has gone by you´ll start getting more power over what ranks.

This can sometimes take 6 months but in all truth you can usually get some of your keywords within the first 3 months.


Time number 2

Time is also helpful for gaining authority and PR, time is one of the main factors to heightening any of this.

So always be ready to wait at least a year and make sure you have a 3 year plan for your site, that will always help it go better.


Set targets

Set ranking targets and challenges, this is how you´ll motivate yourself and measure your success. I try to get 10 first page google keywords in the first 3 months.

After that I go for 20 and then 30 and I set harder and harder targets. I makes me determined to rank and it speeds the process of ranking up.
Make sure you go for the keywords that will help you website.

How To Get A Higher Google Page Rank

Social signals

Shares are all you want from your article. If people share your article then it will have a massive effect in how well it ranks for a keyword.

Social signals are become more powerful every day, take some time and learn how to get people liking and sharing your most important content.

Remember that an iPad can go a long way when it comes to internet marketing. Make sure you give prizes and have a social media plan.



Plugins will help you gain rank and stay at the top of your game, these plugins are what I use to gain rank for my WordPress websites.

  • Yoast SEO
  • Super Cache
  • Google Site Map
  • Auto bookmark plugins
  • Shareaholic

These plugins are just a few of the ones I use, go and search for more and find the next big thing.



Even the best need motivating.
You need to take a few minutes out of your day to read this properly.

 A quote from Steve jobs

“We get told to keep things the way that they are, don´t do anything to crazy, get a job, go to school etc. But, the world gets a whole lot more interesting when you realise one simple thing, everything around us was created by people that are no smarter than you.”

That´s my take on what he said and it´s true, you need to be great and do what makes you happy. Put in the time and build your site properly don´t rush, there´s no need.

Be roofless, don´t be scared of stepping on people´s toes and most importantly be you and do what you love.


Extra help

Here´s some links that will help you build a better site, these are just the programs and people that I use/follow to help my site rank.

20 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

Link Building Tutorials

Matthew WoodWards Tiered Link Building Tutorial.

If you want a great tutorial on one of the last remaining ways to build links safely then you may as well check out matt´s blog, he´s articles are great and filled with top advice.


Matthews Software

These are just some of the software that I use to help me pick a keyword, this isn’t a must have but it will save you a lot of time and bandwidth using these programs.

Matthew woodwards ranking tool


Just some popular services that I use to help my site rank on Google, you´ll hopefully find them useful.



The only safe SEO service that I know is from a company called Yoast, it´s expensive but it does the job. They’ll check your site and help you improve.
They make the famous SEO plugin and you can really trust their advice, they’ve also got loads more plugins that are worth using.



I get most of my brought articles from Freelancer these days, they´re cheap and if you use it a few times you´ll start meeting people who you can trust to write good quality content.




These are a few plugins that I use on my site, they help me rank and if you go and check them out they may also help you.

How To Get A Higher Google Page Rank



SEO optimised themes will always do a lot better than badly optimised themes, I only try to use optimised for SEO themes when making a quick site.
It makes a huge difference and with the amount of themes there are right now you shouldn’t have any problem finding one that blows you away.
The best themes that I know for SEO and Speed are:

These themes are just my favourite; if you choose DIYthemes then you have a lot of room for customisations, so take full advantage of that.



Last on the list is hosting. If you get good hosting then you´ll find it easier to rank. The hosting I use on new sites is usually HostGator they have a lot of ways to optimise for a quick WordPress site.
But if you want more speed then you can always try a company called Blue host, they have a great shared hosting plan, in-fact it´s one of the best money can buy.

It´s quick and works like a dream.


Money saving

If you use HostGator then remember to type: oliisawesome into the coupon code at checkout. It will give you 30% off your first order.

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How To Get A Higher Google Page Rank – Using adwords will really help you gain rank, I know it´s cheating and it costs money but in all honesty it´s one of the best ways to get ahead, I find that after you get that ranking for a few months you start to rank for it naturally so you don´t even have to pay for it any longer. This keeps you at the top of your game and that´s why you have to give it a try. – I you need any more advice then use the comments. – 101 Geek.

How To Get A Higher Google Page Rank

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