How To Get Followers On Pinterest

How To Get Followers On Pinterest – I’ve been getting tons of followers on Pinterest everyday for the past few years, I did a YouTube video about it around a year ago and I kept getting asked for an updated version, so here it is, the best and most effective way to get 10,000 + followers on Pinterest (Guaranteed to work).

How To Get Followers On Pinterest

If You’ve Got Cash And Want The Best Results Get This Bot:

First I want to let you in on the big upgrade to getting followers on Pinterest. There’s a Pinterest bot that allows you do everything on this list automatically everyday. This saves huge amounts of time, effort and resources and allows you to do everything on this list over multiple accounts, making it even more valuable.

Features Of The Pinterest Bot: 

  • Only follow people who’ve recently signed in
  • Can filter people with high pins and followers
  • Unfollow people who don’t follow you back
  • Follow tons of people everyday
  • Schedule your follows, unfollows, likes, repins, comments and invites to automatically start each day.
  • Invite others to your boards
  • Like Pictures
  • Repin Pictures
  • Comment

And so much more.

As you can see this bot makes getting followers on Pinterest so much easier, so I recommend following the list below for a few days manually, see if you’re happy with the results, if you are, go and get a free trail and start doing it the proper way.

Unfollow People: Real benefit with this bot is that it unfollows people who don’t follow you back, that saves massive amounts of time and allows you to keep a clean Pinterest profile.

Buy The Bot Here.

How To Get Followers On Pinterest

Follow 300 People Everyday

Everyday you’ll need to follow around 300 people, there’s a few special ways you can do this:

Niche: Go to the search bar, search your niche, for example “Tattoo”, then go to pinners and start following. This helps you gain niche relivant followers.

People To Follow: You should only follow people who have pinned at least 100 things and have at least 100 followers. Any less and they’re likely an inactive accounts

Aim high: You want to follow people with loads of followers, because people with loads of followers will have people like you and me, using them as a follow back list, meaning you get more followers! 😀

How To Get Followers On Pinterest

Like 50 + Pictures Everyday

Next you’ll want to like at least 50 pictures in your niche. This usually takes around 3 minutes and can be done quickly.

This is good for two reasons: 

One, people get a notification and then go exploring your profile.

Two, your account looks better when you’ve liked a lot of pictures.

So, this will just help you get them extra followers everyday, making your account look more dedicated, like you’re a real Pinterest king/queen.

How To Get Followers On Pinterest

Post At Least 20 + Pictures Per Day

Now the third step is the important one, you need to post around 20 pictures everyday, this really does help bring in the followers. By having an active Pinterest you’ll attract people to your profile through others repining/linking your content.

So, by posting 20 + pictures everyday you’ll increase the chance of getting repined and then that will boost the chance of you getting followers.

You’ll also get a stronger authority account once your content starts getting pins/likes.

How To Get Followers On Pinterest

Open More Boards

You’ll notice that if you go on any real pinterest account with 30,000 + followers they’ll always have loads of different Boards, ranging from fashion to motobikes, even golf to money making.

This is down to the fact that once you get a few thousand followers your content will start ranking all over Pinterest search, this means that if someone types in “Tattoo” or let’s say “handbag” if you created a group with one of them names there’s a very good chance you’d be there.

This is a kind of SEO for Pinterest and is something that really does take accounts from 1,000 to 50,000 followers in no time.

Keywords: Take a second and research the keywords that’re most popular on Pinterest, once you find them, create boards in each one.

How To Get Followers On Pinterest

Comment On 20x Groups Per Day

Comments are another important factor in getting followers. Again there’s more than a few reasons why you need to comment on 20 + high profile pins a day. The main reason is people read the comments then check out your profile and the second reason is people will invite you to their groups more (more on that below).

Just search for pictures inside your niche with the most repins/likes, then leave a funny, witty, or weird answer/question in the comments.


Try To Join Groups

The quickest way to get followers is to look for groups that accept people. If you find a few different groups inside your niche all with 30,000 + followers, you’ll notice that your profile exploads with followers every time you pin something.

Remember that there’s always rules to posting in groups, but 2 – 5 good images everyday on each board will get you more followers than you know what to do with.

How To Get Followers On Pinterest

Invite People To Your Groups

Using that bot mentioned above you’ll be able to invite everyone to your boards, the board is then shown on their profile, when people follow them, they’ll usually follow your board too, making the board get famous, you get loads of followers and the content will then post itself.


Post Great Content

Take a second to see what images work on Pinterest, it only takes a few good images to be created for you to go wild and gain loads of followers.

So, do everything on the list above and then practice creating great content and within a few weeks you’ll have more followers that you know what to do with.

How To Get Followers On Pinterest – If you follow them tips everyday for the next few months you’ll see massive amounts of followers within no time. I’ve got around 3000 this week alone using these methods and once you get past a few thousand the accounts grow themselves. If you need any help at all please just leave a comment below. Have an awesome day.

Cheers, Oli.

How To Get Followers On Pinterest

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