How To Get Lots Of Followers On Twitter And Reach 20,000 In No Time

How To Get Lots Of Followers On Twitter And Reach 20,000 In No Time – If you’ve started using twitter you may be a little lost about how to get followers, you might have tried posting loads of tweets, hashtagging and all that good stuff that other sites tell you to do to get followers on Twitter, well these tips don’t even tell you half of what you need to know, that’s why you need to read this honest article and in honesty it will make life a lot easier once you get started with these tips. So what you’ll learn today is how to get lots of followers on twitter and how to build a network of over 20 thousand followers in a matter of a few months. This is how I do it and there’s also a lot of money to be made if you do this right. – If you’ve got any questions or more advice then leave it in the comments below.

How To Get Lots Of Followers On Twitter And Reach 20,000 In No Time

Follow back (Get right into it)

The method that I use right now is the follow back method and it seems to generate a lot of followers in a short amount of time. It involves:

Searching: Follow back, folloback, f4f, instant follow, etc

Then you need to click a profile, you’ll be able to tell the follow networks that are good, they usually have 100 thousand + followers and most the time our a picture of a bird.

Go and follow 200 people every day on them networks and try to remember which networks you’ve followed people on, just so you don’t re follow people.

Do this for 1 week and then start following 200 and unfollowing 100, make sure you unfollow the 100 before the 200.

That right there will give you around 3000 to 4000 followers in around a month or two. It’s a really clean method and once you get to 6000 followers you’ll start getting a lot more people following you back“.


Second way

You can also do a follow back another way and that involves just following the follow networks and then unfollowing them again. There’s so many follow back circles and networks that you could follow 1000 + and then unfollow them all and you’d earn about 700 followers every time you try this method.

This means you’ll have a few thousand followers in no time and then ones you get more followers you can follow more people, it’s a win, win.



If you do the second way you can repeat it again once you unfollow all the networks, if you do that it will put you back to the top of the follow back list, this will make more people follow you and stop you getting lost among all the other people. This really is a great way to learn How To Get Lots Of Followers On Twitter.

More on follow back networks below. 

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When it comes to getting followers it’s all about having a nice profile and being likeable. People usually think that if they do 200 tweets a day then they’ll start being noticed and the truth is no one will notice you, only your friends. You need to focus on doing less but having more high quality, so instead of 10 posts do 4 but make them worth reading.

Now for a nice profile you need to take a look at the things listed below.

How To Get Lots Of Followers On Twitter And Reach 20,000 In No Time

My main picture 🙂


Okay a nice profile picture, background and cover photo are all needed. The most important is profile picture and then twitter cover image and then I’d recommend getting a background off Google as it doesn’t have to be anything to fancy. I use logo geeks for my profile pictures/backgrounds just because they do a really great job of making a nice logo at near to no money.

Cartoons can convert well, when they’re done perfectly and if you’re going to use your picture as the profile then make sure it’s a nice picture that you look good in.



Short but funny. When you make a bio there’s a few chooses you’ve got to make. I always add “I #followback” to my bio just so I rank of the tag and I also try to add as much cool information as possible.

What information do you need? Well one of the biggest tips I’ve got in how to get lots of followers on twitter is to get a fandom that’s popular.

Look at the girls who love One D, they love following people who love them too, so if you was to say: I’m Oli. #OneDirection For Life. I #followback and I’m awesome, then that tells people what you’re into, how you think about yourself and that if they follow you they get a new follower.

That’s a little different to my normal and it will help you get some followers. The bio is something that you need to test, I usually look at the most famous Tweeters and see what Bio’s they use, they’re really short and snappy most the time, so make sure you follow suit.



Now this is the second big method that I use to gain followers lots of followers on twitter, it’s where you work with viral tweets. Now this may seem silly but if you do 300 tweets a day then you’re going to just annoy people and your content is going to be all over the place. Instead you need to work on doing about 5 to 10 tweets a day but make them comedy gold.

Take a look at the trending tweets and copy the ones with loads of re-tweets, do this 10 times per day and you’ll start getting more and more notifications and within no time you’ll build up your followers.

You can also look at the most successful twitter posts and just see what they talked about and how many notifications they got.

Down below I’m going to show you what type of media you’ll need to be talking about in order to do well.



You need to keep an eye on whats trending all the time, I usually only tweet high-profile things and I usually get them from something that’s trending, even just looking at jokes on the same topic as trending posts is always a great idea.

