How To Get Cheap Games

Here’s The Exact Way I Saved Tons Of Cash Getting Games This Year.


Discount Links

Quick Breakdown

Here’s my quick guide on how I get massive savings on every game I buy.

The whole buying method is far beyond easy. There are 3 sites who provide game keys to your chosen game who then sell them at an amazing discounted price.

All of these sites are safe and have always 100% worked for me. I am going to leave proof below of me buying these games, because these discounts do seem to be too good to be true but i promise you, they aren’t.


Proof Of Me Buying Games:

 Go to the video I brought a game live and the first person to use the code gets it free.

Here’s also a look at my account on Kinguin:


Kind Of Game Discounts I’m Talking About

Here’s a few of the discounts I just found but there’s thousands on Kinguin alone.


On Kinguin: ARK


That’s over half the price and you get the game code within 10 minutes of buying.


On Kinguin: Black Ops 3


That’s almost 40 euro saving right there and that’s nothing.

Every triple a title as soon as it releases gets put on there usually at 20% off starting and then within a month is down to 50% off.

It’s absolutely amazing.


Buying Tip:

  • Always get buyers protection unless the seller has sold 10 thousand + (which is usual on Kinguin).

PS: Even when it’s a well known seller I still like buyer protection as it keeps me safe in the future. But I’ve brought a few games without it and never had a problem.

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