How To Get More Views On Twitch

How To Get More Views On Twitch – We all like gaming, right? Well now there’s something just for you gamers, that can actually earn quite a bit of cash. It’s called Twitch and has been growing over the last few years. Twitch is a streaming site, where you can stream your gaming content to thousands of views around the world, you can earn money from partnerships and today I’m going to teach you exactly how to get more views on Twitch.


It’s all about the game you’re playing, people aren’t going to watch you play a game that isn’t funny or relevant to them without knowing you previously. So to attract bigger audiences you should always pick the right game:

New Games: Getting a game day one has it’s perks. One, you’re new to the game which makes it funner for people to watch and two, people are going to be searching for content about that game. If you really want to make it on Twitch and have a little cash laying around, try investing in new releases and stream them day one.

Games On Sale: Go onto Steam, find some games and stream away. Try to get games that have a good discount and you’ll be grand.

Creative Games: Does the game you’re playing allow you to be creative? Minecraft was liked by so many people due to the fact it allows people to use their minds and create. This helps create a lot of funny moments and people enjoy that. So try to pick games that allow you to go outside the story-line and be more creative.

Games That Are Different For Every Player: A rule of thumb is to never play games that are the same for everybody. For instance you may be wasting your time playing the Call of Duty campaign, but Call of Duty online or something like Grand Theft Auto where it’s different for everyone is worth your time.

Be Niche Relevant (People who want to earn money): For the people who want to earn money it’s always good to be niche relevant, when becoming a Twitch partner, Twitch look for people who produce content that advertisers like, so if you only play Nintendo games, you’ll be more likely to get approached by Twitch so they can promote new Nintendo games on your videos.


If you’re lucky then when you play hours of games you’ll eventually have something funny happen, but if you clever you’ll always have a plan that guarantees funny gameplay at every possible moment. For instance when you watch a grand theft auto lets play, usually they have a plan to make it more fun. This could be do a crazy stunt, fly a plane in a certain way, anything. This is what people enjoy watching, so it helps to create it.


We all love seeing someone have fun, it makes people happy. Don’t play games that you don’t enjoy, unless they make you angry enough to rage quite (People like rage too). Have a quick warm up game before, maybe watch a comedy show, get into the mood to crack some jokes, have some fun and create good content.


Most of the biggest Twitch stars are big on YouTube as well. I’ve learnt that with Twitch you’ve either got to have a big social media following (We’ll talk about this below) or be big on YouTube to be able to get them first few viewers and people who tune in for your content. Start doing best bit videos, where you create video compilations of your best bits throughout a day of recording, people love these videos, and it’s not much more work to create them on the side of your Twitch. And it increases the money you’ll earn. You can read my guide on creating a YouTube gaming channel that will help you get YouTube famous.


The higher the quality, the better. Now obviously if you’re streaming from a console this won’t be important, but if you’re a PC gamer then you’ll want to invest in a nice mic like this. I use that mic and it sounds incredible on videos and streaming, it’s also good for podcasting.


It may take time to create a great YouTube channel, but you can create great social media profiles within minutes. I’m going to give you everything you need to create a massive following on social media in a few weeks.

Fiverr: Get your backgrounds and cover art done there for $5. You can get your first gig free if you use this link. 

Facebook: Read this guide on Facebook ads, then start posting funny content, you can try your own vines, funny videos, funny quotes and even pictures. After a while add your Twitch account and talk about twitch and try to atract a Twitch based audiance using Facebook advertising.

Twitter: Use this guide to get thousands of followers on Twitter, then do 20 tweets per day, making them funny, interesting, weird and intense. Do this for a few weeks and you’ll have a few thousand real followers.

Tumblr: Just watch my YouTube video on getting Tumblr famous, it really does work.

Pinterest: You can watch this video on growing a Pinterest account. If you put the time into growing all these accounts you’ll speed up the process of getting views on Twitch.


Whether you let one of your friends chill while you’re streaming or you play with people online, it’s always good to involve others while streaming. It helps create more of a podcast environment and people enjoy that. Especially if they can interfere with the chat and talk while you’re playing.


There’s loads of gaming forums, even the Twitch forum that has a big user base you can use to get more fans. Just make yourself more active in the gaming communities, start talking and join in on discussions, be kind and have fun and you’ll have no problem fitting in and getting more views. This is one of the ways a lot of people start out, it will take a few months to really kick off, but if you start now you’ll be having loads of views on your Twitch before you know it.


Go to gaming events and lan parties and start getting your name out there. Introduce yourself to people, go out for drinks and just be polite, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to meet people and get popular when you go to loads of these events.


Chat engagement is important, it stops people from leaving and I find people enjoy the stream more when there’s loads going on in the chat box. Try answering people and always pay attention to the chat box, ask people questions and get ideas of what to try next in the game you’re playing. Ask people random questions and talk about things that provoke thoughts and get people chating back and through. Once you work on Social media and YouTube you’ll have no problem getting chat engagement up.


Give people free stuff for listing to you. People will do crazy things for a few item, start giving away the game you’re playing or steam codes while you’re streaming, you’ll get people who watch your videos just for the giveaways. Then once you’ve got the viewers, more people will watch you, before you know it you won’t even need giveaways to attract people to your stream.


You should aim to go online around 3 to 4 times per week. This helps you stay relevant and gets people coming back for more on a regular basis. The more you upload the more you’ll expand and grow.

How To Get More Views On Twitch – This was just my quick guide on how to et more views on Twitch I hope you enjoyed and if you need any help feel free to use the comments below. Have a lovely day.