How To Get More Views On Your WordPress Blog

How To Get More Views On Your WordPress Blog – I thought it was about time for some new tips that’ll help you get views to your WordPress blog. WordPress is one of the biggest and easiest to use blogging platforms in the world, so I thought it was time to show you how to make the most of it. Now this guide is aimed at WordPress that’s installed on a server and not the standalone blogging platform, but most of the advice can be switched to work on both. Let’s get started and show you how to get more views.

Create Content Everyday

Creating content everyday is the most important part of growing a blog. If you want to double, triple and maybe even quadruple the views you get, then it’s as simple as created one article per day. People waste loads of money and time looking for ways to increase traffic, but usually forget this simple step.

People usually start something called the 30 day content challenge, this is where you post one article everyday for 30 days and see how far your blog comes along. Try this challenge yourself and see where it gets you.

Tip: If your blog is brand new (under 6 months old), this won’t work as well. In my experience it will take a little longer with new blogs, but if you keep it up, you’ll start having the same effect in no time.

How To Get More Views On Your WordPress Blog

Get A Mail List

Next step would be to start a mail list/newsletter. This is probably the most important part of creating a blog. You’ll want to use Aweber to manage your newsletter and use Ninja Popups to get subscribers.

Why Is This Important: If you setup a mail list on a new blog, after a year of running it you’ll have build a list of relevant people you can contact whenever an article is released. You can also message them with affiliate promotions. This helps you earn money money, get more views and create more value around your blogs content.

Aweber: If you’re looking for the best way to send your newsletter then Aweber is it. Go and get your free trail and see just how good Aweber is for your newsletter.

Ninja Popups: You’re able to create amazing popups that can bump up convention by 300% over night. Ninja Popups is a must have.

Tips: Send 1 newsletter per week and 2 articles, this is the perfect amount. You’ll see a massive change in traffic to your blog in no time if you try this.

Facebook Advertising

We all know the importance of social media and Facebook is one of the best advertising platforms around. If you get a good amount of relevant likes on your Facebook page, you can use that in the same way you use a mail list.

You can tell people about articles, deals and promotions, anything you want really. It also has a great SEO benefits that can’t be missed. Read this guide on Facebook advertising and then put it into action, you’ll be amazed with the results.

How To Get More Views

YouTube Videos Always Help

Once you’ve started creating articles everyday it’s now time to start creating YouTube videos. I recommend creating a video for every article you do, do this for 30 days and you’ll see a massive change in your view/subscribers count.

People love someone who’s constantly updating their blog with relevant information and the more you create, the better you’ll get at creating.

Tip: I’ve just picked up this blue microphone and got a copy of camtasia. This has helped bump up the production of my videos a massive amount, so I recommend you do the same.

Tumblr Following

Next you’ll want to use my guide on creating a Tumblr following. This guide is easy to follow and is highly recommend for getting more views to your WordPress blog.

Just watch the video below, get yourself the TumblingJazz bot and start using Tumblr to get loads of views. It couldn’t be easier and by mixing this with Facebook you’ll get even more power on social media.

Pinterest Following

Pinterest is a handy little tool for bloggers, it’s another great way of getting articles and videos out there and if you’re good at creating pictures then it’s the ideal way to get more traffic to your blog.

Just follow my guide on getting more traffic using Pinterest. It’ll teach you how to get more views, the easy way.

Social Share Plugins

Next you’re going to need to get some social share plugins on your blog. You can read my article on increasing social shares if you want or you can just get this social share plugin for your articles and this popup Facebook plugin that’ll help get your Facebook likes.

Both of them plugins will help get engagements on your WordPress blog.

Shares on social media are extremely important, so making it easy for some to share you content is a must and is always recommended.


Speed Up Your Site With Host Gator Hosting

If you’re just running a small time blog then get yourself some Host Gator hosting, host gator works really well with WordPress and certain cache plugins. So, if you want to quickly speed up your site, which will improve your ranking ability and make the user experience better, give HostGator a try.

You can use code: oliisawesome on checkout to get your first month for $0.01.

If you’ve got a bigger website and need something more powerful then you can go for Traffic Planet Hosting, which works great for big blogs and is ultra quick.

Get A Better WordPress Theme

Get a better coded WordPress theme from MyThemeShop and receive a 60% saving when you use code 

Why This Will Help You Get Views On Your Blog: Having a well optimized theme is important, it helps raise search engine presents, increases user experience and gives people more trust.

I recommend any of the themes below: 

– SociallyViral

– Splash

– WooCart

Remember to use code for 60% off.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Make sure you do this SEO checklist on your site to ensure you’re getting the most out of your website. Then put a little time into learning how to optimize your articles. Inserting keywords will help you get more views to your blog and by mixing this with all the other ideas on how to get more views on your WordPress blog you’ll definitely be able to increase the views your blog gets in no time.

How To Get More Views On Your WordPress Blog – So, that’s the end of this guide on getting more views, I hope you’ve enjoyed. If you need any help feel free to leave a comment below, I’m always willing to help. Have a lovely day.

Cheers, Oli.

How To Get More Views On Your WordPress Blog


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