How To Get Free Traffic Using Tumblr

How To Get Free Traffic Using Tumblr – I’ve done loads of guides on building massive Tumblr followings but I’ve never showed you people how to bring traffic to your affiliate links, blogs, content and videos. I’ve got some free time today so I’ve decided to show you exactly how I get free traffic using Tumblr.

How To Get Free Traffic Using Tumblr

Post Links A Few Times Per Day

A lot of people who followed my guide on building a Tumblr network forget that it’s still great to post solo links with relevant pictures a few times per day.

I for example have an ad for one of my websites, I then post it to tumblr with catching sales text underneath that grips people in.

I then schedule this three times throughout the day at different times.

I then repeat on all of my blogs in my network and within the day I’ve usually got an extra 400 + unique views on my content, it’s literally just from a simple 5 minutes of work.

This works with all content from YouTube videos, to articles, even affiliate links.


Links Under All Your Posts (Add Variety)

Using Tumbling Jazz I add links to all the descriptions of every bit of content I upload. Now I usually spin the description so it changes and posts something different every time. But if you’re unsure how to do this just change the description for every blog every 300 images, that way no blog is running the same sales text.

Even if you don’t use a bot to update you can still just copy and paste text with a link under all the content you reblog. It’s the easiest way to get conversion.

How To Get Free Traffic Using Tumblr

Links On Profile

My Tumblr profiles get viewed around 2 – 3 thousand times per day, each. So, if you follow my guide on building a Tumblr network you’ll be able to add links like the ones listed below and get thousands of views to your website everyday.

  • Ads

Get custom ads on Fiverr and incorporate them on the side of your blog. You can get your first ad on Fiverr free using this link.

  • General Link 

In the menu you can also just have a general link called “My Blog” or “My Website”. This doesn’t get loads of clicks but is there to help people who’re to silly to see the massive banners.


Start Conversations With People

I have around 200 messages on the go as we speak. Sounds crazy? No! These are all leads and they’re all “friends with me”. Hahaha. This makes promoting content to them really easy and makes networking a lot more fun.

A lot of people on Tumblr are nice, a little weird, but TBH I’m a little weird so I fit in nicely. When you start a conversation you can then send them links to all your new stuff asking their opinion and what they think.

How To Get Free Traffic Using Tumblr

Create Awesome Content And Link It Back To Your Site

I used to be really heavy on creating loads of content and when I was I used to get thousands more views from Tumblr each day.

All you do is create a Tumblr relevant picture, promote it on your Tumblr network with a relevant link to your blog/website/affiliate and then just sit back and wait for the money to come pouring in.

I have a friend who’s a semi professional model, so I brought a really nice pair of these round sunglasses, cost around $60 off Amazon, she then put on red lipstick and I took a close up.

I put this on Tumblr with a link to the product (With great sales text) and made fortunes from one picture that cost me $60.


Use This Guide To Build A Tumblr Following

You’ve probably been seeing me talk about a Tumblr network loads and you may be wondering how you build your own? It’s simple, you watch this video. Then you read this article (or the other way round). You then put that advice into practice and within a few hours you’ll have a Tumblr network that’s ready to grow.

How To Get Free Traffic Using Tumblr

Send Your Best Viewers Special Content

I have around 100 people who I’ve built a relationship with over the time I’ve used Tumblr. These are the high ballers, people who’re either great for feedback, get involved in comments, promote me or buy the stuff I sell because they trust my opinion.

When I create something awesome like a special YouTube video, I give them access first, I also create special products and let them have the first look, this keeps them keen and also makes them promote it once it’s released.

So, make yourself a high ballers contact list and promote individually to each one.


Ask For Feedback

I send a message to a lot of my followers everyday asking for feedback. I just simply say that I want to know what they think and if they tell me I’m happy to exchange the favor.

Do the same and watch your views and content quality increase.


Be Consistent

Do all the things on this list everyday and within no time you’ll see Tumblr become the number one source of traffic to your website. I know this is true because it’s happened to me so many times before.

How To Get Free Traffic Using Tumblr – This is an extremely good way to get traffic and if you focus on it you’ll be amazed with how much your traffic can increase and go up. I’ve received more traffic through this method than any other method on the internet. If you need any more advice just use the comments, have an awesome day and speak soon. Cheers, Oli.

How To Get Free Traffic Using Tumblr

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