How To Get Followers On Google Plus

How To Get Followers On Google Plus – Are you looking for ways to get followers on Google plus? Well over the last year I’ve been asked so many times to put my ass in gear and create a guide on Google followers, the real truth was I didn’t 100% know how to get followers on Google plus, but after I started using Mass Planner and Hootsuite on my new website, I realized how easy it was to grow a massive following on Google Plus without any work. Here’s my guide.

How To Get Followers On Google Plus

Mass Planner + HootSuite Combo

So, if you really want to get followers on Google Plus you need to get Mass Planner and Hootsuite, both of these programs mixed together makes one of the most powerful, easy to use marketing strategies for Google Plus that I’ve ever seen.

Mass Planner handles following, unfollowing, finding and joining groups. While HootSuite handles scheduling content, in the best possible way.



So, the first thing you’ll need to do is learn how to use Mass Planner and HootSuite, these are the social apps that you’re going to be using very regularly.


Start the following off by configuring your settings:

How To Get Followers On Google Plus

Then pick where you’re going to get followers from. I use keywords like: Money making, money making online, money making tips, etc.

How To Get Followers On Google Plus


Now you need to setup this bot so it unfollows, this is something that takes a few seconds and looks like this:

How To Get Followers On Google Plus

Find/Join Groups

Next you can find groups to join. I used money making as an example, but you can use anything. After this you just go to the joiner page and click join groups.

How To Get Followers On Google Plus

This is all you need to do in order to completely setup the bot to get you followers.

Then you can jump on HootSuite start queuing content. HootSuite is really easy to use, so go and sign up and see for yourself how quick it queues content.


Everyday Post Good Value Content

Okay, so using HootSuite you need to post 2 – 5 bits of content everyday. This can be funny pictures, links to articles, your own content, even rants.

As long as you write at least 50 – 100 words, make it funny and include keywords, You’ll be grand.


You Can Post Inside Groups

After a while you’ll get accepted to the groups the bot has joined and when this happens you’ve opened up a new way of getting followers. All you’ve got to do is post on behalf of the group, post relevant content and you’ll be amazed at one, how many followers you get and two, how much traffic you can send places.

This is brilliant for both SEO and money making.

How To Get Followers On Google Plus

Build Up Other Social Profiles

You shouldn’t just build a Google +, you can get even more profile by building other social profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

You can then send these followers to your Google + to build a more well rounded account, this is how I got around 50% of the followers on one of my Google + accounts.


Focus On YouTube

YouTube is an awesome way to get followers on Google plus. I spend just as long working on my YouTube as I do on my Google Plus, I find it really helps me build more profile on both.

For example if you’re actively using Google Plus, people on YouTube will add you to their circles and If you’re actively using YouTube With Google Plus, people from Google Plus will subscribe and watch your content.

Sounds confusing, but if you really want to excel on Google Plus then take a few hours and create content for YouTube, then optimise that content and promote your G + account.


Pictures And Description

I don’t just add pictures I add descriptions and pictures together. That way people enjoy the picture and then have something to read after. This helps me get interactions for some reason and really does make my account much more successful.

How To Get Followers On Google Plus – It’s really that simple, you just have to follow this guide consistently and you’ll start seeing a massive difference in the way your Google Plus starts growing. Rememeber Google Plus has great ranking power, so use it well and keep it growing. If you need any help please just use the comments below. If you enjoyed then remember to share. – Have an awesome day. Cheers, Oli.

How To Get Followers On Google Plus

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