Make sure you set your trending filter to america because I always find they’ve got better trending filters than anywhere else does. So make sure you keep an eye on whats trending and always talk about what’s happening right now with trends.


Talk to people

You can also gain followers by talking to people and sending loads of messages, I always make sure that I answer back all the messages and questions that I get, it really will affect your followers and help you grow. So make sure you talk to your followers and even the people who don’t follow you.

I even go on trending tweets and talk to the people whose tweets are there, you can usually start a war of some sort and have a lot of fun commenting. This is how you meet tweeter users you can promo with.



Remember to # all your popular words, now don’t go over board with hashtags but make sure you add in at least one to every other post you do. I like to tag follow back on some of my tweets and I also leave the hashtags completely alone just so my feed doesn’t look rubbish.

Just do it when it looks right and try to keep it as natural looking as possible.

How To Get Lots Of Followers On Twitter And Reach 20,000 In No Time

Tumblr, Facebook, Blog

You can use other social networks to boost your profile on Twitter. This is how to really build a lot of twitter followers and start building a good databass of people. I usually get a Facebook page, Tumblr Page and blog, that all point to my twitter, you’ll just get more followers and build up quicker.

If you watch this how to get followers on Tumblr then you’ll be able to take the Tumblr followers and add them to twitter, this method always works amazingly and will always get you ahead.


The three topics below are my favorite posts to do, them  topics are everything you need to have and they’ll really do amazing for you. I have had the most luck using these topics and in terms of followers it always seems to work.


– Vines

If you post funny vine videos and make a clever title then you’ll very quickly start getting people re-tweet and follow you. This is probably my favorite things to post about as it always gets a much better result and you can usually put your followers to good work.


– Funny images

Memes are a really good way to get ahead of the crowed and if you use them well you’ll be able to get a super high conversion with followers. Just make a funny meme and have a catchy title like: Me when I get up for school in the morning.

That kind of post really will do great and I do think you should probably aim to make 4 out of 10 posts memes or funny images.


– Copy

You can also copy, as I mentioned above copying images, videos, posts, ect is a great way of getting ahead. If a post got 90 + notifications then it’s worth having on your profile, so make sure you take it and let you followers see your comedy gold 😉


– Animals 

The whole of the internet loves animals, so if you want to get even more followers really quickly then you can always go and find loads of cute vines/pictures and talk about them. People love to see something cute so it’s always a good way to get a following.



If you really want to know how to get lots of followers on twitter then you’ll need to pay attention now. One of the best and quickest ways to get to 20,000 followers is to open 5 accounts and repeat all what you’ve learnt on all of them accounts, then just have your favorite one and send all the followers and traffic to it.

This will help you receive another 50 + followers a day to your money-making Twitter account and you’ll also build other accounts up so within 5 months you’ll have loads of accounts with 20 thousand + followers.

You’ve just got to make sure you open a few accounts, take it slow and just build them all up.


Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Focus on repeating everything I said above and within no time you’ll have a really successful Twitter profile that will attract loads of attention and really help you get ahead in the money-making and social world.

I have used this method on most of my accounts and the only one I’m yet to try it on is the one for this site, it’s only because this site is a ment to be done from scratch and use no black hat methods, so sometimes I just leave stuff and let it build naturally.

This is something I do if I’m working with a less high-profile site though, so make sure you do it with your twitter account as it’s a great way to generate traffic.



You need to take your time, I usually try to follow people every other day and then spread it between accounts. So on monday I follow 200 people on account A and B and I unfollow 100 on account C and D. Then the next day I follow 200 people on account C and D and unfollow 100 people on account A and B. This just tends to stop you getting banned.

You’ve also got to take things really slow, don’t rush, you can lose your followers and that’s why it’s not worth doing. You want to take it slow and make sure you don’t over do the following people.

If you do follow to many people then there is a chance they’ll reset your account, this will usually come with a warning and they’ll just try to scare you the first time. So don’t worry too much about this, as long as you take your time and follow people at a nice pace you’ll be grand.

How To Get Lots Of Followers On Twitter And Reach 20,000 In No Time

How To Get Lots Of Followers On Twitter And Reach 20,000 In No Time

How To Get Lots Of Followers On Twitter And Reach 20,000 In No Time – You ready to build your Twitter empire? Well I have and it now makes my life and traffic a lot better. If you need any help then just use the comments and if you want to help me out then please share. – 101 Geek.

How To Get Lots Of Followers On Twitter And Reach 20,000 In No Time

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